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Guilty Pleasures

Author: refinedsugar from Nova Scotia, Canada
25 June 2001

The occasional T&A flick because heck sometimes nothing hits the spot more than a smooth body and a nice pair of breasts. So here we are with Death & Desire or as you probably know it Illicit Dreams 2. As a low-budget take on Fatal Attraction, the plot is pretty simple and needless to say not very original. In this variation we have a lonely photographer (Tim Abel) who is recovering from the loss of his beloved wife. So naturally it's only appropriate when not more than fifteen minutes into the flick he has an erotic fantasy (and not with his deceased wife either).

In short-style he meets up with Lynn (Tane McClure) the new executive at a firm he does work for. He's lonely, she's available and she's fully aware of his deceased wife and his deep loneliness. Predictable but titillating, they decide it best to have sexual relations. Which is fine and all, I'm not complaining. This is why I gave this movie a go in the first place. So she gets naked a couple of times and of course we find out she's a complete psycho.

Tane McClure, a veteran to movies of the low budget take-off-your-clothes variety, is wonderfully delicious and ultimately why we tune in to these flicks. The story is brain dead, but the 'key' scenes deliver. I do admire an attempt at a story, but time and time again it's been proved plot and boobies just don't mix.

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Jennifer Burton and Tane McClure.What else can you ask for?

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
31 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not as good as many other late 90's soft core flicks but still has it's good moments.

The plot won't really surprise you but it's not as bad as in other efforts. When Tane McClure's character becomes crazy and starts killing "innocent" people or anyone that comes to her way the real plot starts because that's where the sex ends.

There are not many sex scenes I must tell you. But if you are a fan of Mrs. McClure's sensuality, sexual skills, and erotic performances; you might enjoy this one big time. It's a shame it didn't feature a sex scene between Tane and Jennifer but oh well, nothing's perfect.

Recommended for soft core fans, that's it.

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Tane McClure was good in this one.....B+

Author: Smooth B from Somewhere In Illinois
21 April 2003

Once again, Tane McClure takes over the lead role in a movie franchise started by Shannon Tweed. I know these two women resemble each other, but this is getting ridiculous.

Illicit Dreams 2, however, is a watchable film. Tane McClure is great in these "psychotic ex-girlfriend" roles.

Tim Abell is Jeff, a lonely photographer whose wife died not too long ago. His friends encourage him to start dating again, and his two primary, right-in-your-face options are his assistant, Terri (played by Teresa Langley) and his star model, Erica (played by Jennifer Burton). He even has a dream about himself and Erica getting it on right there on the set. However, he has just entered a "business" relationship with an ad executive of some sort, I believe...her name is Lynn Barrett (played by Tane McClure, the role she was born to play). Lynn refuses Jeff's advances at first, but eventually she gives in and they go on a date. They chat about the events in their past, and eventually Jeff realizes it's time to go.

"Well, it's getting late," Jeff says, effectively putting an end to the conversation. "Not too late," Lynn replies, giving Jeff a "let's have sex" look. Jeff is no sucker; he gives in pretty quick and before you know it, he's got Lynn in the sack. Later on is where Lynn starts know, a head case.

First, she breaks into the Jeff's house and helps herself to his backyard pool. He walks in, she's naked. Well, he's no to the water to get some in-the-pool lovin'. Then there's the 50 phone calls a day, the writing of Jeff's name over and over in her address book like she's some star-struck 13-year-old girl, the verbal harassment of Jeff's assistant, and then the topping on the proverbial encounter with Jeff as he's trying to put the moves on Erica.

In the best scene of the film by far, Tane McClure shows why she's got the jealous ex-girlfriend character down to a science. "Oh, you're not the only little slut he's been seeing behind my back, don't think you're the only one," Lynn rants. Then she pulls the "I'm carrying his baby" card. Priceless! Of course, Erica is befuddled by the whole thing, and walks away with her dignity badly beaten to a bloody pulp. Lynn plays the whole thing off like it was a joke.

Lynn then gets psychotic from here, so you know the killing begins, leading up to the final confrontation between Jeff and Lynn. Well, you know who wins this one, so why should I bother to tell the 3 or 4 of you who are gonna stick it out to the bitter end?

The storyline, while done many times before, is quite good. Since there aren't that many sex scenes, there should be more meaningful dialogue and character development to make up for it, and there is. Overall, this was a pretty good film.

Women: B- (Tane is the best looking one here, but Jennifer Burton is nothing to sneeze at. Teresa Langley was kind of just "there" this time. Nikki Fritz was in the opening scene, so that counts for something.)

Sex: B (Not as many sex scenes as other movies that populate the erotic thriller genre, but they weren't out of place and were okay for what they were.)

Story: A- (A surprisingly good story, decent dialogue and moderate character development. The writers didn't have much for Erica and Terri to do, so this was primarily a two-character movie.)

Overall: B+ (For once, the "Story" grade helps a film out rather than hurt it. This film is odd because the sex scenes are the vehicle to link the various plot elements together, which is the complete opposite of other films in this genre.)

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soft-porn with a decent context-story

Author: NeliaQ from Portugal
28 June 2011

If you are looking for old-style nudity and near-porn, but still care for a decently amusing plot, you can't go wrong with this movie. It must have been pretty obscene at the time of its release, but now it should be no more than regular for the current nude-fan. If you are looking for a great, memorable movie, this is not it. But then I guess you knew that already. I didn't.

I started watching this movie with no expectations whatsoever. I knew none of the actors, nor ever heard of the previous title. I found it amongst my roommate's stuff, and having nothing to watch, put it on. Well, at the first inexplicably long, gratuitous and counter-plot sex scene, I understood the kind of movie this was...

Now, considering that the movie's purpose is to hump the viewer's leg, which lowers any intellectual expectations, the plot is decent enough actually, and the acting not that bad. So I watched on. There is just enough of character depth and development, story realism, and suspense, to justify the time lost watching it. Even when one of the characters does some weighing on life and death, flash-backing on events known to us (including, of course, sex scenes), which feels too fake and forced in the story, you tolerate it, because you know the movie isn't trying to pass for a master-piece.

Needless to say I skipped all the annoying sex scenes. These go on for minutes at a time, completely irrelevant, and a couple of them difficult to place in the plot (are they mere fantasies or did they really happen?).

So, this is an honest, "nice" movie: it will be evident soon enough that it is about soft-porn, but it comes with the bonus of a minimally entertaining context-story.

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Tane McClure is great!

Author: fuk_yeah30 from Australia
25 March 2000

This is a typical soft-core porn "thriller",much in the same style as the Indecent Behaviour series,or basically any movie with Shannon Tweed in it.She was actually in the first Illicit Dreams movie.She's not in this one but the actress in her place,Tane McClure looks almost identical to her.McClure,I think is much hotter though,and has plenty of nude scenes to show off in,particularly a very good one in a pool.

I've seen tonnes of films almost exactly like this(Indecent Behaviour,Night Eyes,Animal Instincts,etc,etc,etc)but the sex scenes in this one are a cut above the usual,which often gets boring.

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