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An Unexpected Career

"It's Jungian," says Sam Trammell nonchalantly when describing how his dreams inspire his acting. He's equally offhand when explaining how as a college student he planned to become a theoretical physicist but was forced to lower his sights: "I was advanced, but I wasn't a genius, and at Brown University I majored in semiotics, which refers to the interdisciplinary study of sign systems and how they work, including linguistic theory, Marxist theory, psychoanalysis, feminist theory, and film theory. I did most of my work in contemporary French philosophy."He certainly never imagined himself an actor, let alone one who plays a shape-shifter on a hit HBO show about vampires. The series is "True Blood," created by Alan Ball based on the novels of Charlaine Harris, and Trammell is enjoying the unexpected development. He admits that early in his career, he had a condescending attitude toward television. He would not have
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