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The famous faces make it difficult, at first, to sink into the story, but eventually we do; the characters become so convincing that even if we're aware of Keaton and Streep, it's as if these events are happening to them.
Yet, even on those occasions when the screenplay falters, the actors are there to take up the slack.
Entertainment Weekly
The three are so full-bodied and so powerfully affecting that you're carried along on the pleasure of being in the presence of their extraordinary talent.
Any movie with Meryl Streep is an occasion, but when you add Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hume Cronyn and Gwen Verdon, you've got an embarrassment of riches.
USA Today
Keaton doesn't stoop to bitter-spinster blather. Instead, the luminous vulnerability that served her well in such dramas as "Shoot the Moon" lights up this depressing, gallows-humored heart-tugger. [18 Dec 1996, Pg.01.D]
Add to that a perfect cast and one's only complaint will be that this is, at heart, another tear-jerker about how good it is to love and be alive and all of that.
Tony Award-winning stage director Jerry Zaks' debut feature is a gentle, surprisingly funny film about dying that manages to tug a few heartstrings without the usual emotional manhandling.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Yet, about as often as Marvin's Room strikes a chord of emotional authenticity, it hits a fistful of false notes as well.
Great actors do what they can in a simple and largely unaffecting story.
Christian Science Monitor
The story often seems unfocused, and the talented cast doesn't appear to be fully in synch with its heart-wrenching material.

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