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Imagine Melville had directed J. Sayle's "City Of Hope"
ChWasser13 September 1999
Ringo, a sailor in the German navy, takes a shore-leave just when his ship is about to leave the harbour because he heard that his turkish girlfriend Tuelay is cheating on him. The film follows his paths as he hangs out with his best pal Yusuf (Tuelay's brother) around the housing complex where they grew up. Being a little dumb he doesn't think a minute about the "Feldjäger" (military police) who might be on his trail. At the same time Tuelay's new boyfriend is preparing a huge real-estate deal in the same neighborhood with some corrupt "investors".

Lars Becker, the director of LANDGANG FÜR RINGO, has written some great crime novels, so he knows a thing or two about writing a story with an interesting and clever plot. But the best part of this movie is its atmosphere: Since it's christmas time and snowing even ugly, graffitti-covered buildings in the suburbs of Hamburg appear beautiful. The music is wonderful as well and evokes strange (and hard to desribe) emotions. "I got the vocab", for example, sounds aggressive and soothing at the same time.

Add to this some great acting and a very dry sense of humour (the scene with the pitbull in the elevator is priceless!) and you have a unique and wonderful movie. The other films of Lars Becker ain't too shabby either!
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