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Good film Excellent direction
jramprakash3 September 2001
although the film has a repetetive story the way it has been made is excellent.Director LATE mazhar khan's unfinished dream this movie has been in making since 9 yrs.Actors Jackie Shroff,Nana Patekar,Kumar Gaurav,Javed Jaaffery have excelled in their roles.Best is the villon played my Amjad Khans Brother Inayat Khan.He even matches his brother in his acting.The movie has lots ovf voilent scenes that are more than satya or vaastav.ENJOY THIS ONE. it is one of my favorites.
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Seriously, classic Cinema
manishshakti10 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
One of rare cinematic theory used by Hindi cinema. Brilliantly cinematography is used. Each of frame is previously visualized. The characters, color, shape and abstract props are redefine in the sack of art. Indian audience has to grow to understand the emotional intelligence of cinema. Plz Watch and review on IMDb. Story is also proposed the psychological changes into the characters in the struggling of relationship. All the share played the average performance but story presentation is excellently used music. Director screenplay is theoretical and matured. This film is somehow inspired by Hollywood gangster movies. All in all, direction is remember-able.
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