The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) Poster


Esmeralda: [singing] I ask for nothing, I can get by / But I know so many less lucky than I / Please help my people, the poor and downtrod / I thought we all were the children of God / God help the outcasts, children of God.

Laverne: [to Quasimodo] Quasi, take it from an old spectator. Life's not a spectator sport. If watchin' is all you're gonna do, then you're gonna watch your life go by without ya.

Quasimodo: [hollering loudly after rescuing Esmeralda from Frollo; the people answer his shouts by cheering] SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY!

Esmeralda: [singing] I don't know if you can hear me / Or if you're even there / I don't know if you would listen / To a Gypsy's prayer / Yes, I know I'm just an outcast / I shouldn't speak to you / Still, I see your face and wonder / Were you once an outcast, too?

Frollo: Shall we review your alphabet today?

Quasimodo: Oh, yes, Master. I would like that very much.

Frollo: Very well. A?

Quasimodo: Abomination.

Frollo: B?

Quasimodo: Blasphemy?

Frollo: C?

Quasimodo: C-C-Contrition.

Frollo: D?

Quasimodo: Damnation?

Frollo: E?

Quasimodo: Eternal damnation.

Frollo: Good. F?

Quasimodo: Festival.

Frollo: [nearly chokes] Excuse me?

Quasimodo: F-F-Forgiveness.

Frollo: Look at that disgusting display.

Phoebus: [raising his visor] Yes, sir!

[describing the bells]

Clopin: Listen. They're beautiful, no? So many colors of sound, so many changing moods. Because, you know, they do not ring all by themselves.

Puppet: They don't?

Clopin: No, you silly boy. Up there, high, high in the dark bell tower, lives the mysterious bell ringer. Who is this creature?

Puppet: Who?

Clopin: What is he?

Puppet: What?

Clopin: How did he come to be there?

Puppet: How?

Clopin: Hush!

Puppet: Ow!

Clopin: Clopin will tell you. It is a tale, a tale of a man, and a monster.

Quasimodo: [Introducing the bells to Esmeralda] That's Little Sophia. And Jeanne-Marie, Anne-Marie, Louise-Marie. Triplets, you know.

Esmeralda: And who is this?

Quasimodo: *Big* Marie.

Esmeralda: [Inside the bell] Hello!

[Bell resonates]

Quasimodo: She likes you. Would you like to see more?

Frollo: You, Gypsy girl! Get down at once!

Esmeralda: Yes, Your Honor. Just as soon as I free this poor creature.

Frollo: I for-bid it!

[Esmeralda cuts the ropes tying Quasimodo to the wheel]

Frollo: How dare you defy me?

Esmeralda: You mistreat this poor boy the same way you mistreat my people. You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help!

Frollo: Silence!

Esmeralda: Justice!

[the crowd gasps in amazement]

Frollo: Mark my words, Gypsy, you will pay for this insolence.

Esmeralda: Then it appears we've crowned the wrong fool. The only fool I see is you!

[tosses King of Fool's crown at Frollo's feet]

Hugo: Hey isn't that, uh, Feeble?

Laverne: Doofus.

Quasimodo: Phoebus!

Phoebus: Esmeralda?

Esmeralda: Shh. Shh. Shh. You'll hide here until you're strong enough to move.

[Esmeralda pulls out a flask]

Phoebus: Great. I could use a drink.

[Esmeralda pours it on his wound, and Phoebus cries out in pain]

Phoebus: Yessssss! Mmmm. Feels like a 1470 Burgundy. Not a good year.

Esmeralda: Maybe Frollo's wrong about the both of us.

[the gargoyles are eavesdropping]

Hugo: What did she say?

Laverne: Frollo's nose is long, and he wears a truss.

Hugo: Ha! Told ya. Pay up.

Victor: Oh, dear...

[hands him a coin]

Hugo: [takes the coin] Chump!

Phoebus: Speaking of trouble, we should have run into some by now.

Quasimodo: What do you mean?

Phoebus: You know, a guard, a booby trap...

[his torchlight promptly goes out, leaving them in darkness]

Phoebus: ...or an ambush.

Phoebus: [to the Parisians] Citizens of Paris! Frollo has persecuted our people, ransacked our city. And now he has declared war on Notre Dame herself! Will we allow it?

Phoebus: Why is it, whenever we meet, I end up bleeding?

Esmeralda: You're lucky. That arrow almost pierced your heart.

Phoebus: [holding her hand to his heart] I'm not so sure it didn't.

Clopin: [to Quasimodo and Phoebus] Don't interrupt me! You're very clever to have found our hideaway. Unfortunately, you won't live to tell the tale.

Clopin: [singing] Now here is a riddle / To guess if you can / Sing the bells of Notre Dame / Who is the monster / And who is the man?/ Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells / Bells of Notre Dame

Quasimodo: You are good to me master. I'm sorry.

Frollo: You're forgiven. But remember Quasimodo, this is your sanctuary.

[Frollo leaves]

Quasimodo: My sanctuary.

Quasimodo: [singing] Out there among the millers and the weavers and their wives / Through the roofs and gables I can see them / Every day they shout and scold and go about their lives / Heedless of the gift it is to be them / If I was in their skin, I'd treasure every instant / Out there, strolling by the Seine, taste a morning out there / Like ordinary men, who freely walk about there / Just one day, and then I swear I'll be content / With my share / Won't resent, won't despair, old and bent, I won't care / I'll have spent one day out there!

Phoebus: [to Esmeralda] Candlelight, privacy, music. Can't think of a better place for hand-to-hand combat.

Phoebus: You leave town for a couple of decades and they change everything.

Quasimodo: Is this the Court of Miracles?

Phoebus: Offhand, I'd say it's the Court of Ankle-deep Sewage. Must be the old catacombs.

Clopin: [singing] Now that we've seen all the evidence...

Puppet: Wait! I object!

Clopin: Overruled!

Puppet: I object!

Clopin: QUIET!

Puppet: Dang.

Clopin: [singing] We find you totally innocent... which is the worst crime of all...


Hugo: What're you guys talkin' about? If I knew Esmeralda, she's three steps ahead of Frollo and well outta harm's way.

Quasimodo: [doubtfully] Do you really think so?

Hugo: Hey, when things cool off, she'll be back. You'll see.

Quasimodo: [puzzledly] What makes you so sure?

Laverne: Because she likes ya.

[ruffling Quasi's hair]

Laverne: We always said you were the cute one.

Hugo: [eating crackers and cheese] I thought *I* was the cute one!

Laverne: No, you're the fat, stupid one with the big mouth!

Hugo: Whatcha sayin', exactly?

Frollo: [picks up one of Quasimodo's wooden figures] Isn't this one new? It's awfully good. Looks very much like the Gypsy girl. I know... you helped her ES-CAPE!

Quasimodo: But I...

Frollo: And now all Paris is burning because of YOU!

Quasimodo: She was kind to me, Master.

Frollo: [destroying all of Quasi's wooden figures] You idiot! That wasn't kindness, it was cunning! She's a Gypsy!

[pulling Quasi by the collar]

Frollo: Gypsies are not capable of real love!

[shaking Quasi]

Frollo: Think, boy! Think of your MOTHER!

Frollo: This is an unholy demon. I'm sending it back to hell, where it belongs.

The Archdeacon: [singing] See, there, the innocent blood you have spilt on the steps of Notre Dame.

Frollo: I am guiltless. She ran, I pursued.

The Archdeacon: [singing] Now you would add this child's blood to your guilt on the steps of Notre Dame!

Frollo: My conscience is clear.

The Archdeacon: [singing] You can lie to yourself and your minions, you can claim that you haven't a qualm, but you never can run from nor hide what you've done from the eyes!

[pointing to statues of saints]

The Archdeacon: The very eyes of Notre Dame!

[the gargoyles have made a catapult]

Victor: Ready, aim, fire!

[they throw the whole catapult at the guards; it misses them, falling face down]

Victor: Are you *sure* that's how it works?

[the catapult deploys, flipping over and hitting the guards]

Hugo: Works for me!

Esmeralda: What is this place?

Quasimodo: This is where I live.

Esmeralda: Did you make all these things yourself?

Quasimodo: Most of them.

Esmeralda: This is beautiful. Oh, if I could do this, you wouldn't find me dancing in the streets for coins.

Quasimodo: But you're a wonderful dancer.

Esmeralda: Well, it keeps bread on the table, anyway. What's this?

Quasimodo: [rushing toward the table] Oh! No, please, I-I-I'm not finished. I-I-I still have to paint them.

Esmeralda: It's the blacksmith. And the baker! You're a surprising person, Quasimodo.

Phoebus: [about Esmeralda] What a woman!

Quasimodo: [to a baby bird] Good morning.

[the baby bird chirps in greeting]

Quasimodo: Will today be the day? Are you ready to fly?

[baby bird chirps sadly]

Quasimodo: You sure? Good day to try.

[lifts the bird out of the nest]

Quasimodo: Why, if-if I picked a day to fly, oh, this would be it. The Festival of Fools.

[the baby bird gulps, then chirps sadly again]

Quasimodo: It'll be fun, with jugglers, an-and music and dancing!

[the baby bird now starts flapping its wings, and flies in place as Quasimodo chuckles, until a flock of birds flies past, then the bird chirps excitedly]

Quasimodo: Go on. Nobody wants to be cooped up here forever.

[the bird chirps happily, then flies away to join the flock]

Phoebus: [Upon realizing that Frollo knows where Esmeralda is hiding and that he will attack, Quasimodo feels as though he should help. Phoebus groans from under the table from which he was hidden from Frollo. Once Frollo leaves, he gets out] We'll have to find the Court of Miracles before daybreak. If Frollo gets there first...

[Starts walking, but Quasimodo does not follow; he just looks at Phoebus with the saddened realization that Esmeralda loves Phoebus, not him. Phoebus turns to him]

Phoebus: Are you coming with me?

Quasimodo: [Looks down, still saddened] I can't.

Phoebus: I thought you were Esmeralda's friend.

Quasimodo: Frollo's my master; I can't disobey him again.

[He turns away and grabs his shoulders]

Phoebus: She stood up for you. You've got a funny way of showing gratitude.

[Quasimodo doesn't respond. Phoebus stares disapprovingly at him]

Phoebus: Well, I'm not going to sit by and watch Frollo *massacre* innocent people.

[Walks off]

Phoebus: You do what you think is right.

Quasimodo: [He remains silent and then turns to his side. The gargoyles, Hugo, Victor, and Laverne, look at him with disappointment evident in their faces; she speaks softly at first, then snaps] What? What am I supposed to do?

[Frustrated and sarcastic tone]

Quasimodo: Go out there and rescue the *girl* from the - from the jaws of death then the *whole town* will cheer like I'm some kind of a *hero*? She already has her knight-in-shining-armor, and it's *not* me!


Quasimodo: Frollo was right. Frollo was right about everything...

[Looks down; softly]

Quasimodo: and I'm *tired* of trying to be something that I'm not.

[Upon looking down, he catches a glimpse of his hand; he recalls what Esmeralda told him of having "no monster lines." He looks onto the floor and sees the scorched wooden sculpture of Esmeralda that he made which Frollo torched earlier. Finally, he pulls out the amulet she gave him earlier that could lead him to her. He then looks up and realizes how important she was to him and how he is the only one who may know where she is; he just might be able to warn her of Frollo's attack. Laverne taps his shoulder and offers his hooded navy cloak for going outside. He whispers to himself]

Quasimodo: [He hesitantly grabs it and runs off] I must be out of my mind.

Frollo: [as Quasi hesitantly reaches down to pick up a loose grape so as not to wake the unconscious Pheobus, who is hidden under the table] I think... you're hiding something.

Quasimodo: [sitting back up] Oh no, Master, I... There's no...

Frollo: [interrupting] You're not eating, boy.

Quasimodo: [gobbling his grapes] 'Tis very good. Thank you.

[we hear Pheobus groan]

Quasimodo: Mmmm.

[Pheobus groans again, then Quasi kicks him in the chin to silence him, then coughs loudly to cover up the noise]

Quasimodo: Seeds.

Frollo: [as Quasimodo towers over him after he throws Frollo to the floor and steals his sword] Now, now... L-Listen to me, Quasimodo...

Quasimodo: [wailing accusingly] No, *you* listen! All my life, you have told me that the world is a dark, cruel place. But now I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you...!

Esmeralda: [awakening] Quasimodo?

Quasimodo: [skipping over to her and scooping her up] Esmeralda!

Frollo: She lives.

[he draws his sword]

Quasimodo: *No*!

Clopin: [singing] Once a year we throw a party here in town / Once a year we turn all Paris upside-down / Every man's a king and every king's a clown / Once again it's Topsy-turvy Day!

Esmeralda: [reading Quasimodo's palm] Hmm. Hmm, mmm, mmm. Well, that's funny.

Quasimodo: What?

Esmeralda: I don't see any...

Quasimodo: Any what?

Esmeralda: Monster lines. Not a single one.

Esmeralda: [holds out her hand while Quasi briefly studies his own] Now, you look at me. Do you think I'm evil?

Quasimodo: *No*! No-no, y-you are kind, and *good*, and... and...

Esmeralda: And a Gypsy. And maybe Frollo's wrong about the both of us.

Brutish Guard: Minister Frollo, the gypsy has escaped.

Frollo: What?

Brutish Guard: She's nowhere in the cathedral. She's gone.

Frollo: But how? I...


Frollo: Never mind. Get out, you idiot. I'll find her. I'll find her if I burn down all of Paris!

Frollo: [singing] God have mercy on her / God have mercy on me / But she will be mine or she... will... BURN!

Hugo: You're human, with the flesh, and the hair, and the navel lint. We're just part of the architecture. Right, Victor?

Victor: Yet, if you kick us, do we not flake? If you moisten us, do we not grow moss?

Phoebus: [as Quasimodo is cruelly humiliated by the crowd] Sir, request permission to stop this cruelty.

Frollo: In a moment, captain. A lesson needs to be learned here.

Quasimodo: If I got caught.

Victor: Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

Frollo: [supervising someone being whipped, just as Phoebus arrives] Stop.

Torturer: Sir?

Frollo: Ease up. Wait between lashes. Otherwise, the old sting will dull him to the new.

Torturer: Yes, sir.

Frollo: [turns to Phoebus] Ah, so this is the gallant Captain Phoebus, home from the wars.

Phoebus: Reporting for duty as ordered, sir.

Frollo: Your service record precedes you, Phoebus. I expect nothing but the best from a war hero of your caliber.

Phoebus: And you shall have it, sir. I guarantee it.

Frollo: Yes. You know, my last captain of the guards was, um, a bit of a disappointment to me.

[whip crack, followed by screaming]

Frollo: Well, no matter, I'm sure you'll... *whip* my men into shape.

Phoebus: Well, that's a great... tremendous honor, sir.

[Quasimodo stumbles into Esmeralda's tent]

Esmeralda: Hey! Are you all right?

Quasimodo: [hiding his face with his hood] I-I didn't mean to, I, I'm sorry.

Esmeralda: Oh you're not hurt, are you? Here, here, let's see.

[she lifts Quasimodo's hood from over his face]

Quasimodo: No, no! - N-no!

Esmeralda: There. See? No harm done.

[Quasi smiles in relief]

Esmeralda: Just try to be a little more careful.

Quasimodo: I, I... I-I will.

Esmeralda: By the way... great mask.

[after the night with the visions]

Phoebus: Good morning, sir. Are you feeling all right?

Frollo: I had a little trouble with the fireplace.

Laverne: [to the pigeons] Don't you ever migrate?

The Old Heretic: I'm free! I'm free!

The Old Heretic: [trips and falls into a pillory] Dang it!

Frollo: And look what else I've caught in my net. Captain Phoebus, back from the dead. Another "miracle", no doubt. I shall remedy that.

Frollo: [singing] Protect me, Maria / Don't let the siren cast her spell / Don't let her fire sear my flesh and bone / Destroy Esmeralda / And let her taste the fires of hell / Or else let her be mine and mine alone.

Hugo: Give her some slack, then reel her in. Then give her some slack...

Laverne: Knock it off, Hugo. She's a girl, not a mackerel.

Frollo: The sentence for insubordination is death. Such a pity. You threw away a promising career.

Phoebus: Consider it my highest honor, sir.

Frollo: [to Quasimodo] Quasimodo, can't you understand? When your heartless mother abandoned you as a child, anyone else would have drowned you. And this my thanks for taking you in and raising you as my son?

Hugo: Hey, Quasi, what's goin' on out there? A fight? A flogging?

Victor: A festival.

Hugo: You mean the Feast of Fools?

Quasimodo: Uh-huh.

Hugo: All right, all right! Pour the wine and cut the cheese.

Victor: It is a treat to watch the colorful pageantry of the simple peasant folk.

Hugo: [shoving Quasi aside] Boy, nothin' like balcony seats for watching the ol' F.O.F.

Quasimodo: Yeah, watching.

[he leaves, downcast]

Hugo: Oh, look, a mime.

[Hugo prepares to spit on the mime, Victor stops him]

Frollo: The Gypsies live outside the normal order. Their heathen ways inflame the people's lowest instincts. And they must be stopped.

Phoebus: I was summoned from the wars to capture fortune-tellers and palm readers?

Frollo: Ah, the real war, Captain, is what you see before you. For twenty years I have been "taking care" of the Gypsies...

[squashes ants on the sill]

Frollo: ...one by one. And yet, for all my success, they have thrived.

[lifts block to expose a swarm of bugs]

Frollo: I believe they have a safe haven within the walls of this very city. A nest, if you will. They call it the Court of Miracles.

Phoebus: What are we going to do about it, sir?

[Frollo smashes the block over the bugs]

Phoebus: You make your point quite vividly, sir.

Clopin: And Frollo gave the child a cruel name, a name that means "half-formed" - Quasimodo.

[after the pigeon fledgling leaves the nest, Hugo comes alive and spits out the nest in his mouth]

Hugo: Man! I thought he'd never leave. I'll be spitting feathers for a week.

Victor: Well, that's what you get for sleeping with your mouth open.

Hugo: Ha-ha-ha. Go scare a nun.

Frollo: Dear boy, whomever are you talking to?

Quasimodo: My... friends.

Frollo: I see.

Frollo: [taps the head of one of the gargoyles] And what are your friends made of, Quasimodo?

Quasimodo: Stone.

Frollo: Can stone talk?

Quasimodo: No, it can't.

Frollo: That's right. You're a smart lad.

Quasimodo: Pheobus!

[Pheobus yelps in fright, but Quasi silences him]

Quasimodo: Sh! I'm coming with you.

Phoebus: Glad you changed your mind.

Quasimodo: But I'm not doing it for you, I'm doing it for her.

Phoebus: You know where she is?

Quasimodo: [presenting Esmeralda's map to Pheobus] No, but she said that this will help us find her.

Phoebus: [holding up Esmerelda's map] Good, good, good. Ahhhh, great. What is it?

Quasimodo: I'm not sure.

Phoebus: [examining the map] Hmm, must be some sort of code. Maybe it's Arabic. No, no, it's not Arabic, maybe it's ancient Greek.

Quasimodo: [remembering Esmeralda's quote] "When you wear this woven band, you hold the city in your hand."

Phoebus: What?

Quasimodo: It's the city!

Phoebus: What're you talking about?

Quasimodo: [pointing out the symbols on the map] It's a map. See? Here's the cathedral, and the river, and this little stone must be...

Phoebus: I've never seen a map that looks like...

Quasimodo: [arguing while Pheobus babbles] Look, *I've* lived up in the bell tower for 20 years, and I think I know what the city looks like from above, and this is it!

Phoebus: [with Quasi] This is not it.

[they both take deep breaths]

Phoebus: All right. Okay. If you say it's a map, fine; it's a map. But if we're going to find Esmeralda, we'll have to work together. Truce?

Quasimodo: Well... okay.

[slaps Pheobus's back; he yelps in pain]

Quasimodo: Sorry.

Phoebus: [as he and Quasi walk away to the Court of Miracles] No, you're not.

Quasimodo: [singing] So many times out there / I've watched a happy pair / Of lovers walking in the night / They had a kind of glow around them / It almost looks like Heaven's light / I knew I'd never know / That warm and loving glow / Though I might wish with all my might / No face as hideous as my face / Was ever meant for Heaven's light / But suddenly an angel has smiled at me / And kissed my cheek without a trace of fright / I dare to dream that she / Might even care for me / And as I ring these bells tonight / My cold, dark tower seems so bright / I swear it must be Heaven's light.

Victor: Oh, but that poor Gypsy girl. I'm beginning to feel the worst.

Laverne: I know, but now don't you say anything to upset Quasimodo. He's worried enough already.

Hugo: Yeah, you're right. We'd better lighten up.

Victor: [as Quasi climbs down after ringing the bells] Sh-sh-sh! Here he comes.

Laverne: Now just stay calm.

Victor: Not a word.

Hugo: Easy does it.

Victor: Look stone-faced.

Quasimodo: [approaching the window] Any sign of her?

Victor: [Breaks down and weeps] Doh, it's a lost cause! She could be anywhere: in the stocks, in the dungeon, or on the rack! Oh God...

Laverne: [giving an A-OK sign] Nice work, Victor.

Quasimodo: No, he's right. What're we gonna do?

[Quasimodo is chained down, the gargoyles are encouraging him to free free himself]

Hugo: Come on, Quasi, snap out of it!

Victor: Your friends are down there!

Quasimodo: [despondently and weakly] It's all my fault.

Laverne: [as she, Hugo, and Victor try tugging the chains] You gotta break these chains!

Quasimodo: [sulkingly] I can't. I tried. What difference would it make?

Victor: But you can't let Frollo *win*!

Quasimodo: [despondently again] He already has.

Hugo: [dropping the chains] Say, you're giving up? That's it?

Laverne: These chains aren't what's holding you back, Quasimodo.

Quasimodo: [snapping firmly] Leave me alone!

Hugo: [meekly] Okay. Okay, Quasi. We'll leave you alone.

Victor: After all, we're only made out of stone.

[he and Hugo turn to stone]

Laverne: We just thought maybe you were made of somethin' stronger.

[turns to stone]

Laverne: [pause; Frollo's voice drifts up from below]

Frollo: For justice, for Paris, and for her own salvation, it is my sacred duty to send this unholy demon... back where she belongs!

[he fires the kindling while the crowd indistinctly shouts in protest]

Quasimodo: *Nooooooooooooooo!*

[the chains snap taut, the bells resonate as the pillars Quasimodo is chained to break and fall]

Laverne: Look, he's got a friend with him!

Hugo: Yeah, maybe today wasn't a total loss, after all.

Victor: A vision of loveliness.

Hugo: The one in the dress ain't bad, either.

Frollo: [singing] It's not my fault...

Chorus: Mea culpa

[My fault]

Frollo: I'm not to blame...

Chorus: Mea culpa

[My fault]

Frollo: It is the Gypsy girl / The witch who sent this flame.

Chorus: Mea maxima culpa

[My most grievous fault]

Frollo: It's not my fault...

Chorus: Mea culpa

[My fault]

Frollo: If in God's plan...

Chorus: Mea culpa

[My fault]

Frollo: He made the Devil so much stronger than a man.

Chorus: Mea maxima culpa

[My most grievous fault]

Frollo: I should have known you would risk your life to save that Gypsy witch, just as your own mother died trying to save you.

Quasimodo: What?

Frollo: Now, I'm going to do what I should have done... TWENTY YEARS AGO!

[he throws one end of his cloak over Quasi, and he falls off, but manages to grab the rail and pull Frollo down with the other end of his cloak]

Victor: Perhaps he's sick.

Laverne: Impossible. If twenty years of listening to you two hasn't made him sick by now, nothing will.

Clopin: [to the Gypsies] Gather around, everyone. There's "good noose" tonight! It's a double-header. A couple of Frollo's spies.

[Gypsies boo]

Clopin: And not just any spies. His captain of the guards, and his loyal, bell-ringing henchman.

Frollo: And he shall smite the wicked and *plunge* them into the fiery *pit!*

Esmeralda: What are you doing?

Frollo: [caressing her neck] I was just imagining a rope around that beautiful neck.

[she elbows him in the gut so he loses his grip]

Esmeralda: [snarls] I know what you were "imagining."

Hugo: Hey hey! There he is!

[He, Laverne, and Victor rush to cheer and applaud Quasi, who's walking back to the bell tower, glad to be rid of Pheobus]

Victor: Gizmo! You ejected that tin-plated baboon with great panache!

Hugo: The *nerve* of him, snooping around here trying to steal your girl.

Quasimodo: My girl?

Laverne: Esmeralda. Dark hair, works with a goat. Remember?

Hugo: Boy, I do! Way to go, lover boy!

Quasimodo: "Lover boy"? Oh, no, no, no, no.

Laverne: Aw, don't be so modest.

Quasimodo: Look, I appreciate what you're all trying to do, but let's not fool ourselves. "Ugliest face in all of Paris", remember? I don't think I'm her type.

Hugo: You could wear a disguise, just this once. What Frollo doesn't know can't hurt ya.

Victor: Ignorance is bliss.

Hugo: [to the side] Look who's talkin'.

Phoebus: [pulling Quasi up onto the balcony after he helps Esmeralda escape Notre Dame] Hi there. I'm looking for the gypsy girl. Have you seen her?

[Quasi jumps onto the balcony, growling at Pheobus like a wild dog, as Pheobus backs away]

Phoebus: Whoa - whoa, whoa, easy!

Quasimodo: [grabs a torch then charges after Pheobus, who is backing away down the stairs; yells defiantly] No soldiers! *Sanctuary*! *Get out*!

Phoebus: Wait! All I want is to...

Quasimodo: *Go*!

Phoebus: I mean her no harm.

Quasimodo: [growls, then waves the torch wildly at Pheobus] Rrrrrrrr... GO!

[Pheobus draws his sword, trapping the torch against the wall, as Quasi lifts him up by the collar]

Phoebus: You tell her for me, that I didn't mean to trap her here.

[Quasi glares menacingly]

Phoebus: But it was the only way I could save her life. Will you tell her that?

[no answer from Quasi]

Phoebus: Will you?

Quasimodo: [snapping] If you go. Now.

Phoebus: I'll go. Now - will you - put me down, please?

Clopin: [singing] Justice is swift in the Court of Miracles / I am the lawyers and judge all in one / We like to get the trial over with quickly / Because it's the sentence that's really the fun!

Frollo: [after locking in the miller and his family] Burn it.

Phoebus: What?

Frollo: Until it smolders, these people are traitors, and must be made examples of.

Phoebus: With all due respect, sir, I was not trained to murder the innocent.

Frollo: But you were trained to follow orders.

[Phoebus douses his torch]

Frollo: Insolent coward!

Hugo: [singing] Paris, the city of lovers, is glowing this evening / True, that's because it's on fire, but still there's l'amour / Somewhere out there in the night / Her heart is also alight / And I know the guy she just might be burning for.

Frollo: The time has come, Gypsy. You stand upon the brink of the abyss. Yet even now it is not too late. I can save you from the flames of this world, and the next. Choose me, or the fire.

[Esmeralda spits in Frollo's face]

Frollo: The Gypsy Esmeralda has refused to recant. This evil witch has put the soul of every person in Paris in awful jeopardy...

[Opening lines]

Clopin: [singing] Morning in Paris, the city awakes / To the bells of Notre Dame / The fisherman fishes, the bakerman bakes / To the bells of Notre Dame / To the big bells as loud as the thunder / To the little bells soft as a psalm / And some say the soul of the city's the toll of the bells / The bells of Notre Dame.

Quasimodo: [singing] Safe behind these windows and these parapets of stone / Gazing at the people down below me / All my life I watch them as I hide up here alone / Hungry for the histories they show me / All my life I memorize their faces / Knowing them as they will never know me / All my life I wonder how it feels to pass a day / Not above them / But part of them...

Frollo: [to Esmeralda] You've chosen a magnificent prison, but it is a prison nonetheless. Set one foot outside, and you're mine.

Quasimodo: [whispering to Frollo; bitterly but firmly] You killed her.

Frollo: It was my duty. Horrible as it was, I hope you'll forgive me.

[Quasimodo continues to weep bitterly]

Frollo: There, there, Quasimodo. I know it hurts. But now the time has come to end your suffering...

[raises a dagger above Quasimodo]

Frollo: Forever.

Oafish Guard: [to Esmeralda] Come back here, gypsy!

Quasimodo: [to Esmeralda] Quick! This way!

Phoebus: [after Quasi releases him from his collar and turns to leave as Quasi watches inquisitively] Oh, and one more thing: tell Esmeralda - she's very lucky.

Quasimodo: Why?

Phoebus: [sheathing his sword] To have a friend like you.

[he leaves]

[last lines]

Hugo: Good night, everybody! Wah-ha-hoo!

Phoebus: Achilles, sit!

[horse Achilles sits on the guard's face]

Oafish Guard: [muffled] Oh - whoa, get off me!

Laverne: [to the pigeons] Fly, my pretties! Fly, fly!


Laverne: [singing] Call me a hopeless romantic but Quasi, I feel it.

Victor: [singing] She wants you so / Any moment she'll walk through that door.

HugoVictorLaverne: [singing] For...

Hugo: [singing] A guy so swell.

HugoVictorLaverne: [singing] A guy like you.

Hugo: [singing] With all you bring her.

VictorLaverne: [singing] I tell you Quasi.

Hugo: [singing] A fool could tell.

VictorLaverne: [singing] There never was.

Hugo: [singing] It's why she fell.

VictorLaverne: [singing] Another, was he?

Hugo: [singing] For you-know-who.

VictorLaverne: [singing] From king to serf to the bourgeoisie.

Hugo: [singing] You ring the bell.

VictorLaverne: [singing] They're all a second-stringer.

HugoVictorLaverne: [singing] You're the bell ringer! / When she wants ooh-la-la / And she wants you la-la / She will discover, guy / You're one heck of a guy / Who wouldn't love a guy like you?

Hugo: [singing] You got a lot / The rest have not / So she's gotta love a guy like you!

Hugo: [singing] A guy like you she's never known, kid. / A guy like you a girl does not meet every day. / You've got a look that's all your own, kid. / Could there be two?

HugoVictorLaverne: [singing] Like you? No way!

Hugo: [singing] Those other guys that she could dangle all look the same from every boring point of view. / You're a surprise from every angle. / Mon Dieu above, she's gotta love a guy like you.

Victor: [singing] A guy like you gets extra credit / Because it's true you've got a certain some thing more.

Hugo: [spoken] You're aces, kid!

Laverne: [singing] You see that face / You don't forget it.

VictorLaverne: [singing] Want something new?

Hugo: [singing] That's you.

HugoVictorLaverne: [singing] For sure!

Laverne: [singing] We all have gaped at some Adonis.

Victor: [singing] But then we crave a meal more nourishing to chew.

Hugo: [singing] And since you're shaped like a croissant is...

HugoVictorLaverne: [singing] No question of, she's gotta love a guy like you!

Frollo: Captain Phoebus, arrest her!

Man In Crowd: That's no mask.

Woman In Crowd: It's his face! He's hideous!

Man In Crowd: It's the bellringer from Notre Dame!

[the crowd gasps in fright]

Quasimodo: Oh! Oh! Oh!

[buries his face in his hands]

Clopin: [appearing onstage reassuring the audience, then soon crowning Quasi] Ladies and gentlemen, don't panic. We asked for the ugliest face in Paris, and here he is! Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame!

Crowd: [sings] Come one, come all! / Leave your looms and milking stools / Coop the hens and pen the mules. / Come one, come all! / Close the churches and the schools / It's the day for breaking rules / Come and join the feast of...

Clopin: [sings] Fools!

Quasimodo: [sings] And out there living in the sun / Give me one day out there / All I ask is one to hold forever / Out there where they all live unaware / What I'd give, what I'd dare, just to live one day out there.

Frollo: [to Quasimodo] Oh, my dear Quasimodo. You don't know what it's like out there. I do. I do.


Frollo: The world is cruel, the world is wicked / It's I alone that you can trust in this whole city. / I am your only friend. / I who keep you, teach you, feed you, dress you / I who look upon you without fear. / How can I protect you boy, unless you always stay in here, / Away in here?

Laverne: Nobody wants to stay cooped up here forever.

Quasimodo: [gets up excitedly] You're right! I'll go!

[the gargoyles cheer as Quasimodo tells them what he'll do in preparation]

Quasimodo: I'll get cleaned up, I'll stroll down those stairs, and march *through* the doors, and...

Frollo: [to his soldiers after Pheobus escapes on Frollo's steed] Get him! And *don't* hit my horse!

Phoebus: I'm sorry sir, she claimed sanctuary. There's nothing I can do.

Frollo: Then drag her outside and...

The Archdeacon: Frollo! You will not touch her!

[addressing Esmeralda]

The Archdeacon: Don't worry. Minister Frollo learned years ago to respect the sanctity of the church.

The Archdeacon: [coming downstairs] Frollo, have you gone mad? I will not tolerate this assault on the house of God!

Frollo: [flinging the Archdeacon down the stairwell] Silence, you old fool! The hunchback and I have unfinished business to attend to. And this time, you will not interfere.

Phoebus: [as he and Quasi wade through the catacombs at the Court of Miracles] Cheerful place.


Phoebus: Kinda makes you wish you got out more often, eh, Quasi?

Quasimodo: Not me. All I want to do is warn Esmeralda then get back to the belltower before I get in any further trouble.

Oafish Guard: Sir, we have looked everywhere and there's still no sign of the gypsy girl.

Frollo: I had the entire cathedral surrounded. Guards in every door. There was no way she could've escaped. Unless...

Laverne: Take it from us, Quasi. You've got nothing to worry about.

Hugo: Yeah, you're irresistible!

Victor: [chuckles] Knights-in-shining-armor certainly aren't her type.

Hugo: And those guys are a dime a dozen, but you - you're one of a kind.

Esmeralda: Come with me!

Quasimodo: What?

Esmeralda: To the Court of Miracles. Leave this place.

Quasimodo: Oh, no. I'm never going back out there again, because of what happened today. No. This is where I belong.

Esmeralda: All right, then I'll come to see you.

Quasimodo: Here? But what about the soldiers and Frollo?

Esmeralda: I'll come after sunset.

Quasimodo: But at-at sunset I have to ring the evening Mass, then after that I clean the cloisters, then I ring the Vespers, and...

[Esmeralda kisses him]

Quasimodo: Whatever's good for you.

Quasimodo: [tearfully, before he heads back to the cathedral in humiliation] I'm sorry, Master. I will never disobey you again.

Laverne: Quasi, what's wrong?

[patting Quasi on the shoulder]

Laverne: Wanna tell ole Laverne all about it?

Quasimodo: I... I just don't feel like watching the festival, that's all.

Laverne: Well, did you ever think of going there instead?

Quasimodo: Sure, but I'd never fit in out there. I'm not... normal.

Laverne: [patting Quasi's shoulder again] Oh, Quasi, Quasi, Quasi...

[to a flock of pigeons, who have landed on her shoulders and her nose]

Laverne: Do ya mind? I would like to have a moment with the boy, if it's all right with you!

Clopin: Three cheers for Quasimodo!

Frollo: Ah, duty calls. Have you ever attended a peasant festival, captain?

Phoebus: Not recently, sir.

Frollo: Then this should be quite an education for you. Come along.

Quasimodo's Mother: [trying to escape Frollo] Sanctuary! Please give us sanctuary!

Oafish Guard: All right, gypsy, where'd you get that money?

Esmeralda: For your information, I earned it.

Oafish Guard: Gypsies don't earn money.

Brutish Guard: They steal it.

Frollo: [announcing to the gypsies at the Court of Miracles] There'll be a little bonfire in the square tomorrow, and you're all invited to attend.

[to his guards]

Frollo: Lock them up.

Quasimodo: [rushing forward] No! Please, Master!

[Frollo turns and glares at him, as if to say, "You've disobeyed me". He walks away as Quasi grovels sorrowfully]

Quasimodo: No, no...

Frollo: [to his remaining guards] Take him back to the bell tower, and make sure he says there.

Clopin: [singing] So, here is a riddle to guess if you can, sing the bells of Notre Dame: What makes a monster and what makes a man? Whatever their pitch, you feel them bewitch you, the rich and the ritual knells of the bells of Notre Dame.

Esmeralda: Let's see, there's one, two, three, four, five... ten of you, and only one of me

[pulling a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiping her nose in it]

Esmeralda: what's a poor girl to do?

[she pretends to cry at first, then sneezes into the handkerchief and disappears]

Phoebus: [as the guards chase after Esmerelda and pass behind Phoebus' horse, Achilles] Achilles, sit!

Brutish Guard: Hey - whoa!

Phoebus: Oh - dear, I'm sorry! Naughty horse! Naughty! He's just impossible, really; I can't take him anywhere!

Phoebus: Easy, easy, I just shaved this morning.

Esmeralda: Oh really? You missed a spot.

Phoebus: Alright, alright, just-just-just calm down, just give me a chance to apologize.

Esmeralda: For what?

Phoebus: [kicking her to the floor] That, for example.

Esmeralda: You sneaky, son of a...

Phoebus: Ah-ah-ah! Watch it. We're in a church.

Esmeralda: Are you always this charming, or am I just lucky?

Phoebus: Ah-ah-ah-ah, candlelight! Privacy! Music... can't think of a better place for hand to hand combat... You fight almost as well as a man!

Esmeralda: Funny. I was going to say the same thing about *you*!

Phoebus: That's hitting a little below the belt, don't you think?

Esmeralda: No. This is.

Phoebus: Touche! Oof!... I didn't know you had a kid.

Esmeralda: He doesn't take kindly to strangers.

Frollo: Remember what I've taught you, Quasimodo.


Frollo: You are deformed...

Quasimodo: [singing] I am deformed.

Frollo: [singing] And you are ugly...

Quasimodo: [singing] And I am ugly.

Frollo: [singing] And these are crimes for which the world shows little pity / You do not comprehend...

Quasimodo: [singing] You are my one defender.

Frollo: [singing] Out there they'll revile you as a monster...

Quasimodo: [singing] I am a monster.

Frollo: [singing] Out there they will hate and scorn and jeer...

Quasimodo: [singing] Only a monster.

Frollo: [singing] Why invite their calumny and consternation? / Stay in here / Be faithful to me...

Quasimodo: [singing] I'm faithful.

Frollo: [singing] Be grateful to me...

Quasimodo: [singing] I'm grateful.

Frollo: [singing] Do as I say, obey, and stay.

FrolloQuasimodo: [singing] In here.

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Clopin: [after Esmeralda's dance at the Festival of Fools] And now, ladies and gentlemen, the pi-ece de resistance!

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Frollo: I should have known you'd risk your life to save that Gypsy witch! Just as your own mother died trying to save you.

Quasimodo: [shocked] What?

Frollo: Now, I'm going to do what I should have done... twenty years ago!

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