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  • Nicole walker is the average 16 year old girl; wants to have fun, and dreams of her Prince Charming. When her and her best friend Margot appear at a party, she meets older bad boy David. Everything seems to be going so well and Nicole and David become a couple. Nicole's family like David and she decides she loves him enough to give herself to him one night after a date. However, as soon as they became official, David has become a possessive and jealous boyfriend. He even beats up one of Nicole's close male friends when he is seen giving her a hug at the end of school. After this dark event Nicole never wants to see David again but he tries his hardest to make sure Nicole will take him back. Soon enough she forgives him and things seem to be going well again until a sick situation involving Nicole's best friend Margot turns to her and David breaking up again. This time David is not taking any chances with not being with Nicole so him and his friends go into her family home and attempt to take Nicole. Will David get Nicole or will she and her family hold back and get rid of David's sick craving for Nicole?

  • On the surface, the Walkers were a picture perfect family. Steve had a great job as an architect and a beautiful house in Seattle overlooking a lake. His new wife, Laura, loved him very much. Toby, her young son, looked up to him like his own father. And Nicole, his 16-year old daughter, meant the world to him. As Steve would be the first to admit, it was almost the perfect life. Until one day when Nicole went to a party at a local rave club with her best friend Margo and met a young man named David.

  • Nicole is a 16 year old girl who like most teenage girls, likes to have fun. When she and her best friend, Margo, go out to a party one night, Nicole meets the handsome and mysterious David, who she ends up getting together with. After a couple of weeks, Nicole realises that David is becoming really possessive and he gets very jealous when she talks to other guys and not telling him where she's going, etc. David even beats up one of Nicole's male friends because he's seen walking Nicole home. When Nicole ends up breaking up with David, he's obviously not happy about this and does everything to try and get her back, when that doesn't work, he and a bunch of his thug friends break into Nicole's home, which leads to some nasty consequences.

  • When all Nicole wants is to meet prince charming she and her best friend Margo go to the club largo to meet David while her friend meets his friend. So when they both are dating the two of them Nicole and David fall in love until one day she follows David home to see him raping her best friend, she doesn't want to talk to him anyone and his love for her turns into a deadly obsession

  • When Nicole met David; handsome, charming, affectionate, he was everything. It seemed perfect, but soon she sees that David has a darker side. And his adoration turns to obsession, their dream into a nightmare, and her love into fear.


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  • Nicole (Reese Witherspoon) is a fairly innocent teenager but with a rebellious side, particularly directed at her father, Steven Walker (William Peterson). At a rave, Nicole meets David McCall (Mark Wahlberg), and is swept off her feet by his sweet, polite nature. Steve, seemingly overprotective, doesn't trust David from the moment he meets him. Steve also gets angry when Nicole violates her curfews to spend more time with David. The closer Nicole and David become, the more Steven objects. One day, David scares Nicole when he sees her hugging her friend, Gary. He physically assaults Gary and shoves Nicole to the ground when she tries to stop him, leaving her with a black eye. Nicole ends things with David, leaving him crushed. The next day, he talks to Nicole, apologizes, and things are smoothed over for the couple.

    Nicole clings to David and he uses that to his advantage since he knows from their conversations about the tension between her and her father. He is more than happy to comfort her in every way. Steven is still suspicious so he does some checking into David's background and finds out that David is not who he appears to be. Steven confronts David on a street corner and orders him to stop seeing Nicole. David is still polite and says he has no intentions of hurting Nicole. Then he taunts Steven about wanting to keep his daughter a little girl forever and that he was scared David will take her away from him. He also says that Steven's wife isn't satisfied sexually and implies that she has been coming on to David. Steven is only interested in protecting his family and drives off. David doesn't take orders very well. David beats himself in the chest repeatedly until he is bruised, and Nicole accuses Steven of assaulting David. She leaves in an angry rage with David, who was waiting in the car outside. Later, David drops Nicole off, asking if she'd rather come home with him. Nicole declines but then changes her mind and drives to his house where she discovers Margo giving David's friend a lap dance. David then interferes and grabs Margo from behind and takes her to his room, proceeding to rape her, but Nicole believes Margo goes willingly. Nicole is devastated and completely breaks it off with David, wanting nothing more to do with him. She also doesn't want anything more to do with Margo. Later that week, David follows Nicole into a ladies' room in the mall and molests her.

    In a final, desperate attempt to get evidence to use against David, Steven breaks into David's house and discovers a shrine to Nicole in his bedroom. In a rage, Steven vandalizes the house, especially David's room. David and his friends make their way into Steven's house in revenge using scare tactics to gain access. David ties up Steven and brings him up to Nicole's room to "say goodbye" to his daughter. While David tells Nicole, "It has to be this way," he asks her if she wants to go with him. She fakes affection for him and says "yes." Laura frees Steven and he and David fight violently. Steven then throws David out the second-story window to his death.

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