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One of Sunny Deol's best performances!

Author: aasaa1984 from Bahrain
31 May 2006

(Sunny Deol) plays Karan who is the dreaded hit-man for underworld don Gajraj Choudhary (Amrish Puri). One such criminal activity of Karan's brings him in an encounter with Sidhart Sharma (Alok Nath), and his daughter Kajal (Karisma Kapoor). During this encounter, Karan is mesmerized by Kajal, and falls in love with her.

Initially Kajal shuns Karan's approach towards her, but with time and help from a little orphan named Time Pass (Master Mohsin), Kajal also starts loving Karan, and because of this love, Karan decides to start a new life with Kajal and leave his past life. Sidhart Sharma who is totally against the relationship decides to get Kajal married to his childhood friend Ramakant Sahay's (Dalip Tahil) son Raju (Salman Khan), who has just come from abroad, and coincidentally is also madly in love with Kajal.

Kajal is left with the Dilemma of having to sacrifice her love for Karan, in order to satisfy her father, and marry Raju who doesn't know about the relationship between Karan and Kajal. Kajal decides to forget Karan and marry Raju to satisfy her father. When Karan knows about the marriage he swears that there will be a funeral full of corpses instead of the marriage. On the day of marriage, he goes to kill Raju but at the last moment, he realizes that if he kills Raju, Kajal will be sad forever, so he decides not to kill him. There is nothing now in Karan's life that is worth living for so, he goes back to his past life as a criminal.

When Raju comes to know that his father is associated with Gajraj Choudhary, he becomes a threat to the underworld, and he has to be killed and it is Karan who is hired to kill Raju without knowing that he is Kajal's husband. When he comes to know that Raju is Kajal's husband, he refuses to kill him and instead, he starts saving him every time they try to kill him.

Will Karan succeed in saving Raju's life? What will happen when Raju knows about the former relationship between Karan and Kajal? What will Gajraj Choudhary do when he knows that his hit-man is saving his enemy's life? Watch Jeet to know the answers!

Recommended for every Hindi movie fans. 9 out of 10.

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One of the best love stories made ...

Author: sharankandhai from Netherlands
29 June 2007

Before I talk about the film I want to comment on Asbohra who stated in the above places review that Salman always gets the girl in a 2 guys, 1 girl situation. Please see HUM DIL DECHUKE SANAM, SAAJAN AND SIRF TUM before talking rubbish. Now for the movie...this movie is a remake of a lesser known classic directed by the actress Simi garewal named Rukshat. The film starred Mithun Chakrevotry (Sunny Deol), Marc Zuber (salman Khan) and Amisha (Kareena Kapoor) and Simmi herself (Tabu). Jeet is a wonderful movie with outstanding performances. Salman comes almost halfway the movie and he is , well, PREM. Sunny indeed gives one of his best performances ever and that says a lot from the actor who made movies like Damini, Ghayal, Arjun and many more. The soundtrack by Nadee'-Shravan has some gems with the evergreen ABHI SAAS LENE KI FURSAT NAHIN HAI KE TUM MERE BAAHON MEIN HO. This is probably the first time you were able to see Sunny dance like he danced here. And about the ending...that's what makes the movie great. Life is not just happiness and sunshine. Sometimes not so nice things happen too. Because I saw Rukshat and rate that movie as a classic and give it 10 out of 10 that's the only reason I am not giving Jeet a 10 but 9 out of 10. By the way there is a small disappointment. They should have had that beauty Tabu in the role of Karishma and Karishma in the special appearance Tabu did.

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Highly intense action movie. Sunny Deol steals the show.

Author: MovieInspector from United Kingdom
6 February 2011

I'd like to start off by praising the production team, and specifically the director, Raj Kanwar, for doing a great job here. I didn't expect a film like this to come under the Nadiadwala Grandson banner; I was pleasantly surprised.

One of Sunny Deol's career best performances. He is as convincing as ever in his role. I'm very surprised that he didn't win some awards for this. This is one of Karishma Kapoor's best performances; she does a great job in the female lead. Salman Khan is good too, as is Tabu. Alok Nath is OK, and Amrish Puri does a good job as he always does when he plays the role of the villain.

I would also like to say that the screenplay is great and it has been edited very well.

The music is nothing special. There's only one good song: 'dil ka kya karen sahib'.

Verdict: It is not often you get to see Salman and Sunny in an action movie. It is a must watch. I give it 9.5/10

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Great film

Author: kokovyas from United States
13 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jeet is meant to be a multi entertainer - Love, drama, action, music - all in one.

Story is about a a goon who decides to turn over new leaf when he falls in love with a dancer, but when circumstances turn him away from her,things take a different turn for everyone.

The acting and dialog delivery is good, specially on Sunny Deol and Amrish Puri's part.The music is good, so is the cinematography, some action sequences.

There is some degree of overacting and unbelievable stuff, especially towards the end. Maybe those days people would've liked it...but not anymore.

This film is good for Suny Deol's fans, Salman did a great job as well.

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2 People Carried this film only. Sunny Doel and Tabu

Author: gunmasterg9 from United Kingdom
1 January 2016

Even though this was released at a time when I used to watch a lot of movies for reason beyond my memory I had never seen this completely. I finally got round to watch this very recently and I can say that it was for the best. Had I watched this at the time I would have probably thought this is a movie that deserves 9 or 10 out of 10.

This film belongs to 2 people only Sunny Doel who had some great scenes in the film followed by Tabu who after Sunny Doel had 2 of the best scenes in the film. Tabu had a handful of scenes but the 2 scenes that stand out are her confrontation with Inspector Pratap Vidyarthi (Ashish Vidyarthi).

Salman Khan one decent scene against Amrish Puri but for most of the film I found him annoying. When he enters into the film at around 45 Min's in, I thought he was doing a poor impression of Shashi Kapoor. This is an actor who I thought gave some excellent performances in films like Karan Arjun, Veergati and Andaz Apna Apna earlier here he probably thought what the hell lets just do the most over the top and really poor acting I can. Karishma Kapoor is a good actress but her performance in this movie was mediocre. Jonny Lever was wasted and all other actors supported fine. The child that Sunny Doel takes in i found could have been used better, he was that balance between good and evil for Karan (Sunny Doel).

The movie itself is a 2 guys one girl and who ends up with the girl in the end. I am not a huge fan of the music from this movie, I hate Nadeem Shravan as they put down the greatest music directors Bollywood had, Laxmikant Pyarelal. That being said i think the best song in the whole film is the Kavita Krishnamurthy Song Dil Ka Kya Kahen Sahib pictured on Tabu. The rest were OK. Finally who was the choreographer for the songs in this movie? Sunny Doel looked so awkward and trying too hard in the song Yaara o Yaara, Salman Khan looked like he was pissing himself laughing in one the songs and the choreography didn't even go with the songs.

Would I watch the movie again? probably buy skipping through to watch the watchable bits and probably watching the whole movie in about 45/60 Min's. This movie gets 5 out of 10 only for Sunny Doel and Tabu.

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Good film by Raj Kanwar.

Author: silvan-desouza from India
13 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Raj Kanwar is the man who made magic through concepts done to death be it Deewana, Laadla.etc Jeet was another success, The film reminds us of Muqaddar Ka Sikandar in parts but yet it's a nice watch. The film starts with SunnY Deol a gunda who kills a person and Alok Nath gives a complaint in police, Sunny comes to attack Aloth Nath and meets Kaajal(Karisma) there and falls for her, after stalking her slowly they fall in love which is ridiculed by Alok Nath and she marries Salman The film has lot of irony, Salman is shown a good character but his family has links to crime(his dad Dalip Tahil and uncle Amrish Puri are in underworld) There are some overdone melodramatic scenes which were a norm in 1990s Also some action scenes are overdone keeping in mind Sunny's action hero image.

Direction by Raj Kanwar is good Music by Nadeem Shravan is good but the choreography spoils the songs, Yaara o Yaara is still criticised for Sunny's dance steps, same with Sanson ka Chalna a terrific song but choreographed badly Abhi Saans is a good song, Tu Dharti is a fab number by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik picturised on Sunny and Karisma.

Sunny Deol is superb in his role though too loud at times but suits the part, this is one of his best roles Karisma Kapoor is as usual in her role, this film released in the same year as her career defining Raja Hindustani Salman Khan overdoes his goodness yet he is shown as a foil to Sunny Deol. Amrish Puri is as usual, Dalip Tahil is okay, Deepak Shirke and Mohan Joshi are as usual Alok Nath is his usual self, Tabu is okay

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Superb Action Film

Author: superindrajit from Hong Kong
7 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sunny Deol had a brilliant mid 90s period giving back to back hits despite one disaster Ajay. He gave a string of hits like Ghatak, Jeet,Border,and Ziddi. Jeet was one of his best films in the 90s period and it is also where the director makes good use of Sunny's acting. It's also a surprise that Nadiadwala would produce a brilliant film like this, because their banner always produces good films(not great).

The story of the film is quite simple but it is the handling that deserves an applause. The movie exploits themes like sacrifice and loss which is brilliantly portrayed and directed in this film. Kajal and Karan's love story sacrificed for Kajal's dad's sake is quite typical but it is brilliantly showed. Salman Khan's promise to destroy his father and his uncle's criminal empire makes sense. The whole fear Karishma has that Sunny wants to kill Salman and get her back is well portrayed. The team up and a long battle in the end is also well shown. However, the ending is extremely sad. It sucks how Sunny Deol's character dies to save Salman but it's good how they Honor Deol after his death.

Direction by Raj Kanwar is fabulous, he handles the entire film properly despite a few boring initial moments. The Salman-Karishma love story is boring yet funny. The Salman-Sunny confrontation and the climax is good. The Sunny-Karishma love story is better and the theme loss is brilliantly shown. Raj Kanwar sure knows how to turn a routine romantic action film into a decent one.

Sunny Deol is the USP of the film, his expressions, his wide eyed look, and his action is brilliantly portrayed. He steals the show and this film was one of his biggest hits after Ghayal. Salman Khan does a good job, his serious act is good but his comedy is not as good as his other films like Judwaa. Karishma Kapoor does a good job and this is one of her first films where she excels. Instead of shrieking in an irritating manner, she acts. Alok Nath has little to do but he leaves a mark. Amrish Puri is getting typecast now however, he handles the villain act well. Other villains like Mohan Joshi and Deepak Shirke do an average job, they are extremely typecast. The rest provide decent support and are functional.

On the whole, Jeet is a fantastic films with barely any flaws. There are a few clichés but that is forgiven because this is one awesome flick for a mid 90s movie.

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sunny-salman rocks-karishma's excellent acting..action packed...

Author: venkatb83 from Bangalore
5 January 2013

i read review about this film here-n downloaded and watched film.. i never thought salman sunny worked together n film was klik n its hit pair..

the duo rocks in their respective roles... its fully sentimental and action packed film worth to watch.. salman-karishma -sunny combo festival of joy to watch..

as a tough goon-dedicated lover sunny rocks.. some of his hard voice diologues are never forgettable... sunny truly real action hero with fantastic voice... i liked it a lot.. songs too good n hearable..!!

all sunny fans must watch it without fail..

we miss sunny in such an roles now a days..

hope sunny will bounce back to his earlier stardom..

i give whole marks n it deserves it rightfully...


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Would've run those days...

Author: varghesejunior from India
11 October 2012

Jeet is meant to be a multi entertainer - Love, drama, action, music - all in one.

Story is about a a goon who decides to turn over new leaf when he falls in love with a dancer, but when circumstances turn him away from her,things take a different turn for everyone.

The acting and dialog delivery is good, specially on Sunny Deol and Amrish Puri's part.The music is good, so is the cinematography, some action sequences.

There is some degree of overacting and unbelievable stuff, especially towards the end. Maybe those days people would've liked it...but not anymore.

This film is good for Suny Deol's fans

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Not bad, just one small issue!

Author: Asbohra from United States
1 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jeet has a good amount of action, and it a different side of Sunny Deol. At times, I wonder if this was even an ideal title for the movie, because Sunny was supposed to win the love for good and NOT lose her to Salman (he always gets the girl in a 2 guy and 1 girl story). If it was just Sunny as the hero with a different plot, then it would be even better. Another small problem is in the very last scene. After Sunny bashes the main baddie, Amrish Puri, then a moment later Sunny is shot but then he bounces back and kills him, saving Salman's life, but Sunny's character unwittingly dies, which kind of makes the ending a little abrupt. This part makes no sense, and it is unfair to Sunny, as his character is one that wants a decent, respectable love life, NOT die. Only this aspect chops off 3 pts. from this vote. It was tough to see Lolo ditch Sunny for Salman, but she later repented. Having said that, Jeet could have easily done without Sunny's character dying because tragic endings are NOT well-received, and they do NOT fit the story, unless the hero was a famous martyr. However, the baby boy at the end was named after Sunny's character. Surprisingly, this film was a hit. Anyways, the movie is NOT bad or anything, just avoid tragic endings! Johnny Lever in the first half is funny!

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