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A Great Examination Of The Anxiety of Blossoming Adults
cardinal13421 February 2003
I'm a big fan of the examination of teens and young adults (being a teenager myself) and Glory Daze is a great story of a group of best friends on the eve of adulthood and how basically all of them are terrified of moving on from college and into the real world.

During the movie we discover the various characteristics, interests, styles, dreams and aspirations of the various leading characters. Their stories intertwine, and involve each other in some way. All of the plots involved in Glory Daze are simple, but flow smoothly and steadily in the backdrop of campus parties and bonfires. The acting is superb and the cast is simply perfect(of course it's better to watch the movie now when most of the actors (Ben Affleck, Sam Rockwell, and French Stewart) all become more well known names. All of them are perfect in their roles as bewildered college students. I love the end of the movie (but I won't spoil anything). I recommend this movie to anyone, especially teenagers, who just want to watch a movie about the fun and anxiety of the last days of real youth. 9/10. I also recommend Dazed And Confused, a great teen movie.
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Drew Blanc13 May 2007
I absolutely adore this film. I bought it after getting my hands on the soundtrack, which is also awesome, and it really hit the spot. Like many people have said before, if you've ever been in a similar situation, this film will resonate deeply! It really is intriguing to read reviews from people who hated it. Obviously that makes just as much sense as people who loved it, not everyone can relate to the story or understand the journey, but i wouldn't want people to be put off from seeing it purely on the strength of the negative reviews. Great performances from the whole cast, perfectly balanced with a brilliant punk soundtrack. A real gem.
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A gem for it's genre...damnit
winterdalecalls6 September 2006
Honestly, much better than I was expecting. Without close examination of this movie's characters and their development, your average watcher would write this movie off as standard party movie genre with no heart or empathy. But, as a fan of this film, I've grown to see it for what it most likely was intended to be...a pleasant, relatable buddy flick whose characters could have only been based almost entirely on personal relationships. Questions we've all asked ourselves, and conversations we've all had exist in this film, in a non-figurative way. Growing up, and out of your comfort zone is all too common of a post adolescent's defining hour and that is exactly what this movie explores.

The music and sense of humor in Glory Daze are proof of a personal reliance towards the materiel and not just some A-hole producer/director trying to cash in on the maturing sentiment. Some might not be able to relate to it because of its seemingly personal aim, have you a "too serious metal dude" or...well, a girl, but I think that for your average free thinker, its an easy to connect with.

I'll keep it short. I'm gonna end with Kevin Smith on this one, I like Affleck, cause he's just a good dude, and so it seems are the rest of the cast and those involved in the creation of Glory Daze. Good dudes, who think, what more could you honestly ask from this movie?
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A better college movie than "Animal House"
fixxxer101315 November 1999
Ah, what a wonderful little gem "Glory Daze" is. Everyone extols the virtues of "Animal House," calling it the greatest college comedy ever, but for my generation of college students, I bet "Glory Daze" would be seen as a far better film (if only people would SEE it).

Ben Affleck is great in his portrayal of Jack, the ultimate purveyor of suburban angst. His scene with the jokester passing out graduation gowns is priceless, as is the confrontation on the bus with Brendan Fraser and Leah Remini. He gives a most memorable performance.

The best thing about "Glory Daze" is its honesty; even the tough, angry Jack breaks down when it comes to love. even he still seeks his "funny s**t". Give this one a chance; any college student should relate (especially those male ones who are free of the fraternity lifestyle).
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jgarci1114 December 2004
Any one who a had a social life as a student at U.C. Santa Cruz, will love this movie. This movie was very poignant for me having spent my own college years doing the same exact stuff portrayed in the movie. It has just really helped me (nearly 10 years later) to find a bit of closure with what the heck happened back then during the greatest time of my life! I feel the acting was genuinely good. Ben really made the best out of this role. I can tell that the writer/director banged out enough background info. for the actors, so that they could know exactly how their characters should act. I love the scenes of Santa Cruz and especially liked the bus scene between Ben Affleck, Lhea Remini, and Brendan Frasier. Not only was Brendan dressed like I was back then, but I swear, I think, I had a convo. on the bus with a girlfriend while waiting for the damn train to pass, too. Yeah, every bus ride was an adventure! There is a strong moral in the movie, it's hard to find but it can be gleaned from any college graduate. Freedom from Fear leads to a Fear from Freedom. As for any banana slugs out there, save this movie when your thirty and you'll completely realize why you did what you did, and how Santa Cruz will always be on your mind. That's a good thing I believe, because we lived in a very special place that seems to create amazingly talented and successful people.

John Garcia -Class of '95 U.C. Santa Cruz, Oakes College

Currently a Certified History Teacher!

(Oh yeah, and Alyssa Milano is always so Stunningly Gorgeous!)
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Before they were stars
graham clarke4 March 2004
Before you get excited about a cast that includes the likes of Brendan Fraser, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon and Leah Remini, ("The King of Queens"), let it be stated for the record that the sum total of screen time for these four players is something in the region of three minutes. At the time they were marked as new talent to be watched; before they became stars.

College comedies tend to be crude and downright stupid. While "Glory Daze" does have it's moments of such things it is redeemed by some good ensemble playing. Being the story of a bunch of guys renting a house it's crucial that the bond between the characters of this disparate group be palpable. In this, director Rich Wilkes has succeeded. While dealing with the serious issue of making decisions which will affect the rest of one's life, "Glory Daze" remains light, never losing sight of what it set out to be; a fun movie.

While it's not a whole lot of fun, it is watchable. Ben Affleck is surprisingly good in this early role, but that in itself is a back handed compliment, since it also indicates how little he's developed with his elevation to big star status. Sam Rockwell's humor and reticent charm never fails to work, though he's not called upon to do much. French Stewart is less irritating that one may expect as too is Alyssa Milano.

Interesting mainly for the cast, "Glory Daze' has a nice feel to it, but not one to seek out.
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Watch this movie with an open mind. Its a good one !!!
sgbhtri1 January 2012
What a movie !!! Its so cool, funny and intelligent and I love Ben Affleck in this. The movie manages to entertain more that huge movies with millions of dollars in budget. Its very down to earth and has some great moments that leave you happy. The trials and tribulations of the characters are so real and engrossing. I simply love it love it love it. Not one scene is wasted brilliant lines brilliant performances. In its own world and in its own league. I think the trick is that its funny but also nostalgic with a lot of sadness in it. So its a perfect combination. Not to give anything away, watch it if you like to think about your past and reflect on all the good/bad times. Its a treasure of a film. Its sad that not many people know of it. It's one of my favourites.
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Great Movie but watch it only once
ErnieMuraoka13 July 2005
Ben is superb in this angst-ridden comedy about the end of senior year in college at a west coast university. Ben is ONLY SUPERB when there are over 4 other cast members with a lot of speaking parts.

Affleck is like The Eagles. They're only good as a band. Solo, they're really marginal. I don't have to list his flops.

"Glory Daze" is pretty much a guy flick. I enjoyed the destruction of the frat house, the woven scenarios of the other cast members and the fact the writer/or director finally had an Asian actor in a role that had lines.

Afflect re-visits his "Chasing Amy" depression and whining that was tolerable, but we've been there before. However for Ben fans who haven't seen "Chasing" its a whimpering treat.

In summary, rent or just buy the DVD for the funny French Stewart lines, the destruction of the frat house, the Asian guy who actually has lines, that Milano chick, the music and the fact that there is no happy ending. I love comedies from Hollywood that don't have happy endings. Its sort of like "Animal House", it has an ending, but not particularly happy---it just ends.
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life or something like it
Slosh422 April 2003
You could compare this movie to PCU or Animal House, but that really doesn't do any of those movies justice. PCU and Animal house are very slapstick and obvious, while Glory Daze is more lifelike. The combination of depression, sarcasm, and random Kevin Smith-esque references work well. The rag-tag group of misfits that live at Rancho are all very different characters, but somehow, you can relate to every one of them. 9/10
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I remember...
GrnNinja4 October 1999
Dear lord, They had the cameras on me the whole time I was in college! Great movie. This is definitely one of the best encapsulations of a guy's life as he flounders through the years in search of becoming edjamacated.
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Awesome !
RhodesGr6 June 1999
After graduating from college with a Master's Degree all I wanna do is just sit back and enjoy it for a while. I dont want to work quite yet and I don't want to "do" something with my Degree. The future can wait. This movie is about that. Sit back, relax and enjoy. You will never ever be 22-23 again ! Excellent casting...excellent setting...hilarious characters...great lines !
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Just one of those truly touching, deep films.
chungkao2114 January 2001
Remember that one period in your life that you wanted to last forever? Or perhaps that era of your life is now. God, on the outside, "Glory Daze" is a crude, depressing movie. However, it is my all time favorite because it is more than just a mere movie. It is what most movie makers dream of making: something entertaining, yet so substantial that you can't help but say "whoa" as the impact of what happens hits you. "Life is ever-changing," it says to you, "and we all try to stop it from changing at some point, but then we realize that we can't and find it better just to move on and continue to live."
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A 90's Diamond..
adonis98-743-18650317 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
With college graduation pending, the old gang tries to avoid the inevitable of breaking up and going forward with their lives. Glory Daze is so 90's it hurts i really loved this film and i don't understand the low score for this one, Ben Affleck portrays this teenager called Jack and he is pretty damn good, French Stewart who played Dennis is the voice of reason if you wanna call him that or at least a few times he is. The humor was smart and is exactly what i was expecting from a film like this without that being a bad thing. Alyssa Milano pops up from time to time and she is good but her character is kinda forgettable if you ask me. The best part of Glory Daze tho was definitely the cameos from Matthew McConaughey, Brendan Fraser, Leah Remini and as always Ben's buddy Matt Damon they came out of nowhere and they were very unexpected and quite brilliant too. Overall this is a very good film about Friendship and Graduation plus it also focuses on a tough break up that Ben's character experienced and is something that we all have or will experience some time in the past or the future and it's something that i found myself relating plus i did got some nice memories from my School Years and it's definitely a film that some people will enjoy.
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aimless journey
SnoopyStyle2 April 2017
It's two days before Jack Freeman (Ben Affleck) graduates with a liberal arts degree from University of California. He lives with his friends cartoonist Mickey, long-time student Dennis (French Stewart), Slosh who keeps quitting his jobs, and Rob (Sam Rockwell). Rob is planning to move to LA with his girlfriend Joanie (Megan Ward) but he's worried about being so close to her mother. Dennis is offered a job with Professor Luther. Chelsea (Alyssa Milano) has a crush on Mickey but he treats her like a little sister. Jack has no plans for the future as he gets over his ex Dina. He wonders if he could extend his glory daze.

There is an aimlessness to the movie much like Jack. Rich Wilkes is unable to harness that into something more compelling. His directing level is strictly amateurish and holds no promise of anything better. It's fun to see some of these big names as their younger self in a small film. Matt Damon makes a cameo like Ben's lap dog which is fun. It's a rambling film without the skills or the knowing comedy. The cast keeps it interesting.
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Fun 1990s Slcker Film
gavin694227 January 2014
Two days before graduation, Jack (Ben Affleck) is having serious doubts about the future. The old gang is breaking up; Rob is moving to LA with his girlfriend; Dennis (French Stewart) is finishing his third degree and going to grad school in Michigan; Slosh has dropped out of school and stays drunk all the time; and Mickey (Vinnie DeRamus) seems tired of the scene and wishes he had the guts to tell his friend Chelsea (Alyssa Milano) how he feels about her.

You have to love this incredible cast (including some who went on to much bigger and better things), with some nice cameos from Matt Damon as a hated ex-roommate and Matthew McConaughey as an alcoholic rental truck representative.

This is one of the many mid-90s slacker films, alongside "Stoned Age", "Suburbia" and others. While there is no explanation for Affleck's hairstyle and facial hair, it is nice to see him in this role circa "Good Will Hunting".

And those who were punks in the 1990s will appreciate the soundtrack: NOFX, Bad Religion, Tilt, The Mr. T Experience, Ednaswap, and Bouncing Souls. Did "SLC Punk" have a soundtrack this good?
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Great location, terrible flick
rekiwi8 September 2000
Yes, this movie is about wanting to do nothing and, as such, does just about nothing. The film has some laughs (French Stewart is great), but there's nothing here to make me care about the characters. I felt like I was watching cardboard cutouts skate boarding, drinking, sculpting, partying, and trying to get laid, all covered with a thin veneer of angst. The only thing that kept me awake was recognizing all the locations around Santa Cruz. Go Slugs!!!
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Pick up a twelver and shred
Bobby Baddu31 October 2006
If you pounded beers in college than you'll relate to this film. Smart writing, and great performances make this flick above the usual beer blast caught on film. The always underrated Sam Rockwell keeps this story rooted in realism, and even Wooderson makes a special appearance! Any dude who lived with other dudes at school will recognize every nuance that writer/director Rich Wilkes puts on screen. Don't be fooled by the new cheesy cover art with Affleck and Milano on it, this film is raw and a good time. Any fan of Chasing Amy, will get to see Affleck master the angst filled male teary eyed speech here. Lots to recommend, check it out.

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ddmplynx5 November 2003
There is a shot or two depicting a clock in this film that totally make the movie for me. There are tons of cliched messages that are portrayed well throughout, but the way they delt with that "you can't stop life/ time)was magnificent. Being a male in his early twenties I love this film. It points out all our flaws, yet lets us embrace them.
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Good Memories
andre-8513 November 2002
I saw this movie a few years ago. I loved it then. I remember watching it twice, back to back cause I liked it so much. Surprised me. It was a hidden gem for sure. Then today I woke up and remembered the movie. I couldn't remember the name. I just remembered French Stewart, Ben Affleck and Brendan Frasier were in it. I came to this site to find out what the name of the movie is and was appalled to find negative comments about "Glory Daze". Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but wow! Were those of you who didn't enjoy this movie actually watching it? This is one of my all time top ten for sure. Give it a chance. Take a look. If you enjoy good scripts and earnest acting, look no further. Cheers.
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I explain why Glory Daze (Last Contact)is a great movie
palauet13 May 2002
Hello, i just want to comment the admiration i feel for Glory Daze. This is a very good film. Plenty of details. If you see it once, you are loosing many things, and you could think "what a simply movie, or just kids destroying a house". But if you are curious you can see all the details, its very well done. It has a lot of content. I think it represents many people, and i felt identified with it a lot. It presents some philosophy issues, social structure...

In conclusion: This is not a commercial film. Its a film based on some intelligent and very good people punk-rock guys. I'd like nowadays directors made people like this one! Less effects and more creative thinking!
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scary-918 July 2000
Least I can say, this is a great movie. Extremely funny and moving, as well as a great punk reference movie. Op Ivy fans check the once in a lifetime reference to Operation Ivy. Great dialogue. Worth it just to see Ben Affleck's haircut.
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Simply a great movie!
Jamie Reising18 January 2000
Rich Wilkes best screenplay yet! This is simply a great movie. If you're a fan of Kevin Smith, if you like "Good Will Hunting" then this movie is bound to be in your top ten list. If you're new to low-budget films, "Glory Daze" is excellent proof that good films don't require loads of money and dazzling special effects.

The actors are top notch! There wasn't one scene where I was thinking that these guys were acting. When I first saw the characters I was expecting stereotypes galore, not so. Rich Wilkes did a great job of including different aspects of the social circle while avoiding the stereotype syndrome. I'm not positive but I think this was Wilkes first hand at directing, he did a wonderful job. Didn't feel like I was on the outside looking in at all!

The bus scene is a riot! Great job done by Brandon Frasier, Leah Remini, and Jay Lacopo. Jay's portrayal of a bus driver will crack you up! Not that this is the only funny scene, you'll be laughing throughout the entire movie.

Check out some of the quotes!

Do yourself a favor and SEE THIS MOVIE!

"Slosh is the man!"
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truly a beautiful slice of teenage life
Nawanda15 December 2000
I suppose the low rating this movie is running is due to all the adult votes out there. Any teenager, especially any teenager who understands the references to Camus, should love this movie. Ben Affleck turns in a wonderful performance, as per usual. That boy's delivery is scary good, and the dialogue deserved such panache, if you will. If you happen to listen to punk music, well then, you should adore this movie's soundtrack as well. It is so fitting to every scene (with the exception of the live band.) The movie is worth watching for the cameos alone: Matthew McConaughey, Brendan Fraser, Janeane Garofalo, Matt Damon; all wonderful, but tiny, parts. This is certainly one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Any one who liked Dazed and Confused, to Empire Records, to (aiming a bit higher here,) The Breakfast Club, should love this movie. See it. Now.
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MTV Video Two Hours Long
RARubin25 April 2005
Slick like a MTV video, rap pulsating in the background, punky post-grunge set and clothing, Glory Daze amuses, but it's shallow, clichéd amusement. The senior year at college winds down and all the stereo-types jam a run down student's house. The beer flows, the girls hang around for what reason I don't know, and the furniture is smashed. Cool huh? OK, my senior year wasn't much different back in 69, just more drugs, but what did we learn? For most kids, we didn't learn a whole lot. That's why it's tough to make immature personalities come alive in film. It takes a real artist, but what the hell, last chance to make a fool of yourself without consequence, usually.
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Bad movie with some great scenes and rockin tunes
joeyam4 January 2000
OK, "Animal House" it's not, but the film did have it's highlights. Scrap most of the movie and FF to the bus scene for a hilarious one-on-one between Ben Affleck and Jay Lacopo. Most of the music is in the foreground; it's done for a reason. Just listen. If all else fails, sit back and wait for the next close-up of the always eye-catching Alyssa Milano. And if that doesn't do it for you, rent "Animal House" again.
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