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That Moment When…the Feeling Is Audible

That Moment When…the Feeling Is Audible
You know those pivotal moments in every story when something unexpected happens? A moment that makes you gasp? Makes you cry? Gives you goosebumps? They usually occur around a plot twist: when a hero emerges, a secret is revealed, or Mr. Wrong suddenly becomes Mr. Right.

When delivered by a powerful voice inside your ear, that flood of emotions is even more intimate, more deeply felt. That's what makes Audible books so engaging, so immersive,
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Chilling case of internet romance killer Theodore Manning and victim Nikki McPhatter on Web of Lies

Tonight’s Web of Lies on Investigation Discovery looks at the chilling case of Nikki McPhatter, who was killed by a man she met on the internet. The new episode, called Searching for Mr. Wrong, re-creates the evening that Us Airways worker McPhatter of Charlotte, North Carolina, went on a fateful dinner date with Theodore Manning. She linked up with him on a website called The episode also incorporates interviews with McPhatter’s family members, some of whom grew concerned after Nikki didn’t show up for her usual work shift at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on May 11, 2010. It was later discovered that Manning had more
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Ellen Uses ‘Finding Dory’ Plot Summary To Take On Trump’s Muslim Ban — Watch

  • Indiewire
Ellen Uses ‘Finding Dory’ Plot Summary To Take On Trump’s Muslim Ban — Watch
This past Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning people from seven countries from entering America, including permanent residents with green cards. This decision sparked massive protests nationwide over the weekend at various airports where people demanded that immigrants who have been detained or are under threat of deportation be set free. On Saturday, Trump screened the Pixar film “Finding Dory” in the White House. While those two events may seem unrelated, comedian and daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, star of “Finding Dory,” subtly explains why they’re connected. Watch the segment below.

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Though Ellen says she doesn’t get political on her show and won’t be discussing the travel ban at length, she then summarizes the plot of “Finding Dory” and susses out the parallels between the film and the ban.
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Ellen DeGeneres Opens Up About the Immigration Ban and White House Screening of 'Finding Dory'

Ellen DeGeneres Opens Up About the Immigration Ban and White House Screening of 'Finding Dory'
Ellen DeGeneres got a little political on her daytime talk show when she touched on President Donald Trump's controversial immigration ban, and Trump's recent White House screening of her Pixar comedy Finding Dory.

"If you haven’t heard, this is what happened over the weekend on Friday. The President gave an order banning people from seven countries from entering the United States, including people with green cards. Then on Saturday, the President screened Finding Dory at the White House," DeGeneres recounted. "I don’t get political, but I will say that I am against one of those two things."

Watch: Sophia Bush, Miley Cyrus, Sia and More Respond to President Donald Trump's Immigration Ban

Instead of diving too deep into sensitive political issues, DeGeneres stuck to breaking down the story of Finding Dory, which happens to have a few very timely parallels.

"Finding Dory is about a fish named Dory. Dory lives in
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Ellen DeGeneres Responds to Trump’s Travel Ban Using ‘Finding Dory’

Ellen DeGeneres Responds to Trump’s Travel Ban Using ‘Finding Dory’
Ellen DeGeneres has found a unique way to comment on President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry from citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries into the U.S.

DeGeneres, in a segment airing on her show on Tuesday, notes that while she doesn’t get political, she is willing to discuss Trump screening her film “Finding Dory” at the White House a day after the ban was enacted.

The 2016 film stars DeGeneres as the memorable but forgetful Australian fish Dory on a mission to find her parents, who are in America.

“I don’t know what religion they are, but her dad sounds a little Jewish. It doesn’t matter,” DeGeneres jokes, alluding to the religious implications the ban has on Muslims.

In the movie, Dory and her friends arrive in America, where they find themselves stuck behind a large wall keeping Dory from finding her parents.

“They all have to get over the wall and you
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Mr. Wrong: 10 Bad Movie Boyfriends and Why We Love and Loathe Them

  • Fandango
He might seem too good to be true. And if he's in a thriller, you should probably just bet that Mr. Right is a Mr. Wrong beneath his charming façade. That's the premise behind the three-hander The Perfect Guy, which stars Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut. With this torrid tale set to hit theaters, we thought we'd look back at some the best bad movie boyfriends that we’ve fallen for. Mark Wahlberg, Fear (1996) David and...

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Laff Sets Film Licensing Deals With Sony Pictures TV, Disney & Miramax

New comedy network Laff is beefing up its programming assets ahead of its April 15 launch, setting film licensing deals with Sony Pictures TV, The Walt Disney Studios and Miramax, Titles from Sony Pictures TV include Jerry Maguire, Sleepless In Seattle, Punchline, Nothing In Common, Stir Crazy and Steel Magnolias among others. Disney titles include Splash, Mr. Wrong, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and its sequel Honey, I Blew Up The Kid. Miramax titles include Clerks; Flirting Wi…
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The Duff Is a New High-School Comedy Classic

  • Vulture
The Duff Is a New High-School Comedy Classic
The Duff dutifully hits almost every entry in the lexicon of modern high-school comedies: Here’s the scene where our narrator playfully lays out the social structure of her school; here’s the boy our heroine likes, who eventually turns out to be Mr. Wrong; here’s the trying-on-different-clothes montage; here’s the neglectful parent, and the clueless principal, and the goofy teacher; here’s the homecoming dance, where previously ironclad social roles get upended. So why is it so wonderful? Because wit and charm matter, and The Duff has a good deal of both. The cast will be stars, the gags will be immortal, and you’ll still be watching this movie years from now.That said, the premise of the story itself is a nasty bit of business. Our heroine, Bianca (Mae Whitman), part of a trio of longtime best friends, discovers one day that she might be
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Shakira & Rihanna Grab Each Other’s Butts & Almost Kiss In Sexy Video

Shakira and Rihanna’s ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ is definitely the sexiest music video we’ve ever seen! The two babes roll around in bed, grab each other’s butts, and even almost kiss in the shockingly sexy new vid. Check out the steamiest pics below!

We all knew that Rihanna and Shakira were two of the sexiest ladies in music, but their new video for “Can’t Remember To Forget You” took things to a whole new level!

Shakira & Rihanna Grab Each Other’s Butts & Almost Kiss In Sexy New Video — Pics

Wow, HollywoodLifers — this is definitely one of the sexiest music videos we’ve ever seen. Shakira and Rihanna have always been great at shaking their booties, but in “Can’t Remember To Forget You” they full-on roll around in bed together!

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Both singers look absolutely stunning in the video. Shakira throws herself
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Shakira & Rihanna Release ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ Video

  • HollywoodLife
When a Latin blonde bombshell pairs up with a Barbadian brunette, it just screams sexy! So it’s no surprise that when Shakira and Rihanna’s ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ video came out on Jan. 30, it was the definition of sensual. Watch it right here!

Rihanna and Shakira look absolutely stunning in the official music video for “Can’t Remember To Forget You”! They’re draped all over each other, showing off their amazing bodies, and their equally unique voices and looks compliment each other perfectly!

Shakira & Rihanna Release ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ Video

Wow. That’s pretty much all we can say about the new video for Shakira and RiRi’s new song. They singers absolutely stun in the video — from Shakira throwing herself into a wall in a lace bikini top, to cozying up to Rihanna while both of them are Topless — it was
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Miley Cyrus: Don’t Get Back With Liam Hemsworth

  • HollywoodLife
Miley Cyrus — don’t do it! No matter how much you may be missing your ex, and exchanging flirty texts with him, do not — I repeat, do Not — go back to a man who you know isn’t right for you!

Miley Cyrus, we’ve all been there — feeling lonely and missing the man we still love but can’t live with. It’s the stuff of tortured tunes — right, Miley? Can we just say, “Wrecking Ball”? We all know what it’s like to still be hung up on a guy that you’ve shared so much with. And in your case, it was four years — and an awfully gorgeous engagement ring.

Miley Cyrus — Don’t Get Back Together With Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus Cries in 'Wrecking Ball'

Yes, you did spend a long time believing that Liam Hemsworth was the one. But when you split in September, 2013, it was for excellent reasons.
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Katy Perry & John Mayer: Love Gone Wrong

Katy Perry & John Mayer: Love Gone Wrong
Katy Perry isn't one to miss catching up with girlfriends. So on March 17 the pop star spent the morning hiking in Los Angeles with her pal Selena Gomez, then showed her support for the actress by checking out Gomez's latest flick, Spring Breakers, at a movie theater. That same weekend John Mayer set up his own ideal night in Hollywood. The rocker was spotted at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on March 16, hanging with close friends, including Saturday Night Live cast member Nasim Pedrad and comedian B.J. Novak, who performed that evening. "He was definitely low-key but looked like his usual self,
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Top Moments: Breaking Bad's Trainwreck and Al Roker Throws Matt Lauer Under the Bus

Our top moments of the week:

14. Mr. Wrong Award: Never go out again with a guy who sleeps with you and then goes Mia for three months. Maura never gets that memo on Rizzoli & Isles, as her on-again beau Dennis (guest star Eddie Cibrian) turns out to be the serial killer that Jane has been tracking. As police burst into his home, interrupting their "date," Dennis takes Maura hostage and explains that she ...

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DVD Blu-Ray: 'Chronicle,' 'The Grey,' 'The Devil Inside'

  • Moviefone
Moviefone's New Release of the Week "Chronicle" What's It About? Teens gain superpowers and struggle between becoming heroes or villains. See It Because: A "found footage" superhero movie sounds like a gimmick on top of a gimmick, one trying to capitalize on the success of "Paranormal Activity." But the young talent in front of -- and behind -- the camera imbue the format with real, dynamic youthful energy; be warned it's a short movie, clocking in at 84 minutes. (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video) Moviefone's Blu-ray Pick of the Week "Being John Malkovich" (Criterion Collection) What's It About? John Cusack stars as a sad-sack file clerk by day, amateur puppeteer by night, who finds a secret tunnel that places him in the mind of actor John Malkovich. He uses the strange phenomena to change his (and the actor's) life around. See It Because: The film was one of the most
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Adele Slams Reports She's Dating a Married Man

Adele Slams Reports She's Dating a Married Man
Adele sure knows how to keep rolling in the drama. First, came the happy reports that the recovering singer had found love again when she was spotted making the rounds around London with Simon Konecki (if nothing else, she was bound to get some future source material for her next album, right?). And then came word that the lovelorn singer's new beau might actually be Mr. Wrong—as in a man who was not only married, but had a child. Well, Adele is now not only standing by her man, but breaking her silence to defend him. So listen up, haters… The trouble started this week, when the British tabloids—as they are wont to do—went to work on the dirt-digging on her 36-year-old...
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Watch: Drake shows up for Mary J. Blige's revamped 'Mr. Wrong' video

  • Hitfix
Watch: Drake shows up for Mary J. Blige's revamped 'Mr. Wrong' video
Drake has returned to where he rightfully belongs: the video for Mary J. Blige’s “Mr. Wrong.” The first video released for the tune featured Blige, some background dancers and a largely unused stripper’s pole, lamenting the joys and sorrows of loving a man who makes it hurt so good in all the wrong ways. However, Drake was nowhere to be found. [More after the jump...] A new version surfaced today that opens with Drake performing his opening rap before going into a slightly different edit of the original version. There’s still no interplay between The Queen and Drake, who clearly taped...
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Video: Mary J Blige Sang A Soulful ‘Mr. Wrong’ At 2011 American Music Awards

  • OnTheFlix
Mary J Blige sang a soulful 'Mr. Wrong' at 2011 American Music Awards in this new video (below). R&B star Mary J. Blige hit the 2011 American Music Awards stage last night in Los Angeles,California to deliver a very powerful and soulful performance of her song "Mr. Wrong." In the clip,Mary started belting the verses to her song at the back of the stage. A few moments later,she worked her way down the steps onto the main stage,and even did a little choreography with her backup dancers as she continued to hit those strong notes with a lot of emotion. She worked the stage like the pro she is as the performance continued. At the end,they showed a picture of the late Heavy D,and Mary said a few kind words about him before she exited. Check it out,below.
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Mary J. Blige pays tribute to Heavy D at AMAs

  • Pop2it
Mary J. Blige usually brings her A game for televised performances, and her time on stage at Sunday's (Nov. 20) American Music Awards was no different. It was what she did at the end of her performance, however, that really stood out.

Blige performed her newest single, "Mr. Wrong," at the AMAs, and she pretty well nailed it. It was a slow burn of a performance, building up to one of her trademark dramatic climaxes.

As she finished the song, though, she provided one of the show's few goose-bump moments with a simple but heartfelt tribute to her friend and fellow artist Heavy D, who died on Nov. 8. Heavy D was one of the first artists signed by Uptown Records, and Blige followed a few years later.

Blige also remembered Heavy D at a show in Los Angeles on Friday, saying "if it wasn't for him and Uptown Records, there would be no Mary J. Blige.
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Listen: Mary J. Blige agonizes over 'Mr. Wrong' in new single feat. Drake

  • Hitfix
Listen: Mary J. Blige agonizes over 'Mr. Wrong' in new single feat. Drake
"I can't help but love him," sings Mary J. Blige on her latest single "Mr. Wrong", the second off the soul songtress' upcoming tenth studio album "My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1)". The Queen of Hip Hop Soul debuted the track, which features rapper Drake, on Angie Martinez's Hot97 show in New York City earlier today. The song was written and produced by Rico Love, who has previously penned tracks for artists including Usher ("There Goes My Baby", "Hey Daddy"), Beyonce ("Sweet Dreams") and Nelly ("Gone", "Just a Dream"). Grammy-winning producer Jim Jonsin (Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Usher, Eminem) also helped...
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If You Can’t 100% Be Yourself Around A Guy Like Selena Gomez Couldn’t In The Past, Should You Dump Him?

  • HollywoodLife
Selena says an ex-boyfriend — possibly either Taylor Lautner or Nick Jonas — tried to control her. Don’t let the same thing happen to you!

Selena Gomez might be very happy with Justin Bieber now, but a past relationship was so bad that she’s now made the vow to put herself first when it comes to love. The 19-year-old starlet says she couldn’t be herself around an ex. Have you ever felt that way about a guy? Should you be with someone you’re not comfortable around?

“I wasn’t myself for a year. I think that was really damaging. I felt like it was me who was always trying to be perfect for him,” Selena recently told Top of the Pops magazine. “I always dressed nice. I don’t think he ever saw me in sweatpants — and I love sweatpants.”

She continued, “I’d always be well-mannered and
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