The Crow: City of Angels (1996) Poster

Plot Keywords

crow the crow
murder drugs
revenge tattoo artist
tattoo thrown out window
villainess dead woman on ground
hero kills a woman defenestration
hand to hand combat sequel by name only
gangster shooting
combat tragic hero
switching characters martial arts
mixed martial arts poetic justice
blood splatter gore
disarming someone semiautomatic pistol
pistol machine gun
gunfight shootout
showdown duel
knife throwing knife fight
knife tough guy
one against many one man army
action hero hero
returning character with different actor drug use
drug lord psychic communication
religion street kid
girl post apocalypse
los angeles california motorcycle mechanic
make up murder of son
black leather based on comic book
flashback father son relationship
card trick voice over narration
supernatural power sadism
bare breasts vigilante
superhero justice
halloween gothic
good versus evil drug abuse
death crime boss
based on comic strip rock band
public hanging painting
organized crime motorcycle
fog cat
witness to a crime long coat
second part female nudity
chained evil man
dark heroine narration from the grave
righteous rage shot to death
wig stabbed in the head
stabbed in the hand stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back shot in the leg
shot in the back shot in the arm
s&m returning character killed off
person on fire masturbation
masked man lesbian kiss
kicked in the crotch impalement
hanging female frontal nudity
falling from height eye gouging
exploding building exploding body
drowning dominatrix
brutality body landing on a car
blood sequel to cult favorite
back from the dead dark hero
child murder violence
sequel peep show
death of son death of child
character name in title

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