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Brashly engaging.
The New York Times
Jerry Maguire is loaded with them: bright, funny, tender encounters between characters who seem so winningly warm and real. [13 December 1996, p.C-1]
New York Daily News
Working from his own original screenplay, Crowe builds a story line full of unexpected twists and digressions.
It seems like nitpicking to say it, but the weakness of Jerry Maguire is that there's too much to it -- too many things happening at once for a viewer to digest. But with a charming cast like this, having too much isn't such a bad thing.
An exceptionally tasty contempo comedic romance.
Austin Chronicle
What's fascinating is the depth of humanity Cruise finds within the character of Jerry and also Cruise's generosity toward the other actors in the story -- a generosity that allows all the other performers to shine and create vivid and memorable characters.
San Francisco Examiner
Now "Rod Tidwell," with Jerry Maguire as a supporting character, would be a movie to pay to see.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Crowe is too much the good employee to spin the yarn properly, to give the picture the very integrity it endorses. He might have made a more convincing movie had he first convinced himself.
Baltimore Sun
Let's get it out, loud and clear: Jerry Maguire is not a sports movie. It's a stealth chick movie, wrapped in a swaddling of jock stuff so that it gets through guy radar without setting off the missile defenses.
A meandering and deeply shallow tale of spiritual redemption.

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