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A surprisingly good sequel.
Mightyzebra31 December 2007
Lacking the beauty, charm and teamwork of the original film (the remake) this sequel makes up in adventure and romance! This one is probably slightly funnier, with another good adventure and almost as much proof as the last one that dogs really are man's best friend.

However, this sequel has its flaws, as in things about the film that don't completely make sense if you have watched the first film. For example, in the first film Chance learnt how to be a faithful and kind dog to Jamie, but in this it seem's he's even sillier. Another one of these flaws is that he explains in the first film that he lived on the streets and now Shadow is talking about how he can't live on the streets and he doesn't know how to. WHAT!?

Otherwise, an incredibly good sequel, with romance, adventure and charm, but just doesn't have the emotion that made the original film so special and captivating.

Chance's, Sassy's and Shadow's owners are going on a camping trip and taking the dogs with them. However, Chance, like in the last film, becomes incredibly confused with the situation and escapes out of his dog box before all three of them are loaded onto the plane. That means they are lost in San Francisco, while the humans go off without them! What can they do?

Recommended to people who liked the first film, people who were disappointed that there was no romance in the first film and just people who like dogs!

Enjoy "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco"!
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The second animal adventure
Petri Pelkonen12 May 2010
Chance, Shadow and Sassy get lost again.This time those two dogs and the cat try to find their way back home from San Francisco.They are in constant danger as they get chased by illegal dog chasers and a couple of street-wise dogs.But something good happens on the journey when Chance falls for the street dog Delilah.Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996) is directed by David R. Ellis.Michael J. Fox does the voice of the American Bulldog Shance again.Sally Field is the Himalayan cat Sassy again.Ralph Waite has replaced the late Don Ameche as the old Golden Retriever Shadow.Adam Goldberg is the voice of Pete.Carla Cugino is Delilah.Tommy Lasorda is Lucky Lasorda.Michael Bell is Stokey.Jon Polito is Ashcan.Sinbad gives the voice-over for Riley.In plain actors we see Robert Hays, who plays Bob Seaver.Kim Greist is Laura Seaver.Jamie Seaver is played by Kevin Chevalia.Hope Seaver is played by Veronica Lauren.Benj Thall is Peter Seaver.This isn't quite the same level with the first part, but it works.It's fun to watch the small quarrels between those animals."Cats Rule, dogs drool" and that sort of stuff.
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Chance, Sassy, and Shadow are back!!!!!
Seth Nelson4 September 2006
If you thought the first movie was great, that's awesome!!!!! But the second movie????? Come along and find out!!!!!

Disney made a sequel to the 1993 film in 1996. It was called "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco," and this is a very exciting Disney live action film. In it, we have the same family as before, and they were packing up on a vacation for Vancouver, Canada. However, the animals escaped at the airport, and now the family left without Chance, Sassy, and Shadow!!!!! Now, like in the last film, they had to find their way home (and it put a huge dent in the family vacation, too).

Most people might not like this film, but seeing as how the first film was great, this movie is the same, too. I like how exciting the adventure was, and I thought the pets' encounter with the Blood Red Van was funny, too!!!!!

"HB II: LISF" is twice as fun as the first one is!!!!!

10 stars
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Good Comedy
klaym23 November 2005
I thought it was pretty funny. I didn't know Will Sasso was in the movie, he is a good comedian. Chance and Sassy were really funny along with Pete and his partner. This movie was better than the first one. I usually don't like Animal movies but this was one of the only ones I ever liked. This is only my opinion, other's may very. I really like this movie because I'm a big comedy fan and this movie basically was a comedy. Not only that, it was a good heroic tale and shows the strength of family. I wish I could have a dog like Chance and Shadow (though I would like for them to actually speak). Check out the movie for yourself. If you don't like, there is nothing I can do about it, but I would recommend it to comedy lovers and drama lovers.
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Engaging sequel, a notch above usual kiddie fare
Scott Piehler6 September 1999
I rented this mostly for my 4-year-old daughter, who enjoys both the 1963 original "Incredible Journey", and the 1993 remake. She thought the sequel was very funny, particularly some of Sassy the Cat's antics. I must admit, the movie took me in as well.

The sequel is a little heavier-handed than the 1993 remake. Not only do our three main characters have to get home, but they have to defeat a gang of city dogs, outwit two dognappers who are trying to sell strays to the "The Lab", rescue a child from a burning building, and find true love on top of it all!

Still, not a bad way to spend 89 minutes. Michael J. Fox is again excellent as Chance, Sally Fields is full of indignation as Sassy, and Ralph Waite does an eerily accurate recreation of the late Don Ameche's characterization of Shadow. Sinbad is wasted as Reilly, their new city dog friend. The character seemed to be more of an afterthought than anything.

Most pleasant surprise: Al Michaels, Tommy Lasorda and Bob Uecker as three dogs "broadcasting" a pee-wee baseball game. If you are looking for a movie to enjoy with your children without feeling totally insulted, Homeward Bound II is a solid bet. A few tense moments, but nothing that should upset anyone beyond the Teletubbies set.
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This Sequel Not Bad, But A Bit Stilted
ccthemovieman-14 October 2006
Once again, the animals and their corresponding voices from famous actors make up the bulk of the film (as opposed to real-life actors Robert Hays and Kim Griest playing actual people). Also, we have a similar theme as in the first "Homeward Bound" with animals lost and having to find their way home.

This sequel is not as good as the original. It dwells a little too much on the romance between the two dogs, and it doesn't show enough interesting scenes in San Francisco, which you would really expect from the title of the film alone. The animals stayed too long in one spot and should have been on the move more.

Otherwise, Michael J. Fox and Sally Field once again have a ton of gag lines to speak as the dog and cat, respectively. Many of their lines were good, some very clever that kids won't understand. The jokes of those two were the highlight of the movie. There were no annoying or evil villains, or even bad-guy dog catchers.

All in all, it was okay but nothing special.
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Nowhere near as good as the first one
Atreyu_II30 December 2007
"Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey" is a beautiful, charming, emotional and timeless classic, as well as one of the best animal movies. But I can't say the same about its sequel.

"Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco" is not a bad film. For a sequel, it's not all that bad. It is still entertaining enough and features the same main cast (except Don Ameche, who passed away in 1993). But the movie just can't reach the greatness of the first one, so the fact that it is disappointing comes to me as no surprise. This movie simply doesn't follow the spirit of the original neither the spirit of others like it.

The plot is somewhat similar to the first one's. However, instead of the Sierra mountains, this one takes our 3 pet friends to the urban life, more precisely to the worst streets of San Francisco. Basically it focus more on desert roads, empty streets and dirty alleys. We don't see that much of San Francisco, neither of its most beautiful things. This is a radical contrast with the first movie's environment, which shows us all the beauty of pure nature in the Sierra mountains.

In this film, our buddies Shadow, Chance and Sassy often face city's dangers, such as weird people, two dog catchers who lock street dogs in their van to take them to one of those creepy laboratories and two rival dogs: a vicious boxer-like dog and a goofy bulldog-like dog, despite the help of numerous street dogs (Riley and his gang).

The two rival dogs are particularly annoying, especially the boxer-like dog. Most of the street dogs here are annoying either, except for Delilah (a beautiful Kuvasz) and Riley. As for the dog catchers, the driver isn't that annoying, but his partner is. On the other hand, the cute little boy Tucker was adorable and his cute kitten Tiger too.

The movie isn't nostalgic, emotional or charming like the first one. While it has some funny gags, it isn't humor as pleasant as in the first one. The soundtrack isn't as good as in the first one, although this one still has some good music.

One of the few really good things in this movie is the Golden Gate Bridge (the enormous bridge in San Franciso), a construction that always fascinated me.
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I thought it was a fun family movie
Kristine7 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the first Homeward Bound so much, it was one of my favorite childhood films. My friend had the sequel and I guess I was kind of curious where the story would go or end. The first Homeward Bound was so adorable and such a great story, so why not see the second one? It seemed like a great concept and go back to the magic of the first one. While it's not as good as the first one, I warn you, I think this was still a fine family film.

The family is going on vacation again, but this time they are taking the pets with. But Jamie and Chance's relationship has changed, where Jamie isn't playing with Chance as often and Sassy teases Chance that he's going back to "the bad place", in the dog world that means "the pound". So, Chance escapes the cage taking him to the plane, Shadow and Sassy follow to help Chance. They end up lost in San Francisco and get their butts saved by other street dogs, Chance also falls for one of those dogs named Delila. But it's street vs. pet and if humans are really worth risking everything for.

Like I said, the second Homeward Bound doesn't compare to the original and the plot is extremely similar, but I think over all that it worked very well for the kids. The whole family will enjoy the film, it has positive energy and fun jokes that anyone could enjoy if they don't have an attitude problem. So, give the second Homeward Bound a chance, you may just like it.

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Decent sequel, but it doesn't quite live up to its original
TheLittleSongbird30 December 2009
Homeward Bound:The Incredible Journey was a beautiful charming film, that I have loved since childhood. And maybe it is just me but I feel it is underrated as well. This sequel is inferior, but in my mind, it is decent. It does have its problems, such as the lame direction, the not-so-crisp editing and one too many slow and corny moments in the plot. But what does compensate hugely is the witty script(of which Sassy gets the majority of the best lines), the lovely soundtrack and the voice acting. Michael J Fox and Sally Field once again do fine work, and while the late Don Ameche was a lot more noble and gentle, Ralph Waite does an above average job as the voice of Shadow the Golden Retriever. The animals also did wonderfully and came very close to stealing the show, and the camera-work is often excellent. All in all, worth the look, but be warned that it doesn't quite live up to its original. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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