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A great movie you should really take some time to see. Wonderful story, it makes you think that the western world needs to learn that race is no obstacle when it comes to friendship, romance and love.

Author: Stai from Near Oslo, Norway
1 March 1999

When I saw this movie, I started thinking that we are a long way from learning that race is no big difference. That there's nothing like "He's black so he's stupid" and that it does not matter about skin color or race.

The movie takes place in America in 1960... Racism is really something that is present. But in a small town, Central Point, black and white people live among each other, kids from all races and background play together each they and nobody has anything against it. At least that was what two kids thought. They were close friends all through their childhood, and when they became older they started dating. They learn how cold the world really is, and together they start their fight for their freedom.

A wonderful movie, I really recommend it!

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Realistic telling of a story that needs to be known

Author: Morganalee from United States
18 January 2005

People have taken to saying that "only since 1967 has marriage been legal between blacks and whites" in the United States. That is not true. Only a minority of states, such as Virginia, still banned such marriages in 1967, and it was such prohibitions that the court was asked to strike down in the case that inspired this movie. Blacks and whites had been legally marrying elsewhere in America since colonial times. So the Supreme Court was not being asked to "create" interracial marriage in the Loving case.

I've known about the Loving case since I was a child, and I had some doubts about whether I wanted to see a movie about it. For the most part, I think this was a good effort, though far from an excellent one. Doing movies about living people is tricky. In this movie, we are shown naturalistic details that I could have done without; but holes also were left in the narrative that I'm sure would not have been there, paradoxically, if we hadn't been dealing with a true story. Many people could have missed that Richard and Mildred had known each other since childhood, an important detail that's barely mentioned. That country bar or club in the first scene that shows blacks and whites socializing together is never commented upon or explained. Yes, such a place (if run by blacks) could have existed in a time of Jim Crow and when "miscegenation" was a crime in Virginia, but its existence is a paradox, and one that's never explained and would go completely over the heads of most of the people watching. We meet people who are never identified or only identified much later, and not while they're on camera. Richard's family's reaction to his decision to marry Mildred is never dealt with at all. We see his parents only briefly, and they are all but mute. It would have been better to leave them out altogether and have viewers assume Richard was an orphan than to duck this major issue in this way. Most important, I wish we had been given some idea of what kind of man Richard is (for the story really is his) before being plunged into the love story. What motivates him? Why does he choose to marry Mildred instead of merely "keeping" her, an arrangement that his society would have accepted? We never get to know Richard, so these questions are never answered. Still, I would otherwise give high marks to Timothy Hutton's portrayal of Richard. He comes across as a very ordinary man, as no hero--and that's important. The story of Richard Loving is that of an ordinary man, a common man, and therein lies its majesty.

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This is a wonderful movie, everyone must see it!

Author: soul2 from orlando, florida
13 June 2000

I just saw this movie on TV last week, only the ending, then I checked the TV guide and seen it was rated PG-13 I didn't no it was on video, so I rented it. Now I must buy it! Timothy Hutton and Lela Rochon really played their parts, for the loving's to take a stand when all odds are against them, is just remarkable! especially in the 60's. This movie should have been in theater's the loving's showed that interracial couples should have the right to marry each other without being harassed or put down because of their race. The judge brought up God and God showed him what was right, because look at the results of interracial couples all over the world. this movie was in the TV guide four months ago, but I'm not into movies about racism so I didn't watch it, now I am glad I've seen it.

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a moving story...

Author: abdiel1981
22 January 2002

This was a moving dramatization of actual events. It is disturbing when we see how our society has and still concerns itself with the personal lives of individuals. You will find yourself hoping for a happy resolution to the trials and tribulations faced by the Lovings. Good movie to watch with friends!

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Movie will touch your heart

Author: macktan894 from United States
11 June 2007

I saw this movie when it first aired on television around 10 years ago. Both my husband and I were drawn to it especially because we were in interracial married couple living in the south. We didn't expect it to be so personal and topical.

This movie explores love between soul mates and demonstrates that this kind of strong attraction is not so much about the outside but the deep psychic bonds that can occur between people. Timothy Hutton plays one of his best roles as the lover committed to his love. Both of them are put under extreme social pressures that only the bond between soul mates can survive.

This isn't a gushy romance movie in the tacky sense. It's a love story played out against the challenges of the political and social times that never lets you forget that hearts are involved. You'll wish you had been so lucky to experience love at this level.

I was.

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absolutely heart-breaking

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
15 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an incredibly touching film about a true-life couple, Mr. and Mrs. Loving. Mr. Loving was white and his wife was black. In the 50s and 60s, this was NOT accepted by many Americans and was actually illegal in some states! The couple found this out to their surprise when they could not find hotel lodgings together, were ostracized by many and were ultimately arrested for marrying. Today, in the 21st Century, it is hard to imagine this was true only a few decades ago in America, but it was. Their fight, all the way to the Supreme Court, is dramatized in the film. The acting and writing were excellent and I have no complaints about the film. I strongly recommend it to teens, as so often they forget how far we have come as a nation.

UPDATE: HBO recently made a documentary about this called "A Loving Story". While also worth seeing, the 1996 movie is better--mostly because it is, at times, hard to understand the documentary (due to poor sound) and captions were really needed.

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Great movie, Great story, Great actors and it is non-fiction!

Author: seeUall from Florida
4 June 2000

This really is one of the greatest movies there are. A movie with depth, which touches your soul. This story makes you wandering. Only a few decades ago a part of America was still living in the Middle Ages. A few people can make a change. I hope the present movies will become more like this one, but probably the movies nowadays are a reflection of our more and more superficial society. But I am an optimist.......

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Really Good Interracial Love Story

Author: gomelanie from United States
24 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a really good interracial love story that did not exaggerate stereotypes. The characters were actually good looking (hear that Whoopie Goldberg!!, and believable. The love story between Timothy Hutton and Lela Rochon comes across as two people who have fallen in love and its up to the rest of the world to get it. I did not like the scenes when they moved to the city and race started to interfere with their lives, but the movie is based on a true story and that was the only sad part. I like the fact that when Lela Rochon's character gets pregnant, there is no drama and Timothy Hutton's character thinks nothing about marrying her. If your a Gen X'r who grew up in a multi-cultured environment, try and get this movie for your collection. It really is a beautiful love story.

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An excellent depiction of life for interracial couples of the time

Author: moviegal-10 ( from USA
6 October 1999

I caught this movie on TV when it first debuted, but now own it on video. It is truly an excellent portrayal of the kind of life interracial MARRIED couples had to deal with during this time of heated topics of race and equality--Civil Rights. Both Timothy Hutton and Lela Rachon performed their real-life characters exquisitely. There are so many problems that arose during the late 1950s and into the 1960s, but we must also remember that there still exist racial issues that should not even be. The day every person realizes it was NOT intended by God to keep people of different color from intermixing and interacting with amongst each other, as the state court judge so hypocritically proclaimed in the face of the Lovings that day they were sentenced...someone who obviously did not know his Bible very well...will be quite a day indeed.

For the interest in learning more about interracial relationships back in the 1960s, I would recommend seeing the movie entitled "Love Field" with Michelle Pfeiffer and Dennis Haysbert. It is not based on a true story, but it does depict the attitude of our country toward black and white relationships during the civil rights movements.

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Great Movie

Author: Chaarles from United Kingdom
28 December 2008

A restrained, intelligent and powerful movie, set in the 1950s-60s southern states of the USA, telling the true story about the Lovings, an interracial married couple who challenged Virginia's anti-miscegenation law (The Racial Integrity Act of 1924) and saw it overturned.

The film is engaging not only because of its important subject matter but because the subject matter is dealt with so well; with a superb script that opens up facets of the couples experiences with great subtlety and understanding; outstanding performances all round that deliver rich character portrayals; and brilliant production work that creates a tremendous feel for the time and place. That there were more movies of this quality around! And of course the great poignancy of this movie is that it is based on true events, and so stands as a wonderful testimony to true love.

An important, powerful and superb film.

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