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Reviews & Ratings for
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18 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Possibly the best movie involving a Leprechaun in space...Ever!

Author: Buggy-4
11 March 2002

Leprechaun in space has all the qualities for this years Oscars... despite the fact that it did not come out this year. The leprechaun displayed so much soul in the film i forgot that he was trying to kill at all. i even cried when he blew up for the third time, never mind that they used the same footage as the first two times he blew up. Brilliance pure brilliance. Not once did I wish for my eyes to be gouged out as i did while watching the atrocious "Astro Zombies." Ever scene captures your heart, from when the leprechaun comes out of a mans penis, to the totally unnecessary breast shot. The world would be a better place If there were more films like Leprechaun and less like "Trucks." Four out of Four puke buckets.

Also check out "Leprechaun in the Hood" and the fantastic miniseries "The Voyage of Mimi."

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20 out of 23 people found the following review useful:


Author: scarlet caulfield
27 June 2002

Leprechaun 4 is that rare film that takes you to a place you never knew existed. In this case it's the world of everyone's favorite leprechaun who has somehow ended up roaming around in space and decides to terrorize some unsuspecting travelers.

The acting is horrendous, the special effects are ultra cheesy, and the story, well, what story? And that's why this film is so great! My favorite part is the decline of Dr. Mittenhand. It creates a parallel to the life of one man, his struggles, his torments, and his eventual transformation into some sort of demented spider/human hybrid. Who hasn't dealt with that same trama and those same pains in their own lives? When his metamorphosis is complete, and he declares his new identity in the heart-wrenching line, "I am no longer Mittenhand, I am Mittenspider!" it is a true milestone reached in cinema.

And of course the Leprechaun represents the antagonist in us all. Big evil comes in quite the small package. The leprechaun, in his quest for his gold, is simply a puppet of capitalism and corporate greed. I think we could all learn a big lesson from this little fellow.

So, to summarize, I give this film a 7, because it is slow at points, but the occasional leprechaun in the pants scene redeems it all. Bravo!

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14 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Let's not be serious

Author: krolls ( from Baltimore, MD
6 April 2000

What a delightful sendup of other movies.

It follows the plot of Alien, throws in some gratuitous sex, makes fun of marines, scientists, and women who will do anything for jewelry, puts in a dash of cross-dressing and Dr. Strangelove.

THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS HORROR MOVIE. The first in the series was a serious horror movie, by this point, the series is comedy with a horror motif.

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13 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Arrrr, I want me gold!

Author: Blakjak from Los Angeles, California
7 June 1999

Most film critics will tell you that sequels are, as a rule, inferior to their predecessors. By there very nature they are derivative, the bastard child of what was once a good idea. Sequels, especially ones of highly successful films, are almost necessarily cursed with a dearth of creativity, made simply to make money, a cynical perversion of the "art" of moviemaking.

That's why you have to see Leprechaun 4: In Space. A fearless fourth in the Leprechaun horror series, In Space breaks rules that either aren't written yet, or simply could not be broken by celluloid alone. A completely original feat, it was borne not from a good idea, but a very, very, very bad one. It succeeds a highly unsuccessful film, and if there's anything it doesn't lack, it's creativity. And trust me when I say this, L4 (as I like to call it) was definitely not out to make money. Rent it now! Rent it today!

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15 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Don't compare it, just have fun with it!

Author: benjambment from Dallas, USA
14 August 2001

People keep trying to compare this to some of the old "film greats" or to the first three movies. The most obvious thing about this movie from the very beginning is that it's not ANYTHING like any of the above - have fun with it people! It's not meant to be deep and philosophical, well-made, scary, or new and refreshing - it's meant to be FUN! Make sure you keep this in mind when viewing this movie and I guarantee you'll have a GREAT time!

This movie is so BAAAAD that it's GOOOOOOOOOD! On the bad/good continuum it comes full-circle and is one of my favorites of all time!

Most movies/stories have some sort of exposition, as in they tell why the Leprechaun is doing X or why this place is important, or how the antagonist got into his current position. This movie, heck no - you're thrown right into the midst of an already-happening plotline, no explanation, no reason why the Leprechaun's on some alien world with a hot chick, NOTHING! That's great! They didn't even TRY to make up a silly story to explain the badness, they just went with it!

Most movies have the gratuitous nude shot, be it just a breast, full frontal nudity, etc. This one does too, and the timing of it makes it HILARIOUS! *Just* when you're thinking "Hm, where's the obligatory gratuitous nude scene?" BAM! It hits you, and the context leaves your sides hurting from laughter.

They tried their hardest to get their point across that they're NOT being serious at all, and they do it well. This movie starts bad, gets weird, and then gets worse, and they don't pull any punches. There are random pants-eating scenes, mutants, and when you think you've seen it all, they throw in cross-dressing cybernetic marines!!

Rent it, think of Mystery Science Theater 3000, get some friends, and be prepared for the funniest movie you've ever seen!

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19 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

My brain tried to jump from my skull...

Author: cornjob-2 from Prosper, Texas
18 June 1999

This movie hurts. Bad. If you watch it without the sound, it will remind you of a high school film. If you pay attention to the dialogue, you will wonder who's retarded parrot threw these words together. As I watched this film, I slowly felt my brain trying to tear itself from my head. As the movie progressively burnt my flesh, I came to realize that there is no movie worse than Leprechaun 4. Save yourselves and don't see this movie!! Even the "Behold my breasts and tremble" scene doesn't make this movie worth it. Not so bad it's good, but so bad it is excrutiatingly painful to watch.

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7 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Funny and Entertaining!

Author: Mike-842
20 July 1999

It's the 21st century, and a group of space marines are sent to destroy a monster that terrorizes the entire galaxy, the ultimate threat... A Leprechaun! This was a very funny movie, with the Leprechaun teaming up with a dastardly space princess who wants the Leprechaun's gold. Together the killer their way through a group of hilarious characters (but not as hilarious as in Leprechaun 3). Especially the Doctor, which Dr. Evil (From Austin Powers) resembles. Altough this came out in February '97 while the first Austing came out in May '97. Anyway, this was the 4th highest renting horror movie of '97. This is the second best Lep movie, following behind #3. Both of this were directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, and I think he should direct Leprechaun 5: Lep In The Hood (Which is going to be theatrical and have more comedy than horror, it will star Warwick Davis and Ice-T and will be set in an inner city Los Angeles neighborhood. It will film in late summer, '99.

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10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

A creative movie

Author: Quetzl from Detroit
30 June 1999

Creativity is a funny thing. It can either turn out be be brilliant and inspired, or can turn into utter crap. L4 is a very original, creatively done film, which approaches the genre from a unique perspective, a combination rip off of Alien and Dr. Strangelove. Not that it is any good, it is actually a horrible film, but hey, it is different. The horror sequences are silly and cheesy (Like when the antagonist crawls up a soldiers member), the attempts at humor fall flat. The whole thing is just dumb, but hey, bring some friends and have a day letting loose on it. Look for the little guy to flash the Trimark symbol of quality at the end.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Holy jumped up jesus

Author: Wayne_Gail from in space
13 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well i did not think it could be done, but they did it. They somehow bridged the story of the evil lil irish mythology creature from las vegas into the FUTURE!!!!!!! and beyond. First id like to comment on the amzing cgi graphics. Between the table appearing out of nowhere ,a favorite between me and steffens couch which i spit up soda on when i saw it, and the leprechan turning big and saying 'im huge im magnificent :pelvit thrust: big is good' this movie will keep you on your toes. The crew of the doomed spaceship has to face all evil and avoid turning into spiders and getting thrown up and off of a bridge. the only hope for the crew is juwanna man who debates whether or not he looks like a fly. and watch out for those floating obscene gestures in space. IN SPACE HE LOVES TO HEAR YOU SCREAM.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Enjoyable bad B movie sequel.

Author: Prolox from Canada
4 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this fourth instalment of the highly successful direct to video franchise, which is basically ALIEN meets LEPRECHAUN (it even rips off the same ending as ALIEN & ALIENS, with the little Irish monster, being turned into a giant in the last ten minutes & then being tossed out the cargo bay hatch!), yet another Leprechaun (this one is an alien Leprechaun) kidnaps an whiny, stuck up alien princess with plans on marrying her, because with her riches & his magical powers, he will be able to rule the kingdom, but his plans hit a snag when when a group of marines, there to save the princess, enter his domain & blow him to pieces. But since this is no ordinary Leprechaun like the ones in the previous three films that Preceded this one, he cannot be killed & quickly re-generates himself & dispatches the soldiers responsible for his execution on their very own space craft, while they search the ship for the evil Irish monster. But the question is, how do you stop something that can't be killed? & even if the remaining troops do find a way, will they also be able to escape a half man, half mutated, spider monster that also roams the ship that was once their former genius scientist? No matter which way you look at it, LEPRECHAUN 4: IN SPACE is a bad movie, even when compared to the first three films, but at this point in the series it has gotten even sillier! Director BRIAN TRENCHNARD SMITH who helmed the previous entry in the series, brings along a few recognizable production personnel, since most of them worked on the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS series & thankfully knows how ridiculous the whole premise is, taking none of it to seriously. As a result, the film falls into the category of so bad it's good! Like most genre icons, the film-makers opted to take the little bugger to space & have him wreck havoc there. The direction still works here, despite the films ridiculous story & is surprisingly well acted by a cast who knew how silly the whole thing is & proceed to have as much fun with their roles than anyone had a right to expect. WARWICK DAVIS again plays the Leprechaun role wonderfully & the film has some funny moments, including a scene where the Leprechaun kills a soldier using a mini green light sabre from STAR WARS! & some pretty funny one liners, my favourite being this one after the troops land on the alien planet-

MARINE: Real Vacation spot. SGT. HOOKER: I've seen worse, have you ever been to Detroit?

Hilarious! Sadly the films low budget really shines through & when it does, it does it real bad! For starters, the film looks like a made for TV production that SYFY produced for it's channel & feels extremely cheap as well. The shots of the space shuttle looks like a video game space shuttle, you can tell it's all fake & computerized images. There's also an blue slime drenched alien monster that is clearly a hunk of rubber, a hand puppet that gets blown up & the set design for the alien Leprechauns world is obviously a green screen that the actors are standing in front of & sadly it looks it too, with the graphics really no better. The cave looks like it was made with thick plastic, spray painted brown, with some areas looking like tarps & sheets draped over & spray painted brown as well. Great to see MIGUEL A NUNEZ JR. in the cast as well, he was fun to watch. Recommended, but mostly for fans of this series who will be the only ones who will be able to understand how the film works & all of it's jokes. More demanding horror buffs should look elsewhere, or they wi ll be extremely disappointed. Want to see a half man, half computer, mad scientist turn into a tarantula monster, that eats flies, captures marines in it's mutant web & rips the pants off hot chicks? How about a tough as nails drill Sergent, with a shiny metal plate in his head, dress like a woman & dance & sing, all the while under the spell of an alien leprechaun & then removes a set of nun-chucks & a spear to fight off his own men? How about a Leprechaun who re-assembles himself & rips out of a soldiers private parts, after the soldier gets turned on by a half naked, hot chick marine? or how about an alien Leprechaun who has a show down, old west style afterwards, with that same hot, half naked, marine chick? it's all here! Then come to think about it where else could you see all that? Followed by LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD

*** stars

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