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11 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Mission: Irrelevant

Author: Stewart Borovini ( from Perth, Western Australia
13 June 2000

Like many others, I was disappointed with the fact that for the big screen, almost all the elements which made the tv series "Mission: Impossible" so entertaining - the team ethos, the complex con-tricks, etc - were jettisoned in favour of a huge ego boost for the one man show that is Mr. Tom Cruise. It is particularly annoying given that the "plot" chosen to replace it is so bog-standard and predictable. An honest hero is framed for something he didn't do and spends the rest of the movie trying to clear his name and out the real spy... This seems to be the plot of every third blockbuster these days - two titles released just before "M:I" using exactly the same storyline spring to mind: "Judge Dredd" and Schwarzenegger's "Eraser". It was also totally un-necessary to take the hero of the original series and make him the villain of the movie - can you imagine a film version of "The Untouchables" with the cops hot on the trail of the evil gang boss Eliot Ness? There is also the fact that the movie is deeply insecure; one feels that it would like to be a cold-war style espionage picture but does not have the courage of its convictions so tacks a cheesy and implausible action sequence onto the end. I could go on, but at the end of the day, my list of criticisms are all are all pretty subjective, and don't really point to this being a bad film, simply one that I don't like. But then suddenly it struck me. The reason I find this movie so intensely pointless, and the reason I think it's no good, is that so many scenes are so stupid, or just completely extraneous. Take for example the films most memorable moment - the break in to the CIA building to steal half of the 'NOC' list. We are told that this is the most secure room in the entire world, that it has every security system known to man. Except, it seems, a plain and simple good old CCTV camera! Sure, the scene is well directed and a fair amount of tension is wrung from it, but if you take a step back to think, it's preposterous. Besides, by my reckoning there is no reason for Hunt even to have the real NOC list if he is planning on double bluffing simply to smoke out the spy, so the scene shouldn't even be there. Why would he endanger all those agents by handing over the real list?

Nit picking? Certainly, but it sums up for me why the whole thing is a waste of time. There are plenty of movies one can enjoy by checking ones brain in at the theatre door; but when a movie cloaks itself in a supposedly complex plot and encourages the audience member to engage his or her brain, and then doesn't even stand up to scrutiny, I find the whole process deeply depressing - more so when the film takes itself as seriously as this one evidently does. I can't even be entertained anymore, because I am acutely aware of how shallow, empty, and ultimately pretentious it all is. So sorry folks, but if you ask me this is a red herring wrapped up in a Macguffin, wrapped up in a shaggy dog story with fleas, all designed for the sole purpose of making Tommy look good. It's a real shame that the supporting cast, production values, direction etc are all so high, since the film itself is so thoroughly worthless. At my most generous, I'd give it...


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11 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

If you liked the TV series, you will hate this movie!

Author: lima-2 from melbourne, florida
27 November 1999

If you are a big fan of the television series, starring Peter Graves and Martin Landau, like I am, then you will hate this movie as much as I did. It has nothing to do with the television series, other than its title and opening musical sequence. I went in to this movie expecting more. If you can get beyond these prejudices, then you can expect, at best, a mediocre movie. Right off the top of my head, I can pick five or six episodes from the series that were actually better than this movie. It's a shame because I like Tom Cruse. He's better than this!

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A very solid spy thriller

Author: alindsay-al from United Kingdom
30 September 2014

Mission Impossible has become well known for its theme song and also for this being Tom Cruise's franchise, but this film is a really solid spy thriller and it does a really good job of introducing this franchise. This story starts off when special agent Ethan Hunt ends up with his team all dead on a mission and he is accused of conspiracy against the American government and on the run for his life. Now this really is Tom Cruise's film and he is fantastic as Ethan Hunt and does a really good job of being a serious action star who the audience can relate too which really brings out the best in the film. The supporting cast is pretty poor though really, an exception to that is Jon Voight as Jim Phelps, even though it is a bit of a smaller role he does a great job in the role and alongside Cruise he does a great job. But then to the rest it is not my favourite, the woman they got to play Jim Phelps wife Claire isn't a very good actress and she doesn't do a very good job in the role. Also the guy they got to play the head of the CIA would have been better had he had a bigger role as he wasn't given enough time to establish his character. Jean Reno also plays another fugitive and I didn't really like his character either as he just seemed like a weird add on that wasn't really necessary. The story is a huge plus with loads of twists and turns that make all the characters add to the story and make them seemingly important. The script is okay with Cruise having some really good lines but some of the other characters lines are not that good at all. The style of the film is great with obviously the iconic theme song being great but also the action scenes seemed realistic but also exciting. This is a really good solid film that I hope sees even better in the future.

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Fun, exciting, classic and the weakest in the franchise

Author: juneebuggy from Canada
24 September 2014

Probably my least favorite of the franchise but still miles above most other "spy" movies except for those Bourne ones. This series also gets better with each subsequent movie. #1 see's secret agent Ethan Hunt framed for the deaths of his espionage team and fleeing government assassins across Europe to find the truth.

Everything is well done and the result is fun and exciting despite a kinda choppy story. Great locations, a top notch cast and filled with awesome stunts (the giant fish tank explosion in the restaurant, the now iconic Cruise suspended mid heist inches from a pressure sensitive floor, and the amazing train ride/helicopter sequence) which by the end goes way OTT but looks cool and as I said its fun so who cares. 9/1/14

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Thrilling action scenes and a not-too-obvious plot

Author: evancyl
17 September 2014

I don't usually like action movies, but this one managed to captivate me with its heart-stopping action scenes and fairly intelligent plot! Tom Cruise put in a splendid performance as CIA agent Ethan Hunt, whose team members all die on a mission to nab the guy who is out to steal the list of names of all agents in Eastern Europe. The mission turns out to be a decoy, all for the purpose of tracking down the mole within the CIA. Suspicion is naturally cast on Hunt, who sets out to uncover the mole's identity and clear his name.

The action scenes and camera-work were amazing, from Hunt hanging from a vent and nearly hitting the ground when the rope suddenly loosened, to the helicopter and train chase scene. Just as importantly, the plot made sense and all the action scenes had a legit purpose, which isn't always the case with quite a lot of action flicks. It wasn't that easy to guess who the real bad guy was. And of course, the famous theme music really added to the thrill! Good entertainment for an afternoon.

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Your mission should you decide to accept it...

Author: Amityville15 from England
11 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ethan Hunt is a secret agent who is framed for the deaths of his espionage team. Fleeing from government assassins, breaking into the CIA's most impenetrable vault, clinging to the roof of a speeding bullet train, Hunt races like a burning fuse to stay one step ahead of his pursuers and draw one step closer to the shocking truth.

This film starred: Tom Cruise, Jon Voight & Ving Rhames.

Mission Impossible was released in 1996, I personally found this film boring and nearly dozed off, for a thriller that isn't good. These films are meant to keep you on the edge of your seat, well this movie failed in doing that for me and I don't really recommend it.

**/***** Poor.

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A baffling and occasionally boring waste of the licence - 65%

Author: Benjamin Cox from Hampshire, England
15 April 2014

It might have taken a while but Brian De Palma's much-maligned thriller has finally been ticked off my List Of Shame. Why so long, you may ask? Well, some films carry the stench of stigma for quite some time (take "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", for example) and this uber-complicated Cold War spy flick is one such effort, blighted by a confusing and muddled plot and not exactly currying favour the original TV cast. But as if often the case, the film isn't nowhere near as bad as you might think. Yes, the script is dire and like most of his films, it quickly turns into the Tom Cruise Show. But if you can ignore or forgive the flaws then you'll be rewarded with a stylish tale of treachery, espionage and genuinely exciting set pieces. I just wish that I could ignore or forgive them.

Cruise plays super-spy Ethan Hunt, one of a team of IMF agents operating under the command of veteran Jim Phelps (Jon Voight) in Prague. Their mission is to catch the theft of a list of spy aliases (known as a NOC list) and to identify the mastermind behind the operation. Tragically, the mission goes belly-up, resulting in the deaths of his colleagues and the NOC list falling into unknown hands. Contacted by IMF Director Eugene Kitteridge (Henry Czerny) who hints that a mole may exist in the agency, Ethan quickly figures out that he is the chief suspect and flees in order to clear his name. His only lead is the name of the person who still seeks the NOC list, a shady weapons dealer by the name of Max (Vanessa Redgrave)…

In its simplest terms, "Mission: Impossible" is a series of action sequences strung together by long, dialogue-heavy bits in order to further the plot. You could rightly argue that most action films do this but few confuse and confound quite as much as this does – I could understand what was happened but rarely could I figure out why. Come the film's climax and I'd long given up trying to work out who was doing what to whom and why. The film's opening tells the audience that nothing is to be taken at face value (literally) but then, De Palma tries to get us to do exactly that because if you'd stop to ask any questions then the film unravels faster than a loo roll in a public toilet. The stellar cast (Voight, Redgrave, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jean Reno, Ving Rhames, Emilio Estevez in a cameo) don't get nearly enough screen time compared to Cruise who does the stunt work with his usual gusto and flashes his million-dollar smile. Away from the plot and the action is surprisingly good, even if it is a little far-fetched. For example, any Englishman knows that a helicopter could never fly into the Channel Tunnel or that any aquarium in a restaurant could never have that much water inside, even on the continent. Like the plot, it's best not to ask too many questions because you suck all the fun out of it. When I watch street magic, I'd rather not know how the trick is done – the same way that I don't bother counting the number of bullets Clint Eastwood can fire from a single Smith & Wesson without reloading.

But my biggest gripe is that this could have been any spy film. It didn't need the "Mission: Impossible" tag in order to dupe unsuspecting punters and given the film's blatantly disrespectful approach to the original, it's clear that this has as much to do with the TV show as the Easter Bunny does with Christmas. Aside from the memorable theme music which still sounds as good as ever like most Mancini tunes do, this attempts to desecrate the memory of the show in order to start up a generic action-spy franchise with Cruise as the star, as though he's annoyed that nobody offered him a shot at the role of 007 and he decided to do it himself. It's also dated (the Cold War ended in 1989 so who exactly do the IMF spy on?) and ultimately, irrelevant – within five years, Matt Damon's portrayal of Jason Bourne in "The Bourne Identity" would reinvigorate the entire spy genre to such a degree that even the Bond producers were forced to up their game. All the while, Cruise was still relying on his dangling-on-a-rope routine shown here in at least two sequels. There's no love or enjoyment behind it, as though everyone was simply going through the motions and ticking off the usual spy clichés. Of the first three films, I'd go with the second – it's more exciting and easier to follow than the others. Given a free choice, however, I'd go with Bourne or Bond any day of the week.

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Red light, Green light....

Author: FlashCallahan from Leicester, United Kingdom
11 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jim Phelps was sent to Prague to prevent the theft of classified material. His wife Claire and his trusted partner Ethan Hunt were members of his team.

Unfortunately, The mission failed, leaving Hunt the lone survivor. After he reported the failed mission, the head of the agency suspects Ethan of being the culprit for the failed mission.

Now, Ethan uses unorthodox methods to try to find who set him up and to clear his name.....

Probably the most successful transfer from TV to big scree, MI is the epitome of a summer blockbuster, it's big, full of wonderful set pieces, and makes no sense whatsoever.

It's about a list containing information, and Cruise is suspected of turning (Freud would have a field day), and he assembles a rag tag team to clear his name.

That's it. The rest of the film is full of Cruise doing his own stunts, and showcasing himself. Which isn't a bad thing, because after Top Gun, this movie made him the biggest star on the planet.

De Palma give the film his classic sheen, and makes the film feel a little more urgent than it seems.

All in all, it's a load of old cobblers, but it's fun, and we will all remember it for Cruise dangling on a wire, catching his own sweat.

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The mission impossible era...

Author: Thanos Alfie from Greece
17 February 2014

"Mission: Impossible" is the first movie of the Mission Impossible and it has to do with an American agent who is a suspect by his own organization and he wants to discover and expose the real spy of his organization without any help.

I liked this movie because it's a movie with plenty of action and suspense in whole of the movie. I also liked it because it was so unpredictable and because of the storyline. I also believe that the interpretation of Tom Cruise who plays as Ethan Hunt and he is really nice on it. Another good interpretations made by Ving Rhames who plays as Luther Stickell a friend and partner of Ethan Hunt and Jon Voight who plays as Jim Phelps.

Finally I have to tell you that I really recommend this movie because of all the above reasons and I believe that this movie is a strong start of a new era.

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Try any sleight of hand with my money and I'll cut your throat.

Author: Ben Larson from Leesburg, FL
8 December 2013

This film is full of stars, including two of my favorites, Jean Reno and Kristin Scott Thomas.

The plot is a little difficult to follow, with all the double-dealing, but not to worry. It has all the usual spy stuff: spyglasses, hidden microphones, laptops, elaborate disguises, exploding cars, knifings, shootings, bodies toppling into a river, etc

Basically, a mole has broken into the group's inner circle; the mission was an attempt to flush him out. But instead of exposing the real culprit, it throws suspicion on team member Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), who is forced to go underground to prove his innocence.

We've seen some of this in Jules Dassin films, but not even Bond has a chase scene like the one here.

The bottom line on a film like this is, Tom Cruise looks cool and holds our attention while doing neat things that we don't quite understand

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