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Chicago Sun-Times
The kind of movie you can see twice--first for the questions, the second time for the answers.
San Francisco Chronicle
A mesmerizing film that is the most stunning, tempestuous love story in a decade or two of movie making.
San Francisco Examiner
Minghella is an artist and he has painted himself a masterpiece.
Baltimore Sun
A big, fat old-fashioned gush of passion as drawn through a post-modernist prism that makes it less easily comprehensible but more beguiling.
Mr. Showbiz
Astonishingly deep and moving.
USA Today
The big story here is Kristin Scott Thomas' captivating performance.
This is one of the year's most unabashed and powerful love stories, using flawless performances, intelligent dialogue, crisp camera work, and loaded glances to attain a level of eroticism and emotional connection that many similar films miss.
Entertainment Weekly
Lusts for catharsis yet never quite gets there, because, for all of its bitter romantic anguish, it ultimately coalesces in your head rather than your heart.
New York Daily News
A smashing success on its own terms, though as a transcendent love story it lacks the firm foundation in human reality that characterizes Lars Von Trier's superior "Breaking the Waves."
Chicago Tribune
Boasts the elements of something greater than a love story. Too bad it devotes them to something less than a great love story. [22 November 1996, Friday, p.A]
Kristin Scott Thomas is the film's revelation. She takes center stage as a smart, fearless woman who's utterly irresistible.

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