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In one scene, Remington tells Patterson that "We have an expression in prize fighting: 'Everyone has a plan until they've been hit.' Well my friend, you've just been hit." The events of this film take place in or closely around 1898, however the prizefighting expression used by Remington was coined by World War 2 era boxing great Joe Louis, who was not even born until 1914.
When Robert Beaumont asks Col. Patterson to build the bridge, the world map behind him shows countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and various African countries which were obviously not separate countries in 1896.
During Patterson's initial interview, one of the maps shows Alaska as part of the United States. Alaska was not admitted to the Union until 50 years later.


A steel beam was dropped in place on the bridge, then everyone celebrated. In the next shot of Samuel celebrating, the beam is still hanging by the ropes behind him.
Patterson climbs the tree to escape a lion that has blood which appears and disappears from its face.
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The hand that Patterson is holding his rifle in when running to discover Remington's body.
The visibility of Kareem's earlobe under his turban when Remington has a gun to his head.

Crew or equipment visible 

Reflected in Angus Starling's glasses during a close-up.

Errors in geography 

When Patterson is walking in London with his wife, the Pretoria Palace of Justice can clearly be seen behind his wife's shoulder (the film was partially shot on location in South Africa in 1996).
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Factual errors 

The original lions didn't have manes.
In reality, Patterson killed both lions himself. The great white hunter Remington is complete fiction, and no one like that was ever present in Tsavo during the time the events took place.
During the camping scene with Patterson, Remington, and Samuel when they are celebrating the killing of the lion, the two prominent constellations in the night sky are Ursa Major and Orion. These constellations are not side-by-side and Orion does not show in the southern hemisphere during the winter season anyway.
The bridge pictured in the movie is a truss bridge. The actual Tsavo bridge was/is of the plate girder type.
The lions in the film are "normal" male lions with large manes. The actual man-eaters were "Tsavo" lions which means that the males do not have manes.

Revealing mistakes 

After being killed by the lions during the hospital attack, the dead doctor is clearly breathing.

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