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A parody of Star Trek and the first 2 Aliens movies

Author: Wuchak from Ohio/PA border
12 June 2016

Released to video in 1997, "Leprechaun 4: In Space" takes place in the future where a group of space marines travel to a distant planet to stop a power-hungry Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) from harming a Dominian princess, Zarina (Rebecca Carlton). The Marines' civilian boss is a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Mittenhand (Guy Siner). When the Leprechaun eventually manifests on the vessel havoc ensues. Brent Jasmer and Tim Colceri play the main Marines while Jessica Collins plays a scientist who accompanies them. Debbe Dunning and Gary Grossman are also on hand.

I've only seen the first four Leprechaun movies and this is my second favorite after "Leprechaun 3." As a low-budget horror/comedy, you have to take it for what it is to appreciate it. Davis is thoroughly entertaining as usual as the eponymous imp and the filmmakers assembled a quality cast who take it all tongue-in-cheek. The Leprechaun rebirth scene is particularly effective, both funny and perverse. The way Dr. Mittenhand de-morphs is also done well while Carlton & Collins are definite highlights as Princess Zarina and Tina.

The movie runs 95 minutes and was shot at Front Street Studios, Los Angeles.

GRADE: B or B- (6.5/10 Stars)

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A Leprechaun in Spaaaaaaaace

Author: MrChunks from United Kingdom
7 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you read my review of "Leprechaun", "Leprechaun 2", and "Leprechaun 3" and wondered if Warwick Davies survived then welcome to your answer….. No, he died in the first, second and third film…. But Yes, he came back… this time in Space!

Very similar to the other Leprechaun films but with the addition of Spaceships and Laser guns. Don't worry, the acting is still bad, the story is still irrelevant, the action is still embarrassing… If you did read my other reviews you'll get what I'm saying here.

The Leprechaun convinces a space bint (Princess Zarina of the Dominian Republic) to follow him for marriage, she is a spoiled princess of a wealthy space family and kind of sees the benefit in attaining gold and wealth via greed - thus she is willing to listen and follow the Leprechaun. A rag tag bunch of space merc's are sent to recover and rescue her on behalf of a Scientist who you only ever see via Video link (I'll come onto him later). The space merc's are very much in the guise of the marines in the "Aliens" film but obviously a lot more camp and much more useless. They are convinced by the scientist that the Space Princess is important because her DNA is special so ultimately they take him serious and act out the contract as best as they can - until they are scared anyway.

Some of the merc's live, some of the merc's die. I can't recall exactly how it happened but the merc's do recover the Space princess which leads the Leprechaun to hunt her down. Worried that the Leprechaun's power is too much the merc's attempt to cancel the contract only to be put back in line by the scientist who actually reveals himself. Much like "The Wizard of Oz" the scientist was just hiding behind a curtain (well a video screen) and pulling the strings. The scientist is not quite what the crew expected, from the waist down he is a robot. Now, if you have been wondering who the Scientist is because you recognise the voice let me take this opportunity to put you out of your misery, the robo- scientist is none other than Lieutenant Hubert Gruber (Guy Siner) from the TV series "Allo Allo". Yes that's right, Col Gruber is back, in space, and he's even got his "little tank" with him - albeit his tank is his robotic lower half.

Leprechaun and Scientist eventually meet, they exchange insults and then one of them is injected with random space princess DNA which has been mixed with a spider and a scorpion. The film builds up to a finally which will see the Leprechaun fight all the good people of the spaceship. However, will he survive? Will he get his revenge, will he live beyond his revenge, and will somebody actually make another Leprechaun film?? Check back for my review of "Leprechaun 5 - Leprechaun in da Hood" to find out.

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This is it

Author: jeffreyhillen-364-945381 from Netherlands
4 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since the end of the 90's I am watching movies, I know a lot about it. And I've seen really good things in all those years and incredibly bad things. Nothing could prepare me for what I would see in 2014. Leprechaun 4 is the worst thing I've ever seen.

The storyline was such a chaos. There was never a point where you could clearly see where the story was going to. It was just a leprechaun and some crew on a space ship if you need to summarize this film. And again the Leprechaun had very few scenes and it gets worse ever film. The times I've seen him I can count on one hand. The storyline was just really bad.

The Special Effects is something I'd like to say something about because this was extremely bad and even for the 90's it is really awful. They didn't even try to make something of it.

I give this film 1/10 some jokes where fun but this is it. This is the last Leprechaun review I do because it would not be any better than this. I'd advice anyone to not look further than film 2.

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There's outrageous, weird, downright weird and then Leprechaun 4

Author: derektrotteresq from United Kingdom
9 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not quite sure what i just watched! In the first three films we had a killer Leprechaun dishing out justice to anyone who dared to try to steal his gold. They weren't perfect films but they had a bit of continuity and even offered some sort of explanation as to how the Leprechaun came back from the dead. This offering however explains nothing. Basically the Leprechaun is pottering around in space trying to become king by marrying an alien queen. As far as plot, thats about it. Also the Leprechaun gets blown up twice and regenerates, so when he's blown up at the end of the film, it hardly resolves anything seeings as we now know he'll just regenerate. The movie is as hokey as you can get. Its basically a porn movie with no sex in it (in that the acting is on par, aside from Warwick Davis and Guy Siner who can actually act) The woman who plays the princess is possibly the worst actress i have ever seen (and that includes porn) and should not be allowed in front of a camera again on pain of death. I know the Leprechaun films aren't exactly contenders for Oscar nomination but come on! In space?! Seriously?! Warwick, next time read the script before you say yes, you're better than that!

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Chaos is its name!

Author: Dugaru from The Commonwealth
7 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is so bad that it is actually capable of physically injuring unsuspecting viewers. It's badness has been well covered here, I will add only a few random comments:

1. A bunch of space marines walk around trying to kill a leprechaun in space, and NOT EVEN ONCE do ANY of them discuss the fact that they are hunting.... a creature from Irish mythology. I'm not even sure that the word leprechaun is mentioned.

"Hey Delores!" "Yes, Sticks?" "Doesn't that thing look a little bit like a leprechaun?" "Why yes, Sticks, now that you mention it, I think we're hunting a creature from Irish mythology." "Well what's it doing in outer space?" "Good question, Sticks."

Something like that. That's all I ask.

2. I was trying to figure out what this movie reminded me of, and then it hit me -- and I'm not proud to admit this. I realized it's a soft-core porn flick where the porn didn't show up. The look of the actors, the cheesy stilted dialogue, the dipstick humor, the low budget, the ridiculous sets. Yup, it's like a feature on late night Skinemax, minus the actual sex.

3. When Dr. Mittehand goes spider, he spends a lot of time making webs all over the place, but they don't seem to do very much.

4. Who wrote the Shakespearean soliloquies for the leprechaun? Weird.

Your life is not complete until you watch Leprechaun 4. But I suggest you wear one of those welder's masks, to prevent actual physical injury.

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OK really now

Author: nightswatch from United States
9 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The leprechaun series is well....for the lack of a better word, insane. What you get out of it depends strongly on your state of mind (and consciousness) at the time, but the series definitely has its strong and weak points, and it will differ depending on who you talk to. Personally, I think Leprechaun 5: IN THE HOOD is absolutely unbearable.

But IN SPACE, is an absolute B-movie gem. Sticking it out through some hyper-marine dialog in the first 5 minutes rewards you with the ultra hot Dr....whatever her name is (honestly, does it really matter?), a fatal boner (with accompanying hilarious dialog), the absolutely ridiculous half/machine German doctor, and the most mind-boggling, jaw-dropping use of nudity I have ever seen. If you have a couple hours to kill on a lazy Sunday, this one is definitely worth seeking out, as long as you have some good friends nearby to laugh along with.

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Nothing redeeming in this 4th Leprechaun movie...

Author: dwpollar from Evansville, Indiana USA
18 March 2007

1st watched 3/17/2007 - 1 out of 10(Dir-Brian Trenchard-Smith): Nothing redeeming in this 4th Leprechaun movie. I seriously don't understand how a movie like this can be made and put on the video shelfs in the U.S.!! What a waste of money and energy resources and whatever else it took to make this piece of trash!! Sure the make-up was good, but nothing else. This is basically the story of that greedy un-killable Leprechaun being hunted down Alien-style by a bunch of marines with a cutie-doctor on board for the ride while Lep-baby tries to hookup with a queen of some other planet so he can become king and have power, the booty, and a lot of money. There is an extra bad guy thrown in called Dr. Mittenhand, who later turns into a mutant spider, who's half-machine, half-human and is trying to get the queen's blood to turn himself back into a full human being. With all this going on, how can the movie be boring you say?? Easy -- there's no consistent idea of what they want this movie to be -- a horror movie, a comedy, a sci-fi spoof or whatever. The actors walk thru it like they just want their paycheck handed to them and as an audience member I was waiting for it to be over a few minutes into the movie when I could already see where it was going. A definite St. Patrick's Day waste of time for me -- avoid this one.

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In Space, no one can hear you be lame!

Author: JoeB131 from United States
26 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There seems to be a rule in horror movies that when your indestructible killer mutant/demon/zombie whatever runs out of gas, you put him into space in some kind of lame space movie parody.

This was done with Critters IV, Friday the 13th (Jason X) and Hellraiser IV. However, at least those movies bothered to come up with plausible reasons how their monsters got into space. Leprechaun IV didn't even bother. Maybe they were after his Lucky Charms.

This movie contains just about every Sci-Fi cliché- Crawling through the air ducts, space marines, someone sets off the self-destruct sequence, monsters stalking the heroes, etc. Except, of course, they aren't funny, which is what you should have in a parody.

I guess my question is, did no one realize they were making garbage when they were making it?

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Author: colinwhitefan
18 July 2003

In this horrible fourth movie of the series the little green man, the Leprechaun (Warrick Davis) heads for outer space to steal the gold from a mining planet and to marry the girl of his dreams. When she is rescued by a unit of intergalactic commandos, the leprechaun sets off to get gory revenge. Leprechaun 4 was really bad, this whole series is bad, but so laughable. The only bright spot was Debbie Dunning, she has an almost sex scene, but she doesn't get naked. Don't waste your time with this foolishness.

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My mind is merry-go-rounding...

Author: Dino-38 from Moscow, Russia
12 November 1999

Well, let's be sincere: the first part of Leprechaun was rather original and interesting, the second one was funny and dull, the third one was dreadfully stupid and annoying, but this one... Well, has been directed by the same person - Brian Trenchard-Smith. And everything seems like he has fallen in love with this dwarf and doesn't want to stop - he is just about to shoot the 5th part! Mr. Brian Trenchard-Smith, I'M TIRED OF YOUR LEPRECHAUN! He doesn't have anything in common with an original one. He just dreadfully laughs all the time and performs series of cheap and grotesque make-up effects (by Gabe Bartalos, who have designed the make-up of the first Leprechaun). This part is stuffed with horrible directing, acting, cheesy special effects, especially the scenes of computer modeled-and-animated space ship, which is actually the worst visual effects sequence I have ever seen... This movie sucks so much, it is so hopeless and primitive, that I would certainly like to get my money and my time, which has been spent on a crap like this.

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