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My New, Personally "Worst Movie Ever"...
Joe Bridge20 September 2006
G'day. I will start by saying, yes, I did only pay a dollar for this DVD, plus it came with "Dream a Little Dream 2", but one dollar was ten dollars too much, hahaha.

There is not one single good thing I can say about this, which is honestly the first time I have been in this situation. I'm at a loss for words.

Basically, it just involves a man (would-be actor) acting pointlessly crazy, screaming and laughing, and talking to himself, and carrying his dead girlfriend around, and for some reason, her body never becomes even slightly stiff and she never even loses the light from her eyes. Not for one moment does she actually look lifeless, which would have helped with the darker side this movie tries so hard to project.

I would also like to take the opportunity to mention that the ending to this almost turned my friends and I off movies for life...

Hey, I even enjoyed "Weekend at Bernie's" a little bit, but this? "Bleh" times a thousand.

I don't really "get" any of it, but perhaps I am to blame and not the ones who put it out. Oh well.

The fact that this movie has less than a hundred votes (nearly 50 giving it a 10, yeah right) indicates that the true public totally ignored this one, which can only be a good thing (especially for Val Kilmer fans).

1/10. Sorry, that's my one and only verdict. Worst movie ever. Although there are plenty of movies far better than this, which I also gave only a 1/10. On a scale of 1 to 1,000, I'd still give it a 1...

Perhaps I should point out that all the others I saw this with also said it was the worst movie they'd ever seen, and one of them was nearly 50, so I'm not alone.
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Morbid "comedy" as Parody of the Hollywood Machine
vanguard-studio27 February 2000
I liked it. Going into the experience expecting an utter horror show was actually a plus, I think. Whatever it was, I found it utterly engaging. Sort of like the car wreck theory of entertainment that has catapulted such questionable talent as Howard Stern and Jerry Springer into superstardom. It was so shocking you couldn't wait to see what it threw at you next.

I really liked the "dead girl as script" analogy. That seemed to really work for me. When you're involved in developing a script, it's very much like a love hate relationship with a mate. One day, you feel it's the best thing you've ever done. The next day, you hurl it in the trash (like when he abandons her at the diner). When it finally gets bought, the director and actors dissect it, cut it, rearrange it, essentially rape it (like the scene with the director in the trailer). Okay, so some of the commentary on the superficiality of Hollywood was heavy-handed I admit.

Which brings me to Val's character. Who or what was he supposed to represent? His only interest in Ari seemed to be his connection with Hollywood and his potential to become a big star. He's very concerned with Ari's relationship with the bigwig agent. He is most often disinterested with only a few emotional outbursts which appear random, unnerving. He's not the media, not the public... the Hollywood establishment maybe? Does he represent a place where you are defined by who you know...? A place where you are measured by the box office receipts of your last picture? A place where style is valued over substance? I don't know. Am I grasping at straws here?

Another puzzle is the Amanda Plummer character. Who was she supposed to represent? She was a busy little bee buzzing around Ari's head, desperate for attention and affection. Maybe she embodies all actors and actresses both the wannabes and the realized? Love me! LOVE ME!

Tell me, am I making any sense here? Have you even read this far? Well, thank you if you have. I appreciate everyone's help on this one. The fascination for me lies in Val's decision to take on this role. Why? What was his motivation? He must have had the inside scoop on all the real meanings behind the script. If the BIG GUY liked it, it must be good. Right?
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An Ed Wood reject
acearms19 January 2002
I've seen some bad movies in my time and this one has to top the list. Val Kilmer and William McNamara are two of my favorite actors. They should be ashamed of themselves to have their quality acting names associated with this awful thing called a movie. Its and Ed Wood reject.
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Not meant to be an actual movie, so don't pick on it too much? Well, maybe not...
grasshopper_xla29 September 2006
Okay, it's obvious that this disturbing exercise in totally annoying any potential viewers was not meant to be a movie or to be viewed by anyone in public, as it states. I too got this cheapy cheap as a double-feature with an additional non-movie. I think the store had only ordered in one or two copies even at bargain bin rates.

Yeah, the ending, what was that all about? Don't know if people should really even be allowed to rate this, but I'll give it a full one just for daring to mimic the concept of film, in and of itself.

Sort of like if you took a photograph of dirt and hung it up, and called it a painting.

Go watch "River's Edge" instead.
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One of The Best movies I have ever seen!!
tranceraven7 July 2004
I have seen so many movies in this life, I almost got into the movie business when I was in College, so lets say I kind of understand a bit about the subject. And I must tell everyone that this movie is brilliant!

Adam Coleman Howard is just fabulous as a director and actor in this crazy, demented, twisted, avant Gard, surreal yet hilarious movie!

Also..Val Kilmer's work is just superb as he plays hilariously Dr. Dark.

I think this is maybe the best black humor movie of the last 20 years!!!

This is a movie for a few people only. Very very selective!!

Congrats! And my fav. scene is the one Ari is playing with Helen Catherine and he takes her hand and hits himself as if she did it but she is dead....simple sketch with brilliant direction and acting.

Also..for Vanguarda-Studio from boston.. why does every single roll and aspect in the movie has to be an analogy or metaphor concerning the Hollywood machina? Cant u just think maybe just most of them? but not ALL? hehe
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If the BIG GUY (Kilmer) liked it, it must be good. Right?
alana-dill13 May 2004
Well, no dear. Val Kilmer is a sensitive, funny, intelligent, attractive actor with both range and depth - probably one of the best of his generation (also mine, since he's a year older than me). His performances in several films - most notably The Doors, The Saint, Real Genius, and Kill Me Again - have been wonderful. But he has a real problem choosing intelligent scripts. I'd love to see Kilmer do more comedy; it would be really fun to see him parody the "iceman" character or, hell, I don't know, he just needs to spend more time on skates and less time portraying creepy people. Unfortunately I doubt he reads these comments...
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