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Alternate Versions

The UK version suffered two cuts, totalling about 7 seconds. The first occurs when Mimi Wolverton discovers her husbands porn magazine collection. The missing footage briefly showed the cover of a magazine "Cock Sucking Toddlers". The second missing shot is of Vanessa's murdered grandmother in her trailer home. The cuts were fully waived for the 2007 Blackhorse DVD release.
In 1997, the 102 minute edited US R-rated version screened in Australia with an R18+ rating for its theatrical release. In 1998, the 104 minute uncut version was submitted to the Australian Classification Board for a video release, however, it was refused classification (rated RC). Instead, the edited US R-rated version was released on video. The Australian DVD released through Force Entertainment is also the US R-rated version.
The US R-rated version is missing two minutes of graphic violence and more sexually explicit dialogue.

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