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Late Nite Grindhouse Presents ‘Jack Frost’ (1997) – December 9 & 10 at Moolah Theatre & Lounge

Late Nite Grindhouse closes out the year with a film that goes against our typical programming by programming a silly horror film called Jack Frost. This Z-Grade horror-comedy is something that I think we all need after this emotionally turbulent year. Utterly ridiculous, Jack Frost is the perfect communal film that will make you laugh and wonder how in the hell this got made.

As notorious serial killer Jack Frost (Scott MacDonald) is being driven to his execution, the truck carrying the murderer encounters a bizarre accident that transforms him into a mutant snowman. Sheriff Sam Tiler (Christopher Allport), who caught the psychopath originally, has remained concerned about his return, and it seems that his fears were well-founded. Before long, bodies pile up, all killed in gruesome wintry ways. Can the sheriff stop Frost’s icy reign of terror?

Late Nite Grindhouse presents Jack Frost Friday, December 9th Saturday, December
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Jack Frost (1997) Blu-ray / DVD Release Details & Cover Art

  • DailyDead
If Frosty the Snowman is a little too holly and jolly for your tastes, then you might want to consider adding Vinegar Syndrome's Blu-ray / DVD release of Jack Frost (1997) to your stocking this holiday season.

From Amazon: "On his way to be executed, the vehicle containing notorious serial killer Jack Frost collides with a hazardous chemical truck, turning Jack into a snow covered mutant and unleashing him on the unsuspecting town of Snomonton, 'The Snowman Capitol of the Midwest'. Jack immediately takes advantage of his newfound freedom and blizzardy abilities to seek revenge on the bungling Sheriff, played by Christopher Allport (To Live And Die In L.A.), that accidentally ended his cross-country killing spree. On his way to the Sheriff, Jack terrorizes the snow-man themed town and murders its residents in a variety of winterized ways. Can the residents of Snomonton fight back against the psychopath snowman from Hell
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The New Trailer For ’6 Souls’ Looks Soulless But Fun

Having a handful of notable names behind a film doesn’t mean it’s going to see the light of day. Look at what happened with Cabin in the Woods and Red Dawn. Granted, there were bigger studio issue with those films that prevented them from being seen by moviegoers. But even once all the kinks were worked out, executives were still timid about releasing them in theaters. In the case of Red Dawn I can clearly see why; Josh Peck gave probably the worst performance I saw in a film last year but that’s the subject for an entirely different article. Despite having a four time Oscar nominated actress in the form of Julianne Moore and a talented young Hollywood actor coming off a successful run with The Tudors which Jonathan Rhys Meyers was nominated twice for at the Globes, the film Shelter still collected dust on the shelf.
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Awfully Good: Jack Frost 2

  • JoBlo
Spike your eggnog! It's time for a month of Awfully Good holiday movies! Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000) Director: Michael Cooney Stars: Christopher Allport, Scott MacDonald, Eileen Seeley The killer snowman is back! And this time he follows his original victims to an island resort in the Bahamas. Jack Frost 2 had a long way to go to top the 1996 original, mainly due to a lack of snowman sex with Shannon Elizabeth. (No, seriously. Click...
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[Now Streaming] Your ‘Dark Shadows,’ ‘God Bless America,’ and ‘Hick’ Alternatives

  • The Film Stage
Each week within this column we strive to pair the latest in theatrical releases to worthwhile titles currently available on Netflix Instant Watch. This week we offer alternatives to Dark Shadows, God Bless America and Hick.

Tim Burton brings the peculiar tale of the Collins clan to the big screen. Johnny Depp stars as Barnabas Collins, a long-imprisoned vampire unleashed on the 1970s, where he discovers a colorful batch of dysfunctional descendants. Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter co-star.

Prefer camp with your macabre?

Dark Shadows (1966) Check out the cult classic that started it all. Originally conceived as a moody melodrama, this groundbreaking gothic soap found success following the introduction of tormented vampire Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid). From there the Collins family regularly crosses the paths of ghosts, werewolves, and witches. Oh my.

Edward Scissorhands (1990) Or revisit Burton and Depp’s first collaboration, the tale of a modern Frankenstein’s monster with scissors for hands.
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We Saw That: Shannon Elizabeth in “Jack Frost”

We Saw That: Shannon Elizabeth in “Jack Frost”
Shannon Elizabeth is an either-or kind of girl when it comes to her cinema, pretty much keeping to the worlds of horror or comedy. She is working to diversify a little as of late, stepping behind the camera for Fated, a film telling the story of an accident victim with supernatural abilities, but to the world at large she is best remembered as Nadia from 1999′s American Pie. However, before her nudie webcam tryst with co-star Jason Biggs in the biggest comedy of the 90′s, Elizabeth did the dance in a different sort of film, with a different sort of chap. A snowman, to be precise.

1997′s Jack Frost is a modern trash classic from the mind of Michael Cooney, and Elizabeth gets her first character billing in it as “Jill Metzner.” The film tells the story of the titular character, a serial killer who turns into a “mutant killer
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The Notable Films of 2011: Part Twelve

Scream 4

Opens: April 15th 2011

Cast: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Mary McDonnell, Emma Roberts Director: Wes Craven

Summary: Sidney Prescott, now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with family and friends, but it also brings about the return of Ghostface which puts the whole town in danger.

Analysis: Back in late 1996 when I first began covering film news, "Scream" was released and became more than just a sleeper hit. After years of genre movies being relegated to direct-to-video status, this comedic slasher spawned the biggest surge in the horror film genre since "Halloween" almost two decades before. Its post-modern stylings and witty self-aware dialogue went on to be a big influence on films and television in general.

Yet the "Scream" series itself never could quite capture that glory again. By the time the
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Alt.TV – 22/5/10

Are you bored of the same old TV shows? Tired of the mainstream? Then check out this round-up of alternative movies and series showing on UK television tonight…

8.00pm The Dead Zone (Horror Channel)

Johnny Smith had the perfect life, until he went into a coma for six years. When he awoke, he found his fiance married to another man and his son not knowing who he is. Even Johnny’s changed, one touch and he can see things. In the continuation of the episode “Descent,” an unexpected incident leads Johnny to a profound new understanding of Walt. Season Two, episode 3.

9.00pm Driller Killer (The Unexplained Channel)

Abel Ferrara’s notorious video nasty in which an aspiring artist is driven mad by his struggles and the pressure of urban life takes to the streets in a bloody rampage armed with a battery powered hand drill. Uncut Version.

10.00pm Jack Frost
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Review: Shelter

  • HeyUGuys
Shelter is a very disappointing supernatural horror film that promised a lot from its opening 20 minutes with a creepy performance from Jonathon Rhys Meyers and an interesting take on schizophrenia but it all ended up as a ridiculous mess that was nowhere as clever as it thinks it is.

The story comes from the pen of Michael Cooney who also wrote the very enjoyable John Cusack/Ray Liotta vehicle “Identity” and it’s a very similar in dealing with multiple personalities and murder but unlike Identity the pay off is not as satisfying or easy to accept which is a huge shame. Cooney is also the writer director of the hilarious cult horror movie Jack Frost (The horror one, not the vomit inducing family one) and although it’s classed as a “Horror” film I’m not sure it can be tagged as one which is similar to what this movie is being portrayed as.
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Horror at the Oscars Part 1: The Quickening

It’s that time of year again, kids. Dread Central’s 2010 Horror at the Oscars coverage. Horror was indeed present this year and in black-tie. While Roger Corman and Lauren Bacall were honored a few months back at the Governor’s Award Ceremony, it was an unexpected delight to see Corman, recipient of the lifetime achievement Oscar, enjoy a standing ovation on national television.

I was, however, very disappointed that neither of them were allowed to speak. Roger Corman’s contributions to modern cinema are too vast for him to just stand up and wave. James Cameron was one of many Corman acolytes present, and his nomination speaks to Corman’s tremendous legacy. On the Terminator DVD Cameron mentions, "I trained at the Roger Corman Film School.” Jonathan Demme, Martin Scorsese, and Francis Ford Coppola, among many others, were also former students.

The terror continued with a spoof of Paranormal Activity
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The 10 Sexiest Scream Queens

  • Cinematical
One of the things I love best about the internet is that people post movie-related lists and then other people get to comment on all the things the lists did wrong (or, sometimes, did right). Today, in anticipation of this week's Sorority Row, Moviefone posted a list of the ten sexiest scream queens. It's a fun list, and it's wise enough to go all the way back to Fay Wray (King Kong) and Janet Leigh (Psycho), and it includes two essentials: Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) and Marilyn Burns (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). It also includes Shannon Elizabeth, a dubious choice for films like Jack Frost, 13 Ghosts and Cursed (although I'm glad someone has thrown Cursed back into the ring; it's silly but it's also sexy, well-acted and very sharply directed by Wes Craven).

I like Adrienne Barbeau as a choice, too, even though she's really only a "scream queen" in one movie,
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Smokin' Hot Cast Set For Night Of The Demons!

Wow. Shock Till You Drop got the exclusive scoop of the 3 recently cast leads for the Night Of The Demons remake, being helmed by Adam Gierasch (Autopsy) with the approval of the original's director Kevin Tenney. Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie, THIR13EN Ghosts, Cursed, Scary Movie, Jack Frost), Monica Keena (Freddy Vs Jason) and Diora Baird (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) will top line the new Night Of The Demons! (Schwing!)

The Shock article states, "Elizabeth is set to play Angela - previously essayed by actress Amelia Kinkade in the original - a possessed party hostess who makes things a living hell for her friends."

Shooting begins in September in New Orleans from a script by by Gierasch and writing partner Jace Anderson (the duo penned Dario Argento's Mother Of Tears).

Bloody-Disgusting just got in some quotes from the director himself. He tells B-d, " "They're a gorgeous cast, aren't they?
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