Hard Core Logo (1996) Poster

Plot Keywords

band concert
lost legs
documentary filmmaker reunion
benefit concert lie
gun shooting
on the road wind chime
prescription corn chips
nightclub garbageman
music promoter food puppet
t shirt stalking
whiskey makeup
lamb saskatoon saskatchewan canada
boom operator sound man
lithium alcoholism
trans canada highway model
commodore club bongo drum
footbridge dream
navel belly button
reference to gary cooper reference to frank sinatra
reference to doris day drive thru restaurant
restaurant cafe
music agent pay phone
regina saskatchewan canada reference to pete townshend
reference to the rolling stones reference to the ramones
reference to mark chapman reference to john lennon
reference to marvin gaye reference to courtney love
reference to kurt cobain vancouver british columbia canada
edmonton alberta canada winnipeg manitoba canada
beer graffiti
recording cd
forgetfulness writing
stuttering pills
father murders son father son relationship
father daughter relationship mother daughter relationship
fan husband wife relationship
storytelling reference to god
money snow
film director film crew
documentary filmmaking pop tart
cbc radio burning a notebook
punched in the face beating
poem poetry
poet dog
scarecrow farm
hepatitis blood transfusion
long underwear blood
chainsaw shot in the head
hallucination licking a knife
knife rifle
cocaine acid the drug
lsd spitting
bathroom banana
obscene finger gesture animated sequence
animated map map
taxi hooker
limousine airport
british columbia band manager
voice over narration backstage
boyfriend girlfriend relationship microphone
bar home movie
family relationships teenage boy
boy jealousy
anger photograph
slow motion scene rock band reunion
underwear liar
defecation violence
fight rock 'n' roll
band tour drug use
friendship friend
satire urination
van kiss
drink drinking
montage drummer
drums guitarist
guitar cigarette smoking
rockumentary mockumentary
singing singer
masturbation wetting pants
rock music music industry
betrayal suicide
black comedy sequel
interview swindling
punk rock humiliation
fake documentary drugs
los angeles california love
mental illness song
leg amputation childhood friend
fictional band independent film
based on novel

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