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A very good film...

Author: belalugosi13 from Montreal, Canada
26 May 2005

Sorry for my English...

For a while, I've been reading all the books available that talks about Eichmann. I wanted to know more about the man after the war and before his trial. I've read the book 'Eichmann in my hands (by Peter Malkin)' and 'Capturer Eichmann (Capture Eichmann)' in french. I was so surprise when I saw the movie. It was exactly (well 95%) the same as the book. When I saw Robert Duvall play Eichmann, my god, he looks like him. A very good actor. The same accent, moves, nervous ways, everything like Eichmann (if you saw the movie 'The specialist' the trial of Eichmann. The man who play Peter Malkin is very good too. Very committed. The way he looks at Eichmann, like he wants to kill him, but he don't, his eyes are expressive. When the actors are together in the bedroom, talking each order, there's no cameras. Well, see that movie, and read the book after or the best is to read the book before and watch the movie after. It's almost the same, very respectful to the book.

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Impressive as ever.

Author: davideo-2 from United Kingdom
11 August 1999

I knew a movie with Robert Duvall in the lead would have to have a pretty plausible explanation for going straight to video ,and of course,this is a made for TV film which just goes to show how far Duvall's amazing acting potential stands.

It was quite well told,and was of course,brilliantly acted by all the leads involved.Eichmann's story was interesting and factual.We see him waver between his past and present worlds as a one time savage war crimanal,responsible for unspeakable acts of human atrocity,to his present state as a feeble,helpless old man who evokes genuine human sympathy.

A quite impressive made for TV movie.Well worth seeing.

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An important event in our history chronicled.

Author: Doctor_Bombay from Lucas Buck, NC
17 April 1999

Any time you get the opportunity to see Robert Duvall work, you should take it. When the pot is sweetened by the chance to learn a little (or a lot) about an important historical event, then it's a no-brainer.

A far more carefully crafted story line distinguishes this film from the 1961 'Operation Eichmann'. The source of this film is the book, "Eichmann in my Hands", by Massad agent Peter Malkin, the primary Israeli Agent involved in Eichmann's capture in Buenos Aires.

The film is presented pretty much from the point-of-view of Malkin, played superbly by Arliss Howard, an actor who's career to date is papered with non-distinguishable work in non-descript films. His portrayal here is right on target. There is a nice turn as well by Jeffrey Tambor, a wonderful comedic actor, here cast completely against type in a serious role.

Much is the time when TV has been dismissed as a learning medium. Thankfully, made for TV movies like 'The Man Who Captured Eichmann" go far to dismiss that notion.

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This is an intense reenactment about the details of capture of Adolf Eichmann perfectly performed by the veteran Robert Duvall

Author: ma-cortes from Santander Spain
12 May 2013

Adolf Eichmann, wanted in connection with millions of deaths, is suspected to be living incognito in Argentina. Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence organization is determined to bring Eichmann to justice . As Eichmann (Robert Duvall , also producer) was captured by a team of Mossad and Shin Bet agents led by Peter Markin (Arliss Howard) in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, an industrial community 20 km north of the center of Buenos Aires on May 11, 1960. The Mossad agents had arrived in Buenos Aires in April 1960 after Eichmann's identity was confirmed. After observing the suspect's routine for many days, they determined that he usually arrived home by bus from his work as foreman at a Mercedes-Benz factory around the same time every evening and planned to seize him when he was walking beside an open field from the bus stop to his house at 14 Garibaldi . As Eichmann got off a bus , a Mossad agent engaged him, asking him in Spanish if he had a moment ; Eichmann was frightened and attempted to leave, but while blinded by Mossad headlights two Mossad men seized him and wrestled him to the ground. After a struggle, he was brought to the car and hidden down on the floor. Eichmann told his captors later that as soon as they told him to keep quiet or they would shoot him, he knew he had been captured by Israelis. Eichmann was brought to a Mossad safe house, Tira, where he was kept for nine days, during which time his identity was double checked and confirmed .

This is a tense and thrilling reenactment of the capture of Eichmann, posing as Ricardo Klement , though contains excessive dialogs and little action . Being rightly based on a book written by Peter Markin as some years later , Peter Malkin, the member of the kidnapping team actually assigned to seize the suspect, wrote ¨Eichmann in My Hands¨, which describes the preparation for and details of the capture, while exploring Eichmann's character and motivations . The picture deals with the Israeli effort to kidnap Eichmann, as seen from the perspective of the leading agent Peter Markin who executed the mission along with an ample focus to Eichmann's own explanations as to the holocaust he committed . These deeds were previously adapted in ¨The House on Garibaldi Strret¨(1969) by Peter Collinson with Topol , Janet Suzman and Martin Landau . The motion picture was professionally realized by William A Graham who displays enough off-beat touches to keep things interesting , it was nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys and another 1 win & 5 nominations . William A Graham has directed various TV series and episodes as ¨The fugitive¨, ¨The Virginian¨, ¨Breaking point¨ and occasionally for cinema as ¨Return to the Blue Lagoon¨, Waterhole¨ , ¨Guyana tragedy ¨ and film-making several Western as ¨Montana¨ (90) ¨Billy the Kid¨ (89) , ¨Last days of Frank and Jesse James¨ (86) and ¨Harry Tracy , the last of the Wild Bunch¨.

The picture was well based on real events , these are the followings : Israel's official intelligence agency, Mossad, had as one of its principal assigned tasks the pursuit and capture of accused Nazi war criminals. Throughout the 1950s, many Jews and other victims of the Holocaust also dedicated themselves to finding Eichmann and other notorious Nazis. Among them was the Jewish Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. In 1954, Wiesenthal saw a letter received by an Austrian Baron from an associate living in Buenos Aires, saying Eichmann was in Argentina. He was captured by Mossad operatives in Argentina and taken to Israel to face trial in an Israeli court . Eichmann was drugged to appear drunk by an Israeli doctor included in the Mossad team and dressed as a flight attendant. He was smuggled out of Argentina on board a plane which a few days before had transported an Israeli delegation to the 150th anniversary celebration of Argentina's independence from Spain. For some time the Israeli government denied involvement in Eichmann's capture, claiming that he had been taken by Jewish volunteers who eagerly turned him over to Israeli authorities. Negotiations followed between Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Argentine president , while the abduction was met from radical right sectors in Argentina with a violent wave of antisemitism, carried on the streets and including assaults, torture and bombings . In Israel Eichman faced trial in a court on 15 criminal charges, including crimes against humanity and war crimes. He was found guilty and executed by hanging in 1962. He is the only person to have been executed in Israel on conviction by a civilian court

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Exceptional TV Movie

Author: SteveResin from South Wales, UK
2 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As the title implies, this isn't a film about Eichmann's trial and execution, it's about Malkin's role in the capture of Eichmann and his imprisonment before his flight to face his accusers. Made for TV movies are usually mediocre affairs, but in all honesty The Man Who Captured Eichmann is head & shoulders above average. This is largely due to the exceptional acting abilities of the two main protagonists, played by Robert Duvall and Arliss Howard. Duvall is superb as Eichmann, the bureaucratic SS pen pusher whose ruthless efficiency sent millions of innocent people to their deaths in the Nazi Europe of the 1940's. His physical likeness is uncanny, and he does a fine job with the German accent and Eichmann's cold, matter-of-fact mannerisms. Howard is equally as impressive as Malkin, the Israeli Secret Service agent who strikes up conversations with his captive at their hideout in Argentina, following Eichmann's capture. He is very impressive portraying his character's roller-coaster ride of emotions, from bewilderment and frustration to despair, anger and loss. The movie itself is good in that it keeps things simple, from a short intro showing how the Israeli's learned of Eichmann's hideout, to the formation of the team sent to Argentina to kidnap Eichmann and bring him to Israel to stand trial for his horrendous crimes against humanity. It wastes no time in getting to the high point of the piece, the abduction of Eichmann outside his modest home in a Buenos Aires suburb. The remainder of the movie sees Malkin go against his directives and strike up a relationship with his quarry, asking the questions that have haunted him since the war, such as "how did it happen", "why did it happen", and "why you?". The performances are spellbinding. Highly recommended for anyone with even a passing interest in the subject matter or anyone who enjoys marveling at performers at the top of their game.

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Weird in the bad sense

Author: Ersbel Oraph from France
19 November 2015

Weird movie. I read somewhere that Robert Duvall wanted to do this story. So he wanted to play Adolph Eichmann. Why? I have no idea.

The movie is quite dull. And the acting is dull too. Probably strong emotions were going around. But not in this calm, slow, uninteresting script. And the actors do some weird accents. Was it supposed to be funny? It is not a funny story.

Maybe a fascist would like it. After all, the poor Eichmann was tricked into signing the paper. And don't forget he was kidnapped. But everything gets toned down. The Hannah Arendt account presents Eichmann as a simple bureaucrat. And probably that is what this movie is trying to show in the cheap disguise of a B movie.

Finally I see this movie as an attempt to whitewash a murderer. The script conveniently is not interested in the life and deeds of Eichmann. There is not a hint of how German and US intelligence services knew his whereabouts and said nothing. There is nothing about the nazi community of Argentina apart from the sort of Eichmann's lawyer. And less than 10 years later Bettina Stangneth would publish a book that would show Eichmann in a very different light than a pawn in Hannah Arendt's play on sociology.

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Operation Eichmann

Author: kapelusznik18 from United States
9 November 2015

***S{POILERS*** Long suppressed - for security reasons-story about the capture of Nazi war criminal SS man Lt-Col. Adolph Eichmann, Robert Duvall, one of the major ,after his boss Col. Rehinheart "Hangman" Hydrick, architects of the notorious Nazi "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" in Nazi occupied Europe. Having escaped captured for fifteen years Eichmann was finally run down and caught outside his house at 14 Garibaldi Street in the slum section of Buenos Aries Argentina in May 1960. The Israeli Mossad who had been staking out Eichmann's, using the name Ricardo "Ricky" Clement, movements for the past two months grabbed him as he left the bus from his job as a mechanic at a local Mercedes Benz plant. Eichmann was then held hostage in a safe house until the Mossad could fly him out of the country to stand trial for crimes against humanity and the Jewish people in Jerusalem Israel.

While in Isaeli captivity Eichmann's what can best be best called Mossad baby sitter Peter Malkin,Arliss Howard, tried to get him to sign a statement- as if he really needed it-for him to volunteer to his capture and agree to be tried in the Jewish state which under the circumstances, in being kidnapped and held against his will by the Mossad, would be thrown out on any court on earth. Still Malkin constantly beggared Eichmann to sign it until he finally agreed when he was told that there's no death penalty in Israel.

It took a lot of ingenuity to get Eichmann out of Argentina by using the excuse of an EL-AL airline with a troupe of Israeli politicians and entertainers to sneak him, while high on drugs, aboard. This was done while Eichmann's fellow on the lamb Nazis as well as his sons did everything to prevent the plane from taking off. The final results of all this was that Eichmann was tried and convicted for the crimes that he committed and despite Mossad Agent Peter Malkin assurances not to he eventually was sentenced to death and hanged. P.S Despite Israel having no death penalty as things turned out in Adolph Eichmann's case it made him an exception and no one bothered, except his fellow on the run Nazi war criminals, to make a case out of it.

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A reasonable film that could have been excellent.

Author: birdrecruit from United Kingdom
8 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think it was a reasonably interesting film. However, the majority of the film focuses on the relationship between Eichmann and one of his captors. The film could have been excellent if the very best character actors ever were used. Robert Duvall is good but he is not in the same league as De Niro or Pacino.I'm not suggesting that they should have played the part but you need a method actor for a character as complex as that.

Some things were not convincing - the two weren't supposed to talk (were the doors sound proofed that no one knew) and where was the tension involved in this. Eichmanns family were looking for him but no real tension there - everyone knows the outcome. Perhaps the filmmakers should have bent the truth a bit and had the Israeli headquarters nearly discovered.Why were there so many characters on the Israeli team with none really given a chance to make an impression on the viewer?

I kept waiting for something to happen really, some account of Eichmanns trial but it just ends with him flying off to Israel.

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