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Plot holes 

After escaping the truck explosion, Hennessey assures Caitlin that she has her mother's eyes; however, he was not present when Charly made the comment about Caitlin and Timothy's similar eyes.


When Charly has one of her first flashbacks she sees Timothy and Jack from the vantage point of the trunk of a car. It is 1988. Timothy says, "She's the Energizer Bunny." Unfortunately the bunny didn't exist until 1989.

Boom mic visible 

During the scene in the train station, Charly has a beer at the bar. When Timothy begins to speak with her, an orange mic (and extender) are visible in the lower right-hand portion of the screen. You can see it in two different shots. It is present on the DVD and the video.
When Caitlin and Samantha/Charly are on the bridge next to the overturned truck and Caitlin is trying to wake up her mom, the Boom Mic clearly enters the top of the frame.
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Character error 

When Charly shoots the men in the alley, passers by in the background walk past them without reacting to the shooting.


During the climactic knife fight with Timothy, Charly is slashed on her right side ribcage. Later, when Charly is lifting herself on the rope mesh, the wound has moved to her left side and appears to be more of a puncture, rather than the long slash she had received originally.
When Charly shoves Mitch out of the car, he is seen rolling over and up onto the sidewalk. In the next scene, he is shown laying on his back in the street.
When Samantha is thrown from her car after hitting the deer, she loses her shoes but she is wearing beige stockings. When she stands to walk through the snow toward the wounded deer, she is barefoot.
In the water mill house, the actions used to raise and lower the water wheel change. For example, one moment the water wheel is lowered by turning the crank clockwise and the next moment the wheel is lowered by turning the crank counter-clockwise. Similarly, Daedalus first raises the wheel by turning the crank clockwise and then moments later raises it using a counter-clockwise turn of the crank.
After Samantha kills the deer she hit with her car, footprints are clearly visible leading off into the woods.
Before Charly starts to pour vodka into the shot glass, she picks it up. In the next shot, the shot glass is still on the counter as she pours the vodka in.
During the scene when Sam is first cutting the carrot, she is shown cutting with two separate motions, depending on the shot. Generally, in shots where only her hands are visible, she is cutting by pivoting the knife against the board, raising and lowering the blade at the rear; in long shots, she is chopping by swinging the knife up and down from her wrist, raising and lowering the point.
In ice chase scene, the rear window of the truck is shot out only to appear whole later (with snow smeared on it).
After the ice chase, Charly and Mitch are driving to get the money. We can see two cars approaching them on the other side of the road. From the inside of the car we see three cars pass them.
At the end of the film, the car's roof comes loose but is fixed in the next shot.
The amount of whipped cream on Samantha's fingers before she licks it off.
As Mitch flies out of the window, the chair that he was tied to has broken apart and flown away. But when he lands next to the tree, the knife and the chair bottom are there.
In the last shot of the car as they escape among the flaming wreckage after the explosion, both headlights are on. In the next shot on a country road, the left headlight has been smashed.
During the scene where Timothy cuts Charly, it shows her being cut on her right side, but after they fall down the shaft and after Timothy falls into the water, we see the wound on her left side.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Perkins orders his minion to trace Charly's initial phone call he steps onto a clearly visible mark on the floor.
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Errors in geography 

There are no hills leading to any of the bridges along the Niagara Gorge.
The film is set in the United States, but during one scene in an alley, The Bargain! Shop, a Canadian store chain, is visible.

Factual errors 

Kerosene does not ignite at sub-zero temperatures and since it sat on the floor of a freezer for several minutes it's temperature was definitely below the minimum temperature requirement. Additionally, the fumes would have fully dissipated in the time frame shown in the movie, further hindering ignition.
The amusement rides on the boardwalk in Atlantic City do not operate at Christmas time.
The grenade in the station corridor is a fragmentation type. Fragmentation grenades do not produce huge rolling fireballs; and if they did, the fireball would spread much too rapidly to run ahead of.
Charly breaks free from her frozen prison by blowing off a heavy metal door. We see that the explosion bursts through at least two ceilings. Between the explosion and the ensuing crater, it seems highly unlikely anyone upstairs could have survived - or for that matter, left the basement through all the rubble.
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When Charlie snatches the gun from the flaming body on the bridge, it had been burning with the body for some time, so much so the gun would have been too hot to hold.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When Charly and her daughter are locked in the cold room you don't see their breath when they are talking, but it's not always visible in cold conditions.
When Caitlyn gets Charly back on her feet, a shot of the bomb timer shows 4:59 (four minutes, fifty nine seconds) to go. However, the explosion happens 3:46 (three minutes, forty six seconds) later. This is not a mistake since the countdown does not necessarily occur in real time.
A call is traced to Niagara Falls. 716 is the area code for Niagara Falls. However, the film clearly shows that the receiver (Charly) is on area code 315 while the caller (the one they are tracing) is calling from number (716) 555 1304, which is indeed Niagara Falls area code.

Plot holes 

The truck had fail-safe brakes, meaning that cutting the brake line would cause the brakes to be locked on.

Revealing mistakes 

After driving the tanker truck through town, Charly comes on a downgrade with a car in front of her. She pumps the brake pedal and it shows brake fluid leaking from a cut line. Tanker trucks (big rigs) do not use hydraulic fluid in their brake systems, they all use compressed air for braking.
Immediately after you see Charly perform a "hockey stop," the camera pans up to her face. The bag on her right hip pops into existence. It is obviously someone else doing the skate-work and a cut to the actress Geena halfway through the pan.
Mitch's view of Charly carrying Caitlin through the night-vision binoculars shows the perspective of footage shot from a much closer position.
In the bridge scene, when federal agent with walkie-talkie throws himself off the path of Mitch's car, the agent's fall trajectory is obviously altered in compositing software in order to appear he covered more distance. Also, the layer of his green-screen footage suffers artificial deformations at the moment his body touches the pavement.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Errors in geography 

When Charly is walking through Atlantic City, before gets led into the alley by the headhunter, (right before Mitch says his line about the gun not being a ham on rye,) a light up sign for a store called Honest Ed's is visible in the background. This is a rather famous store located in Toronto, Canada.

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