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Decent spoof
mattymatt4ever28 January 2002
I've seen the movie about nine or ten times, so naturally many of the jokes--which I found hysterical at first--aren't that funny anymore. But I don't think they could've done a much better job at spoofing high school flicks like "Dangerous Minds," "Lean on Me," "The Blackboard Jungle" and "To Sir, With Love." There are lots of witty moments that hit the bullseye.

The jokes are not over-the-top, nor are they filthy and vomit-inducing like many recent spoofs. It's from the writers of "The Naked Gun" and the talent really shows.

Jon Lovitz is funny, like usual. Tia Carrerre has never looked hotter, and serves as great eye candy. Louise Fletcher is appropriately creepy as the principal, who is sort of like a female version of Joe Clark--she also roams the hallways with a baseball bat.

The young stars like Guillermo Diaz, Mekhi Pfieffer, Natasha Gregson Wagner and Brian Hooks are very good and their timing is just right.

I would probably praise this movie a lot more if I submitted this comment after my first viewing, but trust me--it's very funny! But, like many broad comedies of this kind, it's not as enjoyable on repeat viewings. After having seen the latest spoof, "Not Another Teen Movie," I'm able to appreciate this film a lot more. This is a spoof with wit and structure, and even has a few subtle in-jokes: the school is titled Marion Barry High. You get it?

My score: 7 (out of 10)
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Predictable comedy.
gridoon28 February 2003
Although it was co-written by David Zucker, this comedy is more conventional than, say, the "Naked Gun" series; it doesn't have the same rapid-fire, relentless pacing. However, it does have a number of successful gags (when the teacher enters the ghetto area, his car radio will play ONLY rap music), and, of course, the gorgeous Tia Carrere....wow! (**)
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You're Gonna Lovitz
gavin69424 January 2006
Jon Lovitz is possibly the most under-rated Saturday Night Live alumnus. While Mike Myers, Adam Sandler and others have gone on to bigger things, Lovitz has primarily been background fodder for the other ex-cast members. And he's good at this, but he's also good on his own - as this movie proves. High School High was the best school movie parody of its time (before "Not Another Teen Movie"), taking "Dangerous Minds" and making a plot we should actually care about and enjoy. And we also have Tia Carrera (not to be confused with Asia Carrera).

Lovitz plays a history teacher who wants to turn a school full of unwanted students into a fleet of tomorrow's best and brightest. With help from his street smarts and an intense chicken race scene, he might just accomplish his goals. But, oh no, what happens when a rival gang steals the tests or the class valedictorian turns to dealing drugs? You're just going to have to watch and see. Recommended (unless you don't like Lovitz, but then you have no sense of humor anyway).
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This spoof is a odd mix of funny moments and a message of for those you want an education.
Lucien Lessard30 December 2005
A naive but dedicated educator (Jon Lovitz) decides to teach at the roughest high school in L.A. and once he arrived at this new job, he finds out the conditions at this school is tough, violent and students don't want to know anything about higher education. This educator befriends with an beautiful teacher (Tia Carrere) and an student (Mekhi Phifer), who wants an education. But this student has troubles with his previous gang members, especially with the leader (Guillermo Diaz). Who still wants him to sell drugs on the streets. This educator also has trouble with passionless principal (Oscar-Winner:Louise Fletcher) but he finds a way to teach his most unlikely students and giving them hope for education, which they never had before.

Directed by Canadian actor:Hart Bochner (PCU) made an amusing comedy that spoofs films like "Dangerous Minds", "Stand and Deliver", "The Deer Hunter" and other memorable films. Lovitz is extremely likable and he has some very big laughs in this silly comedy. Although this comic spoof is unusually realistic at other moments also. The film has an good message for any students for those who wants an education and to have a bright future but it is also hard, what it's wants to be. Ambitious to be sure but always watchable. Written by David Zucker (Airplane!, Baseketball, Ruthless People), Robert LoCash (CB4:The Movie, Naked Gun 33 1/3:The Final Insult) and Pat Proof (Hot Shots 1 & 2, Bachelor Party, Police Academy). (*** ½/*****).
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Not Great, But Still Worth Seeing
tgibbs27913 April 2001
Yes, I'll grant you this movie is less than perfect. The storyline doesn't always make sense. Not every joke works, but the movie's batting average is high enough to justify seeing it. And it's funnier to me than every Adam Sandler/David Spade/Chris Farley movie I've ever seen, in part because the three of them are nothing but annoying. Jon Lovitz, on the other, is a likable everyman you can root for. He carries the movie. Lovitz is an underrated comedian who always makes the material seem better than it is. His delivery and timing help make this movie enjoyable. And of course, Tia Carrere is absolutely gorgeous.

I'm not saying "High School High" is a classic. But I was amused by it. Like any Zucker production, the gags come fast and furious. They don't all work, but enough hit the target to make it worth seeing.
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"I know what's straight up booty."
Pepper Anne6 March 2005
Spoofing 'Dangerous Minds,' 'Lean on Me,' and others, Jon Lovitz stars in 'High School High' as an ambitious, optimistic teacher from a prep school who wants to prove to his father that he is perfectly capable of inspiring his students at an inner-city high school. While there, he inadvertently becomes involved in a turf war between two rival students and their idiotic posses.

Time capsule movie spoofs the mid 90s scene of hip hop has one gag after another, but is probably more destined for laughs for younger teenagers or first-time viewers. I caught this movie on cable after not having seen it in a few years and didn't think it was as funny as I first remember it. Best recommended for Jon Lovitz fans, as he always does well as the clueless doofus. With Tia Carerre, Louise Fletcher, Mekhi Phifer, and Guillermo Diaz.
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It's Blackboard Jungle meets Airplane via a cafeteria nightmare
Thomas Clement (Mr. OpEd)28 December 1998
Underrated but lovable film which takes all the cliche high-school movie scenes (many of them awful), mixes large dollops of political incorrectness, throws in sophomore humor only a guy could love, and tops it off with a fun good-guys-win-in-the-end finale. Ever affable Lovitz and ever gorgeous Carrere are an oddly suitable couple and Fletcher is filthy evil (and that's before you know the ending). Lots of furious gags in the Zucker tradition (the school nurse stapling condoms to info cards is an example). Look for `The Hughley's' Eric Allan Kramer as a muscle man who likes to frisk just a wee-bit too much.
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Down Low
MovieAddict201611 March 2004
Pretty boring slapstick comedy about a school teacher (Jon Lovitz) who is sent to teach at a school in the "hood." Lovitz does his usual routine in this lackluster Jim Abrahams-scripted comedy. It has its occasional moments but it's just not good enough to qualify for a feature film. Maybe a brief "SNL" skit, but not a movie.

I think Lovitz is pretty funny, and without him there would have been no Phil Hartman on "SNL" (literally! check out his bio on IMDb for more info), but here he does his same old schtick with the same old gags. It's not very funny.

Lovitz would perfect his overwhelmed everyman role in "Rat Race" (2001). But here he seems more overwhelmed with the quality of the film, which isn't too terribly surprising.

2/5 stars.

  • John Ulmer
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good flick, better in spanish
sendtownjose3 May 2003
I know you guys are going to consider me weird, but I liked this film better, in spanish, because, for me it was more funnier. I thought the slapstick comedy was good and jon lovitz was an excellent actor pretending to be a gangsta, but this acting did not top his days on snl as my favorites, the actor, the anonymous liar, and the devil. Tia carrere is not so hot as the others users described her, and this was mekhi phifer first film, before becoming future in 8 mile. It was an ok film, one of those that you watch when you are bored. This is another film of the worst period of films in hollywood 1995-1996. My favorite part was when everyone was surprised to see a book, and they started smelling it.
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Underrated High
miskimees29 May 2009
High School High is a very decent spoof comedy written by comedic geniuses Pat Proft and David Zucker. You recognize all these ordinary high school dramas like Dangerous Minds, The Substitute, High School Confidential and many others. And off-course there's many very absurd scenes that is very common to screenplays by Zucker.

Also you can enjoy performance of Jon Lovitz. His character Richard Clark isn't stupid and clumsy like we know all Leslie Nielsens characters but just naive. At the same time Lovitz doesn't leave a strike that he is taking it all too seriously. Louise Fletcher's and Tia Carrere's performances were in full seriousness at the same time. They both played like in usual roles in usual high school films.

High School High is a bit underrated but might not be as brilliant than the other films by Zucker/Craft but still it has it's moments.
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An unconventional setting for an "Airplane" kind of spoof
Gideon249 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Fans of comic satires like Airplane! and Naked Gun should find themselves right at home with a 1996 comedy called High School High.

The film stars Jon Lovitz as Richard Clark, a teacher at a well- known private school run by his father, who, in order to get out from under his father's thumb, decides to take a job teaching at Marian Barry High School, a tough inner-city high school where most of the students are barely literate. The simple story finds Clark working to raise the GPA's of his students in order to win a citywide school contest while pursuing romance with an attractive co-worker (Tia Carerre).

This film takes pot-shots at films like The Blackboard Jungle and Dangerous Minds, but does it in an outrageous way, but that is to be expected from a film like this. As a matter of fact, David Zuker, one of the geniuses behind Airplane! was one of the contributors to the screenplay here.

As expected, the gags come fast and furious and Lovitz plays his role with just enough of a straight face that makes most of the silliness going on around him funnier than it should be (though Lovitz is no Robert Hays). There are some fun supporting turns from Louise Fletcher as the hard-nosed school principal, Mekhi Pfifer as a troubled student, and Guillermo Diaz as a gang leader, but it is the lightning-swift tempo of the comic gags that keeps this one relatively entertaining for most of its ride.
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ukrainetrain7 August 2000
I would have to say the highlight of this movie was the drunk guy at the end of my row puking about halfway through. Jon Lovitz was at his annoying worst and the rest of the cast was completely unfunny. This is an hour and a half of my life that I will never have back and for that I am truly sorry.
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God this was awful
Boyo-225 May 2000
Hart Bochner's talents clearly lie in front of the camera. This movie is so unfunny that you cannot believe it. That's no easy accomplishment, with Jon Lovitz aboard. He manages to be as bad as the movie. Nothing here works - Louise Fletcher comes close to embarrassing herself, the sight gags are lame, and aside from one scene between Lovitz and Tia, its all a mess.
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A Very Funny Under Rated Comedy
rjtg91221 September 2001
When I first saw High School High in Florida while visting my grandmother in 98 I could'nt stop laughing. It is a very funny under rated comedy that should be seen if your in the mood for good comedy.This is one of Jon Lovitz funniest performances I have seen. So if your a fan of Jon Lovitz it is worth all the time that this movie is.
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Very very very unfunny
Alex Brown22 July 2001
This film is utterly terrible on all fronts, and it is remarkable that it was made at all being as unfunny as it is.

This is clearly an attempt to be a slapstick film in the mode of Airplane. There's a difference - Airplane was original and funny, and had talented actors in it.

At least Tia Carrere was nice to look at as usual.
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Jon Lovitz at his best
Agent1013 August 2002
Jon Lovitz stars in a movie so bad, it had to go under my label of `brilliant stupidity,' which is a good thing by my standards. Not only was the humor great, the jokes in the film proved to be funny without the overabundance of potty jokes and bodily excrement. There are so many great moments to high light in this film, and it hits its marks pretty most of the time. Tia Carrere was also good in this film, being out of place yet ravishing in her role. One of those films you need to watch with friends or when drunk, or both.
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Severely underrated parody
Newsense6 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Man, you people are harsh. I didn't think this movie was bad at all. Heck, the first time I saw I fell in love with its stupidity. Before I start the review I'll explain my rating. I would have given this movie nine stars but I had to do my part to bring up the rating by giving it ten stars. 5.6? 6.0 is better rating for this movie. At any rate...

The plot is that Richard Clark(Jon Lovitz) leaves Wellington Academy to go teach at Marion Barry High School against his father's best wishes. Richard believes that he can make a difference there and on his way he falls for a gorgeous teacher called Victoria Chappell(Tia Carrere).

High School High was a spoof on those troubled high school kids movies like Dangerous Minds, Lean On Me and Stand And Deliver. Unlike the crap that passes for parody(like anything by Seltzer and Friedberg) HSH hits all of its targets and actually has a story tied to the spoof. Compare that with spoofs that are just about picking on pop culture and meaningless gags. Jon Lovitz was hysterical and as a comedic actor, he never got enough credit. Tia Carrere was gorgeous as well as funny and Louise Fletcher was funny too as the irascible school principal. Mekhi Phifer as well as the supporting cast add to the laughs too. If you can appreciate parodies that aren't extremely gross you might like this one. I feel its one of the most underrated spoofs ever produced by the Zucker Brothers. Two thumbs up.
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"Dangerous Minds" for chimps (minor spoilers)
conspracy-221 May 2000
Warning: Spoilers
I know it's supposed to be a spoof of "Dangerous Minds". But it goes overboard. It doesn't only spoof the film, it tries to be a film in its own right. And it's not.

Jon Lovitz plays Richard Clark, the Michelle Pfeiffer character. He is a high school teacher, who chooses to go teach in a baaad school full of baaad people, a real Gangsta's Paradise. Does this sound familiar? After winning the students' respect by flying away with the detached hood of a convertible (really!) he proceeds to inspire them for about two minutes as a teacher, and then he goes back to being a jerk.

Because Richard Clark goes beyond bumbling and into the realms of being completely and stupidly oblivious. It's supposed to be a farce, but even in the farcical frame it's unbelievable. No mean feat, really.

The love interest between Richard Clark and Victoria Chapell(Tia Carrere) was obviously written by the unsuccesful partnership between an 8-year-old girl and a wife-beating pervert. It doesn't really go anywhere, anyway, except for a toe-curling, cringable groan-a-thon of a sex scene.

The movie rolls along steadily until about half an hour is left of the film. That's when the writers seem to have run out of ways to make you groan within the framework of the film and decided to throw in a drug dealing ending that comes completely out of left field. It's supposed to be surprising and plot-twisting, but at this time no-one really cares about any of the characters anyway.

One more thing. When Richard Clark arrives at the high school the first time, the writers (reject writers from Mad Magazine, by the look and feel of it) spend a disproportionate amount of time convincing us that this school is baaad. But, as Richard Clark has taught there for some time, the school starts smartening up. Suddenly, there is less grafitti and plants in the halls. More and more, until at the end it's a beautiful, completely restored high school. How does this happen? Where did the moeny come from, and who OKed it? Not miss Doyle, that's for dahm sure. This could, arguably, be an expressionistic metaphor for the growth and development of Richard Clark. I don't believe this, though, for two reasons: a) What growth? b) This movie is nowhere near intelligent enough for that.
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A Puerile Parody of Predictable Proportions
atlasmb19 December 2014
Jon Lovitz uses his clueless schmuck persona to play a new teacher at the prototypical inner city school, where violence and disorder are the order of the day. The film is a parody of all the idealistic-teacher-saves-the-bad-kids movies. Part of the fun is to identify the film references as they occur, so I will not list them here. Actually, this film also contains references to many other (mostly teen) movies.

Don't expect Bergman or Scorcese. The humor is low brow and the sight gags are predictable. But the film is playful. And its predictability is part of the fun, as it recreates iconic moments in teen films and gives them a silly twist.

If you like "Airplane", this film may be for you. If you prefer "The Seventh Seal", you don't know who Jon Lovitz is, do you?
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Unfunny Folies
zardoz-136 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The zany rude humor that whipped up gales of laughter in the riotous "Naked Gun" trilogy wanes in the shallow but mildly funny "High School High," a spoof of recent high school sagas such as "Dangerous Minds" and "The Substitute." Scenarists David Zucker of "Airplane," Robert LoCash of "BASEketball," and Pat Proft of "Brain Donors" aren't as successful with this half-baked entry. The comedy in "High School High" seems virtually colorless. Although it boasts more jokes per screen minute than "Airplane" and "Top Secret" or the "Naked Gun" trilogy, this production manages at least to amuse, even though it cannot intoxicate.

Weasel-faced comedian Jon Lovitz of "City Slickers 2") plays Richard Clark, a sympathetic but naïve educator who quits teaching history at a 'rich kids' academy to work in a poverty stricken ghetto school. Clark gets more than he bargained for at the inner city Marion Barry High School. No sooner has he climbed out of his car than the same vehicle mysteriously vanishes. Initially, Clark is blind to the rampant crime, gang, and drug problems afflicting the school. He is horrified to see Principal Evelyn Doyle (Louise Fletcher of "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest") hitting students with a baseball bat.

While Clark fumbles with his own foes, Griff McReynolds (Mekhi Phifer of "Clockers") is coming back to finish school after a year in juvenile detention. McReynolds wants to go straight, but a gang of drug runners refuses to let him off the hook. Before these bad boys can convert McReynolds to their cause, they have to discredit Clark. Word-plays and sight gags constitute the best of what little comedy punctuates "High School High."

The funniest scenes include a send-up of the Russian roulette duel in "The Deer Hunter," an attempted rape in the school library, and Clark's rain-splattered expulsion. Actor-turned-director Hart Bochner concerns himself more with the plot turns than the humor. Bochner doesn't develop his mise-en-scene as imaginatively as Zucker did in his "Naked Gun" movies. Zucker exploited every inch of a scene, with gags on the periphery.

When Bochner tries to imitate Zucker, he fails miserably at the task. Bochner shoots the background out of focus where the action occurs so audiences have a hard time spotting students failing down stairs because they wear their pants too low. Blaming Bochner entirely for these shortcomings in this marginal comedy would be to overlook the writers' slack contribution. Indeed, "High School High" features a couple of truly inventive gags, but the movie suffers because there is not enough funny stuff.

The writers stretch jokes and ides far beyond their limits, and "High School High" looks like a labored sit-com. The cast performs with deadpan brilliance, but their characters are rarely inspired or loony. Zucker, LoCash, and Proft should be ashamed that it took three of them to pen what little drivel "High School High" has.
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Jon Lovitz is in a class all his own!
kingl861925 August 2013
Richard Clark (Jon Lovitz- of SNL fame) is a bumbling, caring and out of touch prep school teacher who feels like he should be doing more. He leaves his prestigious position as head of his department for Marion Barry High School, a fictional crime riddled inner city haven for the worst of the worst. Richard aims to help students get a better life out of their rough neighborhoods, but with hilarious results. Along the way Richard has help with class from secretar- err...I mean administrative assistant Victoria Chapel (Tia Carrera- Wayne's World, True Lies) and former thug turned good guy Griff (Mekhi Phiffer- 8 Mile) to help Marion Barry be the best or quite possibly the best...umm maybe.
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A high school spoof movie
david-sarkies28 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I think that if I approach a movie full of cynicism then I will probably enjoy it much more than if I do not. In the case of this movie, High School High, I expected it to be as stupid and as sucky as was Spy Hard, which is in a similar vein. I guess the difference here is that this movie is made by the same people who created Hot Shots and Flying High.

Highschool High is a send up of movies about rough highschools where a dedicated teacher comes along and changes all of the students around. Such movies I have seen in vague memories, and one that comes to mind is The Principle. Basically the major character is the son of the principle of a prep-school, but the students hate him. He decides that he wants to go out on his own and takes a job at Berry High (the joke becomes apparent at the end of the movie) which is the roughest school in the States.

I guess the theme of this movie is you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and just because society says that you are something, does not mean that you have to fall into that mould.

The humour is simply taking the believability to the point of stupidity. I will not say absurdity, as that is a particular type of humour where one laughs at the pointlessness of life. It is a far more intelligent humour, and for an example of absurd humour, I would direct you to a French Movie called News from the Good Lord. In this movie, the humour is far less intelligent, and is aimed at the lowest common denominator. I am not saying that the humour is bad, just that it is not intelligent.

This is an okay movie, and I would simply say that it is only worth watching to shut ones' mind off.
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To Sir, With Lovitz !
ahmed elshikh12 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Back when there were real comedies in Hollywood.

It is lovely. The best about it is that it isn't a parody. It's a comedy concerning a teacher-with-underachiever-students, having little spoofs of some movies here and there.

The formula is familiar since Blackboard Jungle (1955), and To Sir with Love (1967). Actually, this kind of movies don't stop. It never has a time of prosperity, maybe due to the fact that teaching is a continuing exam, since the circumstances are always changing, bringing new generations with new ways to deal with them. Ironically, the same year of (High School High) witnessed also (To Sir, with Love II) the TV sequel, and close movies like (The Substitute), and (Eddie).

It doesn't pick clips from previous movies and toy with them as movies, from the same year, did such as (Spy Hard) and (Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood). It shows an easy yet well-made story. Some perfect slapstick, lines, puns, and simple parody comedy. And the result didn't contain things like being forced, bad taste, toilet humor, or all what I watch in the comedies of today!

The cast did a fine job, especially the minor parts. It's only Louise Fletcher who didn't amuse me, giving a one-note sullen face all along. The thing about Jon Lovitz is that he's Jon Lovitz in every movie or TV show. That's not a bad thing at all, but maybe it affected his career in a bad way. Although I love the guy, I even watched the movie more than once to savor him better, but sometimes his confused moves do bug.

The twist of the Principal being the bad guy, who forged her students' results, was wild. Yet I can accept it as a far try to present a satire that agrees with this movie's farcical time and general innocence. So, accordingly, when a school reaches being that bad, and stays as that, then the Principal must be a real *criminal* !

It's one small movie (it's even less than 90 minutes). But there are plenty of good dialogs (I love "Where The Hell is Our Dinner ?!!" the most), and detailed scenes (look at how the school was shown at the start). I can't forget the final encounter of the "new" students with their Principal in which they got to beat her by their hard study and right answers; see, this movie is constructively motivational on a deep level yet in its own way ! Even at one point the movie delivers a sad scene in a very special way; and I mean the moment of Richard Clark leaving the school, feeling the failure, with a rain over his head only, namely departing "under a cloud" literally. I love the genius blues melody in the background, the serious – rarely seen – performance of Lovitz, and the smart lines during it.

Some criticized it as a predictable, formulaic...Well, so most of the comedies, rather most of Hollywood movies. However the question would be did the amount of entertainment manage to rule or not? And this time it did. So it's predictable, formulaic, yet clever and seductive to watch.

I miss this kind of comedies. Now I can't find anything but teens trash, stupid family movies, and disastrous parodies like (Disaster Movie) !
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Some things don't go together
jfgibson7321 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
High School High is a comedy that seems to pull in several directions. On one hand, it wants to be a traditional Zucker-Abrams-Zucker movie, with surreal, non-sensical gags coming at every moment. These movies, like Airplane and Scary Movie are more like cartoons, because they never for a moment resemble real life. You don't end up caring what happens to the characters. On the other hand, it wants to be serious at times, like many romantic comedies, where you get emotionally invested with the people and the story. These two styles don't cohere.

I guess the problem is that the movie does too good of a job getting you to like the characters and wanting them to succeed. Jon Lovitz as a dedicated teacher who turns his community around was halfway believable. As I stated earlier, however, parts of the movie seem to clash with each other. They are just too different in tone. The formulaic ending doesn't help much either. I enjoyed High School High, and there are PLENTY of genuinely funny moments. I just think they needed to decide what kind of movie they were making and stick to it.
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KiNdA gOoD kInDa NoT
ShortCuteBlonde24 August 2002
This movie was alright, i wouldn't watch it again but it was okay, some people thought it was great and some people thought it was the stupidest movie in history but i disagree with both sides of the story. It was funny in some parts and Jon Lovitz is a great comedy actor but needed some work in this movie
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