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Alternate Versions

The original cut, still titled "Hellraiser: Bloodline"
  • begins in 1784. Lemarchand builds the Lament Configuration, gives it to De L'Isle, and watches as he and Angelique challenge his card player guests to open it. When they do Angelique transforms to a demon and seemingly kills them. Lemerchand goes to Auguste, to suggests building the Elysian Configuration. Angelique visits and seduces Lemarchand. inviting him to a masked ball. Auguste tries to warn him away but is killed by Angelique's demonic clowns. Lemarchand, against his wife's wishes, goes to Angelique's party where she seduces and kisses him. When left alone, De L'Isle attempts to kill Lemarchand so he won't be replaced. An angered Angelique apparently kills De L'Isle and offers Lemarchand riches to help her. He refuses. Genvieve arrives and finds her husband almost dead. Angelique goes to kill her and her unborn child when the near-death De L'Isle appears and uses his magic to banish them all back to Hell. Genvieve flees to America as De L'Isle's servant Jacque summons Angelique back to be his sex slave.

  • The central part of the film is mostly the same as the theatrical version, except with a clearer plot where Angelique tries to use the prototype Elysian Configuration to kill Pinhead. Angered, Pinhead summons chains to drag Angelique into the light but it cuts out before she dies. Bobbi then banishes them all back to Hell. Despite some bizarre rumours, there is no "neighbour" character in any version of the film.

  • The last part is set in the future. It's very much he same but Paul does not tell his story to Rimmer. Also, the final confrontation features all the Cenobites and Angelique wanting Paul to join her again. He refuses and stays on board the Elysian, dying alongside Pinhead and the Cenobites and ending the bloodline forever.

Other alternate versions of the film that went before the studio ran for 82 minutes, 102 minutes and 112 minutes. The final version - after extensive re shoots and re-writes - came in at 85 minutes.
There is a work print of Hellraiser Bloodline that reflects what appears to be an early attempt to rectify the studio's complaint that Pinhead enters the film too late. It starts with John Merchant's present day story and continues with flashbacks to L'Merchant's story throughout as well as a few other minor changes. . Opens with a shot of three planets coming into alignment then goes straight into De L'Isle bringing the French girl to the banquet, killing her, and summoning Angelique. L'Merchant is nowhere to be seen. . John then wakes from his nightmare and there is more of him soothing Jack with his wife. . John gives his speech and another difference is that he cannot even continue after being distracted by Angelique. Instead, he tries to demonstrate his lighting invention but it does not work yet. . After Angelique summons Pinhead there are two more dreams. One has Angelique in front of De L'Isle's friends where she has given them all boxes. As they begin to solve them, she promises to strip but as she undresses, she becomes a monster and chains from the ceiling attack the guests. The other shows De L'Isle attempting to kill L'merchant after telling him that he plans to send Angelique back to hell for fear of L'Merchant's science replacing his magic. . There is another alteration where, after Pinhead shoves his hook into Angelique's chest, he takes sexual pleasure in licking the hook clean then, through her blood, senses she has a secret. . Later, she reveals to John that she wants him to use his lighting invention to defeat those that would subjugate her (i.e. Pinhead) and in the process, become more than a demon but turn into a god instead. . Jack falls way too fast in the elevator and gets scared. . Angelique has taken Jack and forces John to use his lighting invention against Pinhead. It briefly works and Pinhead is pinned to the ceiling by his own chains but, again, the light extinguishes after a few seconds and Pinhead breaks free. He is the one that traps Angelique in chains but, then, the rest happens at is does with John being killed by Pinhead and John's wife sending Pinhead and Angelique back to hell. One additional line is that Angelique tells Pinhead he must kill Jack and sever the bloodline after Pinhead has said John's knowledge is dangerous. They are sent back to hell before he can though. . There is an additional scene of Dr. Merchant in the space station before the arrival of Remy and her crew. He wakes from a nightmare about John's death with a full head of hair, speaks to a priest via hologram and asks him to prey for his whole bloodline, and shaves his head. . The Twins cenobite has a line after they tear apart from each other and before they crush the man where they say they can't stand being separated from each other. . Additionally, there is one more flashback to L'Merchant, this time being the scene where he is told he must invent a machine to close the gate to hell because it is his responsibility as maker of the box. . Dr. Merchant does not tell his story to Rimmer. As her crew is being killed, she simply comes to the conclusion that he is the only one that can help. . The Angelique cenobite has clearly retained her own mind and personality. Angelique tries to convince Dr. Merchant to join her once more, but he refuses and Pinhead arrives. . Rimmmer escapes the space station alone and never has the discussion with Dr. Merchant about not sacrificing himself. Dr. Merchant confronts Pinhead once more, in person. They face each other down as the space station is destroyed killing them both.
Just before release, Miramax had some scenes deleted and other re-shot, causing director Kevin Yagher to disown the film (the theatrical release has a director credited for 'Alan Smithee'). A new director, Joe Chappelle, was brought in to shoot the additional material.

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