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Familiar, but watchable and competent psycho-thriller.
capkronos10 April 2007
Nurse Laura Harriman (Lisa Zane) is out to get revenge on Bob Martin (Michael Fairman) and his family. See Laura's dad was so distraught over an embezzlement charge that he killed himself and the rest of the family, leaving poor Laura alone, confused and mentally unstable. Fortunately for her, Bob has a stroke, leaving him completely incapacitated (his fully alert self inside an expressionless body), so he's in need of full time care, so Laura quits her job at the hospital and signs on as the live-in nurse. She seduces the son (John Stockwell), arouses suspicion in the daughter (Janet Gunn) and starts to do away with everyone (often right before the father's eyes). Good acting, particularly from the deliciously wicked Zane, and an overall air of nastiness save this oft-clichéd bitch-from-hell flick (with a rather poor ending) from boredom.
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Unintentionally funny
twisted_sista3 July 2002
Lisa Zane is great as the nurse out to get revenge on the man she holds responsible for her familys death. I like this movie as it doesnt take itself too seriously and their are a few unintentional funny parts. Its no blockbuster but its definately worth watching.
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Once again...
Mackan-822 October 1999
We've have seen it all before. A person, often a female, gets angry about something that stands in her way of success or plain satisfaction. We saw that in for example "The Temp", "The Secretary", "Daddy's Girl" and "Fatal Attraction" by naming a few.

This time it's a nurse who infiltrates herself into a family where she holds the dad responsible for her own family's death. He has ended up in a wheelchair, totally invalid, still understands everything, but can't make himself heard. She plans how to kill his whole family right in front of him.

The main stars of the movie is Lisa Zane (Billy's sister) who plays the psycho-nurse. Beautiful Janet Gunn is the daughter who is the first to sense that things isn't alright with the new nurse. John Stockwell is the son who becomes attracted to the new nurse.

Even if I've seen everything before I think the movie is both exciting and fun to watch. Not a masterpiece, but also far from the opposite. An entertaining little movie.
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A very entertaining thriller
suemartin232643 June 2007
If you're expecting 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle', please don't watch this, because even if it's got near enough the same plot, it Definitely isn't in the same league. That said, this is still a very gripping, and in places, darkly comical thriller.

Lisa Zane stars as a professional nurse, who gets a call from her father while working, who says that 'she has got to be strong'. However, he implies that he is going to do something terrible to himself, his wife and his son. Sure enough, he picks up a gun, loads it with bullets, and shoots his wife and his son (both whom are asleep). Lisa gets home just in time to see her father shoot himself on the stairs... Lisa blames her father's boss for these terrible events, as he has filed a case against her father for embezzling. When his boss hears about the shootings, he suffers a stroke, which leaves him totally paralysed. On being taken home, Lisa sees her opportunity to get revenge. The man needs a nurse to take care of him. However, before Lisa can scheme her way in, another Nurse is hired. The solution to the problem: kill the nurse. Soon after this death, she weasels her way into the family, and there, she begins to stage her ultimate revenge...

If you're in the UK, you can catch this on Zone Thriller some time, as I did last night. If you're in America, there is a DVD of this film which is quite cheap to buy, so no-one has an excuse for missing this.

If you get the chance, tune in!
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Edge Of Your Seat!
selwitelsd3 July 2002
I have to agree with the other commentator here! It is a good film and very entertaining. The cast really did a great job and Lisa Zane was excellent in the main role. Had to see it though because I am a fan of Billy Moses who played the stroke victims daughters boyfriend.
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I was hoping that the nurse would put ME out of my misery
movieman_kev29 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Laura Harriman is a nurse that gets so distraught that her embezzling father shot her mother & brother before killing herself that she jumps at the chance to be caregiver to Bob Martin (Michael Fairman, who ironically does the best acting in the film), the man who gave her father up & had a stroke leaving him paralyzed but fully aware. She kills the first nurse, takes her place, then...well nothing, lots and lots of talk, about the fifth time she talked to bob about what she'd do to his family out of revenge I was about ready to put myself out of my misery & when something DOES finally happen late in the movie I found myself way too bored to care. A complete boring, predictable, anti-climatic mess of a film.

My Grade: F
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Lisa Zane and Janet Gunn are cool
LofA26 July 2003
The interaction between Janet Gunn and Lisa Zane carry the film and make it more than a predictable nurse-hates-patient story. Sure there are major flaws, like the nurse (Zane) kills the reporter and there is no investigation. But let's skip the small stuff. The movie is worth watching on a rainy or cold winter night. I gave it a 7 because of the technical flops, but the plot is a solid 8.
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Mediocre at best revenge flick...
dwpollar17 October 2011
1st watched 10/16/2011 – 3 out of 10(Dir-Rob Malenfant): Mediocre at best revenge flick that although premiered as a theatrical release comes across like a "B" television production with sub-par acting, bad editing including a left-in scene that made no sense, and is also predictable from the beginning to the end. The movie starts out as a man is being charged with embezzlement and being trashed by the local media. The company's boss and family are shown not intending for this to get out, but it does. Distraught, the man charged shoots his wife, child and himself. His daughter, played by Lisa Zane, gets wind of this at her place of work where she is a nurse and blames the company and the boss who let this out to the media. The boss, has a stroke, after he finds out from a reporter about the murderous man's actions and becomes paralyzed to the point where he can only hear what's going on but can't respond. The revengeful nurse then takes on the persona of a former employee, becomes his nurse, and plots to kill him and his entire family. Zane is kind of hammy in her role, but OK as the deviant nurse and the other actors are OK as well. But that's the problem with the entire movie, it's just OK. This obviously was meant for television but apparently was too rough, so they added a couple curse words to get the R rating and released it in the theatres. It was advertised on the DVD I watched as a horror movie, but it isn't a horror movie, and it's not very enjoyable either – so skip this one if at all possible.
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Wicked Good Fun
jwiltz82 August 2008
This is a wickedly classic take on the "I'll get my revenge" type of movie that are my favorites. Lisa Zane was a hoot as the vengeful nurse and Janet Gunn was perfect as the daughter who never trusted her from the beginning and was aware every time the nurse slipped up with her lies. The added touch of having the man who suffered a stroke be able to hear and comprehend everything that the nurse planned to do to his family as payback and not be able to stop her and warn them made this movie more chilling.This movie was like a well-made Lifetime TV movie and I have always enjoyed the movies directed by Robert Malenfant and when I see his name on the credits I know it will be enjoyable and fun to watch.
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Pretty cool movie
RTheManF8924 November 2008
Third movie in the boxset. I've always wanted to see this for some time after seeing a Pay-Per-View promo. I've also been a fan of actress Lisa Zane for some time.

The movie centers around a nurse named Laura Harriman who becomes traumatized after seeing her father kill himself over an embezzlement scandel, after he kills his own family, except for Laura. She then becomes bent on getting even with stroke victim Bob Martin (Played by Michael Fairman from Dead Silence) who is parylzed and at the same time mute. She gets a chance to do so when she gets a job as his private nurse. Laura gets her revenge by killing members of the Martin family one by one.

I don't really wanna give too much away, especially since the hurricane's approaching. I'll end this review by saying if you can find this movie, get it. The DVD quality's pretty good too.
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