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This purpose of this movie was to raise awareness.

Author: stonefamily from Bridgeport, Tx
24 January 2003

Just to clear something up, Bob Saget's point of this movie was not for it to be some fictional drama only to entertain it's viewers. His intention was to raise awareness of a very difficult and sad disease, called Scleroderma, that most people haven't even heard of but does effect more that several million people, that claimed the life of his sister. This movie is about her battle with that disease.

I was diagnosed with Scleroderma when I was 20 yrs old. It was a very difficult time in my life and everything changed. I have been living with this disease for 9 years, and it has claimed many of my organs. Now I can no longer have children. I hope people will watch this movie and have compassion for those who struggle with life-changing diseases and donate to it's research. Just maybe a cure could be found before long.

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13 August 2001

I wrote before about me and my husband watching the movie because my husband was diagnosed in January. Well, on the 19th of July he was finally called to rest by GOD. He had suffered for one short year from this disease but he suffered one year too long. I hope they find a cure from this disease even though it will not bring my husband nor my kids father back but it will at least save some other lives. To whom ever reads this, please do not take this subject lightly because this can to happen to you unexpectedly. My husband passed away at the sweet young age of 26. This disease is no joke.

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A Family with Love

Author: charmed_twice from Arkansas
26 February 2003

I think the story lined talks about a disease and what it does not only to the patient but the family as well, and yes this is not a fun story line to watch, but a necessary one to tell the world so something might get done and cure can be found. If one person made a donation or one Dr realized how to help one of thier patients, then the story was worth telling.

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A Difficult Journey Well Worth Watching

Author: sc21 from Coast of Maine
22 April 2006

This film was made by Bob Saget about his sister's battle with scleroderma. To not only document what she and their family went through, but to put a face to the disease for us to better understand it. And on that it succeeds at every level.

It starts off slowly, introducing Hope's family, including her brother, a sitcom writer in California. Then we meet Hope, a single mother and teacher in her late thirties. Once the disease begins, she struggles to discover just what it is that's causing her pain, and only later learns what she's facing.

Her family's reactions of denial, confusion, anger, guilt, fatigue, and utter frustration are all displayed well and with feeling. Her brother's way of reacting to everything with a joke is annoying at first, and then you realize that this is his way of dealing with the crisis. The way he's always coped with life. It's given him a television career and a great home, and yet it can't help him in the face of his sister's illness. (Still, having said that, throughout the movie are jokes of poor taste, and the film would benefit if the first and last scenes, at the restaurant, were cut.)

But the star of the film is Delany, in a powerful performance. She goes to the core of the rage and grief over what has become of her body. It's a heart-rending journey as she tries to cling to her dignity, her family, and her life.

In short, this movie is not easy to watch, but necessary if you hope to understand what people with scleroderma are battling each day.

P.S. For an interesting side note, both Saget and Delany were involved in benefits for scleroderma even before Saget's sister became ill. And for more on Delany's involvement with the Scleroderma Foundation, see

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Bob Saget's regret for his sister's death...

Author: Sean Richard McCarthy ( from United States
7 April 2001

This is an average movie based upon the real life events that took the life of Bob Saget's sister, who died as a result of the rare disease scleroderma. I found the movie interesting and informative. It is a tear jerker (especially if you have experienced the death of a family member as a result of a disease). I do not recommend this movie to those who want "entertainment" (as that it not it's purpose).

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educational movie

28 June 2001

I really enjoyed the movie. My husband has scleroderma and was just diagnosed with it in January. While we were watching the movie we were comparing what was going on with him at this point to what was happening to hope. We can relate very well with this movie and the details of the disease was described perfectly. This movie was very touching and goes to show that this can happen to anyone because the cause of the disease is unknown, which is very hard to grasp. But knowing that there is no cure is even more hard to swallow, because now we are at the point of no return and death is the end result.

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My opinion of the movie "For Hope".

Author: mendicribb97 from United States
9 November 2005

My name is Mendi and I was diagnosed with Reynaud's Phenomenon and Scleroderma (CREST) at the early age of 15. I saw the movie "For Hope" after I was diagnosed. I was told that I would live approximately 5 years. That is a great deal for a 15 year old to swallow. Not only was I having a hard time coping with the idea, I felt that I needed to hide my fear for my families sake because the news was overwhelming for them as well and I didn't want them to worry more. When I watched "For Hope", I cried for days and yet it also gave me hope. Since I was was 15, I have dreamed of meeting Sharron. When I heard she passed away, I had just lost my finger. Once again I cried because her death was a great loss to all current and future Scleroderma patients. God Bless Bob Saget for continuing to fight for all of us who suffer with Scleroderma and for what his sister believed in!

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Bob Saget tells the story of his sister Gay (Hope in the movie) and her struggles with the disease Scleroderma

Author: tigressrojita from United States
23 January 2005

This was a very sad movie, but Scleroderma is a very sad disease. This movie shows an accurate portrayal of what Scleroderma can do to a person and while it can be scary, it can also make those who have health or even have a milder form of the disease realize how precious life is. I have had Scleroderma since I was a child and every time I watch this movie it makes me feel grateful that I am still alive as well as hope for the future and the possibility of finding a cure. I thank Bob Saget for telling his sister's story in this movie so as to inform others of this terrible disease. I also hope that this story will touch the hearts of those who see it and that information will be passed on so as to possibly help find a cure.

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After watching FOR HOPE, I wonder more about some of the crap

Author: billfrey from Salmon, Idaho
11 January 2005

I see on the movie screens. How could movie have ignored by the awards people? Absolutely fantastic performances throughout. So believable. So candid. So tragic. Congratulations to Bob Saget. Now I know what he's good at! Dana was magnificent, once again. The next time I see a film coming out that is directed by Saget, I'll give it a shot because this was Grade A. I was turned on to this film by a woman I'm dating. We watched the film and then she informed me that she has this disease. In the ten years since this film was released, some advances have been made and she's confident she will not have to go through what this woman did in the film but you can't be sure. The movie is powerful with a capital P.

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I watched my grandmother suffer through it for 11 yrs

Author: dbklyngirl33 from United States
10 October 2007

This movie hit very close to home. My grandmother died of this disease and it dragged her down for 11 long years of hell. In and out of the hospital. In 1988 when she was diagnosed, no one heard of the disease. When she died, she was at peace. It was hard watching her go through this. But 11 yrs of it. She held on as long as she could. Now I am trying to research myself on line to make sure it doesn't go further in the family. I've seen this moving a number of times and each time, I need my Kleenex. My boyfriend Tom never had the pleasure of meeting my grandmother, but I am waiting for this movie to come on again so he can see it with me. Until next time, hope everyone is well Diana from Bklyn, NY

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