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Jon Bon Jovi auditioned for the lead role.
Originally, the main character's name was going to be "Michael Corvin"
The following were in the original version of the film, but cut from the theatrical version by Miramax in order to make The Crow: City of Angels more like The Crow: - Before Ashe runs from Sarah's apartment, he does not believe he is alive so Sarah stabs him with a kitchen knife. - When Ashe is going after Spidermonkey at the Trinity Drug Plant. Ashe takes Spidermonkey's gun and says, "Don't try this at home, kids!" and shoots himself. Then as Spidermonkey approaches, Ashe gets up, scaring Spidermonkey. - After Nemo is killed, Ashe confronts Holly Daze, the stripper he was with and tells her not to come here while tugging on her at the same time. - When Ashe builds Danny's grave, he does not burn his painting. - Kali and Curve's deaths are the other way around. - When Kali is thrown out of the window, there is a shadow of a giant crow morphing into Ashe showing that the Crow and Ashe are one - Kali is still alive, though crippled and unable to move, after being thrown out of the window. Ashe then comes out of nowhere and Kali commands him to kill her quickly because she is in pain. Ashe refuses and leaves her to die slowly as the crow symbol appears in blood around her.
  • Judah tells the captured Sarah about himself nearly drowning as a child and visiting hell before he was revived, which he enjoyed, leading to him becoming the way that he is. - When the specter of Danny is at the Day of the Dead festival, he says to Ashe that it is time to go. Ashe says that he must protect Sarah and Danny disappears. Ashe looks for him in the crowd and turns a drunk guy around, believing it was Danny. - During the Judah fight scene, Danny's painting falls from Ashes coat. Judah rips it up. - In this version, Sarah and Ashe talk to each other just before Sarah dies. In which Ashe says he stayed on earth for her. - The ending is different. Because Ashe chose to go after Sarah which led to her (an innocent person) being killed, he must remain on Earth forever as part of the undead without her or Danny. - Ashe puts on Sarah's ring to remind him of her. - When Ashe brings Sarah to the church, the priest asks Ashe, "What will you do now, my son?" Ashe replies that he can't let another shadow take over Los Angeles...

Vincent Perez, who played Ashe, did use a stuntman for some scenes; however, he insisted on doing the stunts at the final scene of the movie himself, including falling from a building from five stories up, being beaten with a whip, and begin hung from a streetlight.
The rhyme about crows comes from the original comic book "The Crow" by James O'Barr.
This was Thuy Trang's final movie.
Tori Amos was considered for the role of Sarah, but refused because she did not like the character.
The couplet which Sarah quotes: "That all the world will be in love with night / And pay no worship to the garish sun" is from "Romeo and Juliet", Act 3.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Body count: 10.
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