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Emma B labels Harvey 'old history'

Glamour model Emma B has described her ex-boyfriend Brian Harvey as 'old history'.

The Celebrity Wrestling star said that she is tired of talking about Harvey, admitting that she never viewed him as a long-term partner.

"He’s history. Old news. I never took him seriously as a life partner. I never saw him as the father of my unborn children," Emma told the Daily Star.

She revealed that the only reason their relationship lasted as long as it did was that she felt she had to be there for him after . . .
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Gilbert back on 'Prairie' for musical with Swayze

Gilbert back on 'Prairie' for musical with Swayze
NEW YORK - Patrick Swayze and Melissa Gilbert will star as Pa and Ma in an April workshop presentation of Prairie, a musical version of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie.

Gilbert played middle daughter Laura Ingalls in the long-running NBC television series from 1974-83. She was recently president of the Screen Actors Guild.

Beth Henley, who won a Pulitzer for Crimes of the Heart, wrote the book, Donna DiNovelli wrote the lyrics and Oscar winner Rachel Portman (Emma) composed the music. Francesca Zambello will direct.

The workshop will run April 16-17 in New York and be closed to the public. The producers are hoping for a national tour in spring 2008 before it lands in New York.

Soundtrack honors for Portman, Leiber and Stoller

LONDON -- British composer Rachel Portman, the first woman to win the Oscar for a film score (Emma) will be honored at the World Soundtrack Awards along with songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, organizers said Friday. Portman will present a selection of her scores, including The Cider House Rules, Chocolat and The Legend of Bagger Vance, at the Oct. 15 event, which is staged as part of the 32nd Flanders International Film Festival.

Gwyneth Takes Time Out for Her Baby

Gwyneth Takes Time Out for Her Baby
Motherhood is set to halt Gwyneth Paltrow's movie career because she doesn't want to become the sort of mom who puts stardom and success first. The actress feels sorry for peers who rarely see their kids due to their hectic schedules, and she insists she won't be joining them after she gives birth this summer. Instead, she plans to follow the example set by her own mother, actress Blythe Danner, when she was a child. The Emma star tells the upcoming issue of America's "W" magazine, which features the actress baring her pregnant belly on the cover, "There are certain women in this business who have children, and I just think, 'You must never, literally never, see them!' "You can't do movies back to back and see your child if they go to school... My mother turned down every fantastic movie there was. She turned down these amazing things that would have made her a huge movie star. "I might not work for ages. Acting is a fantastic job, but it's not going to define my life, much to my agent's horror."

Emily's Back On Track To Stardom

Emily's Back On Track To Stardom
British actress Emily Lloyd battled a crippling psychological disorder - but she's now back on the road to stardom. Emily who starred in the 1987 film Wish You Were Here (1987) developed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder after a trip to India. Now 29, Emily says, "It's all sorted now and my advice to anyone suffering from the same thing is - it does get better and having confidence in yourself does help... I needed a lot of time just to get away and deal with it. Counselling and some medication helped too but it's not something I want to dwell on because I think it's important to look to the future." With the future in mind Emily has got her eye on the kind of roles Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett get. She adds, "I'd love to do an Emma (1996) or an Elizabeth (1998). If somebody came up to me now and offered me a role like that, I'd jump at the chance."

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