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Milos Forman claims Courtney Love showed up to their first meeting while under the influence of drugs. Just when he was going to dismiss her, he realized that Love was perfect for the role of Althea. Forman offered her the role on one condition: that Love would stay clean and undergo regular drug testing during filming. She complied. To this day, Love credits Forman with getting her off drugs which led to a career renaissance.
Despite being portrayed in an Oscar nominated movie Larry Flynt was refused an invitation to the 1997 Academy Awards, so Woody Harrelson brought Flynt to the award shows as his "+1".
One scene involves Hustler's offer of a $1 million reward for bringing JFK's killers to justice. The father of actors Woody Harrelson and Brett Harrelson has long been suspected by conspiracy theorists of involvement in the assassination.
Larry Flynt and his brother Jimmy Flynt are played by real-life brothers Woody Harrelson and Brett Harrelson.
The golden vagina necklace that Woody Harrelson wears in one of the courtroom scenes is actually a real jewel that belonged to the real Larry Flynt.
Courtney Love plays stripper Althea Flynt in this film. Before she was famous, Love was a stripper in real life too.
The closing argument by Edward Norton was taken verbatim from Alan L. Isaacman's actual closing arguments. Isaacman revealed this in a documentary of the film.
The insurance fees for Courtney Love were so high, the studio would not pay them. Woody Harrelson, the producers (Oliver Stone and Michael Hausman), the director (Milos Forman) and Love paid the fees out-of-pocket.
Edward Norton took on the film because he desperately wanted to work with Milos Forman.
Courtney Love was arrested several times in Mississippi and Tennessee during filming for wearing her outrageous and revealing costumes in public. While filming a particular scene in a jail, one of the female officers working mistook Love for being a criminal on her way in for booking and handcuffed her.
The real Larry Flynt appears as a judge.
The real Larry Flynt, when asked who he would like to play him in the movie, picked Michael Douglas.
Larry Flynt originally wanted Ashley Judd to play Althea.
Tom Hanks and Bill Murray were considered for the role of Larry Flynt.
The Hollywood mansion shown in the movie was the mansion where the real Larry Flynt lived in the early 1980s.
The producers were set on casting Bill Murray as Larry Flynt but according to Milos Forman, Murray never returned his phone calls.
Cameron Diaz auditioned for the role of Althea Leasure.
The character of Doug, one of Larry Flynt's bodyguards in the movie, was bodyguard for the real Flynt at the time the movie was filmed.
The character of the Hollywood judge Thomas Alva Mantke is actually a composite character of many judges, the screenwriters chose to name him after one of their friends.
The character of Dr. Bob is played by one of the real doctors who took care of Larry Flynt.
Lawyer Alan Isaacman, played by Edward Norton, is a composite of a few lawyers that represented Flynt over the years and is not the lawyer who was shot along with Flynt. That lawyer is Gene Reeves Jr. who (as of April 2012) is a senior magistrate Judge in Gwinnett County at the same courthouse at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA outside of which he and Flynt were shot.
According to the book "The Shooting Script," the scene where Larry figures out the ideal way to photograph a woman's vagina was meant as a parody of the kind of "idea bulb" scenes common in biopics.
Patricia Arquette and Mira Sorvino were considered for the role of Althea Leasure.
Kimberly Williams-Paisley auditioned for the role of Althea Leasure but upon learning about the nudity the role required, she took herself out of the running.
According to Rev. Jerry Falwell and contrary to what we see in the film, he did not find out about the parody ad in "Hustler" from his staff at Liberty University. He was alerted to the ad when someone in the media asked him about it.


Larry Karaszewski:  the hand that puts a dollar bill in the swimsuit of a lady as the title "20 Years Later" displays belongs to one of the writers.
Scott Alexander:  The other writer plays Client #3, sitting at the bar at the beginning of the movie.

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