Eraser (1996) Poster


Plot Keywords

witness weapon
u.s. marshal fbi
protection identity
witness protection witness protection program
treason gun
new york agent killed
security agent security guard shot
security guard killed security guard
spy spying
betrayal by friend rookie
sniper gunshot wound
brutality foot chase
cameo chase
truck bodyguard
arms dealer traitor
ski mask knife
gore blood splatter
blood double barreled shotgun
pistol pump action shotgun
sniper rifle semiautomatic pistol
ambush hospital fight
gun battle opening action scene
silencer shoulder holster
laser gun uzi
shotgun revolver
glock dual wield
showdown hand to hand combat
karate martial arts
one against many one man army
gunfight shootout
action hero quick draw
lifting someone into the air russian mafia
pistol whip sawed off shotgun
shooting neck breaking
cynicism bound and gagged
one word title woman shot
machine gun house burning
dead woman on the floor cold blooded murder
body bag villain
hero heroine
tied up box office flop
explosion california
death woman in jeopardy
tough guy sabotage
hitman espionage
stabbed in the hand car hit by a train
defibrillation shot through the mouth
shot in the foot severed arm
falling from height eaten alive
stabbing betrayal
violence leaving home
kidnapping hidden camera
father son relationship yelling
unsubtitled foreign language shot to death
shot in the back presumed dead
gay bar faked death
exploding car exploding body
broken leg blockbuster
train mafia
helicopter drugged drink
desert eagle double cross
garrote zoo
washington d.c. san francisco california
murder corruption
x rayed skeleton crocodile
conspiracy hostage
skydiving loading dock
body landing on a car exploding house
alligator character name in title
surprise ending

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