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Forgotten Action Cinema: Detention

You may say that this particular title is too new to have been forgotten already, but ask anyone within earshot if they’ve heard of this dodgy little number and you’ll see why I’ve decided to cover it. If you’ve ever wondered what a Canadian high school might look like if veteran action hero Dolph Lundgren was hired to teach history and physical education to a group of juvenile delinquents, perhaps it’s time you sat your entire graduating class down with a tired copy of director Sidney J. Furie’s ridiculously enjoyable 2003 thriller “Detention”. The picture — a generic chemical compound featuring several elements from “Die Hard”, “Lean on Me”, and, God help us, “Demolition High” — is the epitome of silliness, a 90 minute excursion into over-the-top theatrics, cliched scenarios, and teenage pregnancy. For instance, have you ever asked your grandmother for a cinematic chase sequence involving an
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