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surprisingly fascinating
weasel-133 April 2000
'Everything Relative' is a sort of lesbian 'Peter's Friends' story with a plot that is rather easy to guess from the beginning. Still it turned out to be refreshingly fascinating. Hurray for Andrea Weber, who shows an incredible performance as Luce. She is actually so intriguing, that I watched the movie over and over again because of her. Besides the character being an interesting one, Weber has a natural style of acting that is almost breathtakingly beautiful. A real should-see (I don't like to tell people what they have to do) movie for dykes.
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Wonderful as THE L WORD series
mariegendron29 June 2005
My girlfriend Anne and I have watched it again today for the third time. We just love this movie! Seven girlfriends who have know each other for more than fifteen years, reunite for a week-end together. You get everything during these two days : love, humour, laughs, friendship, new couple reunited, fresh new couple formed by two longtime girlfriends, a longtime lesbian couple newly parents, an heterosexual friend who becomes pregnant, some drama and pretty women. And after seeing the magical lesbian series THE L WORD (2004), we agreed to say it has the same kind of rhythm, the same kind of pace, the same kind of approach talking about the modern lesbian life, and seven girlfriends as in this movie. It is wonderful to have THE L WORD and this pretty good movie in the same house! And both can be re-visited as many times as you feel!
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Great film!
SMicali14 August 1999
This film is the lesbian Big Chill. A group of college friends reunite for a weekend of fun, laughter, tears and love. This is a must see for any lesbian! The characters are fresh, funny and wonderfully real! One of the best films I've seen in a long time.
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Everything Expected
jblake-51 April 2005
Everything Relative is the typical new age lesbian drama of the mid-1990s. A group of old college friends reunite at a cabin on the East coast to celebrate the birth of one of the member's babies. In accordance with every reunion structure, the women delve into nostalgia as well as the struggle of their (lesbian political feminist) movement. The movie is predictable and from the beginning the audience sees where the lesbian relationships are heading a half hour ahead. The over-preachy socio-political mentality the filmmakers use to structure the dialogue make it difficult for the viewer to not feel like they are sitting in a women's studies course. Aside from the over-use of comical lesbian jokes and stereotypes, the film is a sweet depiction of the lesbian middle class educated white women experience.
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