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Author: wind-22 from Canada
3 December 2006

A feel good Christmas Tale. What a wonderful adaptation of a true story.

Anyone who's ever made the trek (or dreamed of) to see the tree in Rockefeller Centre will love this movie.

The charm of the need to feel close and loved by the lost child, and how the mystery of her life come together in this magical tale. The corporate search and it's attempt to walk all over anyone in it's pass is squashed by the lovely endearing nun.

I would love to see it every year but sadly it's been tucked away like so many of the wonderful Christmas values we had years ago.

If you're looking for a special movie, contact your local TV station and request the movie....maybe, just maybe... we can bring back the true meaning of Christmas.

Happy Holidays, Everyone...and every day of the year!

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Tree - Where do I begin?

Author: karenschriver from Canada
22 November 2005

When "The Christmas Tree" was on, the phone rang. It was my mother. I had picked up the phone without really thinking. All I said was that the best Christmas movie ever was on and I could not talk right then and hung up the phone, not answering again, until the show ended. I have a big flowering crab that grows in front of my house that gives me so much pleasure during every season and I sometimes think of it as "Tree". I agree with others, why do they not replay this movie on TV? Release it, let us buy it. I would so love the opportunity to see it again. I have bought the book and it is nice, but Sally Field really brought the story to life.

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The Christmas Tree

Author: mdpjp from United States
12 February 2005

This was a charming TV movie. One I wish were available on VHS or DVD. It was a thoughtful and seasonally appropriate movie demonstrating the love one has for nature's gifts and learning to let go of those cherished gifts, to make way for something new. Think about giving up something as an adult, which you have cherished since childhood. I imagine it would be very difficult. That's one part of what this movie allows the viewer to be aware of. Of course there are other story lines about growth and love and giving. All very much a part of the meaning of Christmas. While an uncomplicated plot overall, the movie encourages the basics of the Christmas season and the basics one usually encounters in life. A simple story with several valuable lessons.

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Love is a many splendor-ed tree!

Author: lfowden84 from Australia
25 December 2006

Saw this on TV. A simple and beautifully told story of an young girl searching for love and her father. Like most children she has her "security blanket" which in her case happens to be a tree...... That beautiful tree is her confidant,her confort,her everything. So you can image her reaction when she is asked to give up this constant source of joy to be cut down and become the Christmas tree in the Rockefeller center. The story unfolds with such emotions by letting us know the life of the sister who adopted the Tree. Right until the end her roller coaster of emotions keeps us fixed and transfixed to the chair. Loved it and loved Julie Harris controlled acting.The sententially story of Cristmas without the usual HO HO HO. Recommended. Millie

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Gorgeous Christmas film from slim novel...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
30 October 2006

Sure, it's sentimental. Sure, it's schmaltzy. But isn't Christmas, when you get that warm glow from thinking about the holiday season--in a Norman Rockwell kind of setting--just as schmaltzy too? I read the beautifully illustrated book and thought it would make a wonderful present for my sister who lives in Maine. After this made-for-TV film came out, I contacted her to find out how she liked the film--which I thought was wonderful. She just found it empty, not saying much, a disappointment.

But I think it was a very slender story to begin with and Sally Field has directed it with an eye for warm details and, yes, sentiment. And JULIE HARRIS gives the kind of performance she's famous for--simple, earnest, truthful. The tree had become something so close to her that she was reluctant to see it torn down to serve as New York City's famous tree at Rockefeller Center.

Unfortunately, the story details escape me now, having seen it only once the night it made its debut in '96 and expecting that it would become a rerun the way IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE did. No way. All of the performances were fine and although many would find it a bit hokey to make such a fuss over a tree that ends up in Rockefeller Center, it was done in a way that had a magic sort of appeal. Beautifully photographed with lush vistas of New England landscapes, it had a certain charm that tried to capture the warmth of the book.

Summing up: By all means worth seeing, if you can. I have no idea why it has simply disappeared from sight.

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The best Christmas movie ever!

Author: zippysden from United States
20 January 2006

This movie has become a traditional part of my Christmas season along with the movie All Mine to Give. I was lucky enough to have taped it when it was shown just once the following year and then never again. Of course I have all the advertisements, etc. to skip over but it is still worth it. This is a movie that stays with you forever. No matter how many times I see it I am still left with the same haunting feeling. I can't understand why it is not rerun or sold on DVD. Every year I search for a store copy of this beautiful movie showing how the greatest joy can be had with just the simplest things -- a tree and a beat up old satchel.

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Sentimental? Well, YEAH!

Author: scarlettudor from Nitro, West Virginia USA
13 November 2005

Some movies just stick with you. You continue thinking of them, being reminded of them, for years to come.

'The Christmas Tree,' directed by Sally Field, starring Julie Harris, is one of those movies.

Why it has not been re-shown on TV since its 1996 debut, I do not understand. Why is it not available for sale or rent anywhere, I do not know.

Tree is about a young girl who is an orphan, living in a convent. Her special friend is a tree, to whom she takes all her joys and sorrows. During the course of the movie, her early history is revealed, as well as a glorious future for Tree.

Some might call it sentimental, but isn't that a lot of what Christmas is about? I haven't looked at a tree quite the same way since.

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A story that should become a Christmas tradition..

Author: ( from United States
29 January 2007

simply put I am a huge fan of Christmas stories, GOOD Christmas stories. the year the Christmas tree was aired I was sick to death with the flu...... as i watched this beautiful movie with one of our most revered actresses Julie Harris it was so refreshing to finally see something different about one of the most popular Christmas events-we have ,the Christmas tree in Rockefeller square. What gives with not releasing this movie. I am so tired of the same old same old ridiculous Christmas stories that are being produced, silly...too romantic.....overly sappy... AND I LOVE SAP..... please please please....try to get this movie released,it should become a Christmas tradition. Sorry for the length of this, but I have been searching for this movie for years..... Thank you so much...David

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The Christmas Tree 1996 Julie Harris

Author: pegglesstar from United States
14 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was one of the best movies I have ever seen, and should be available to view every year, its a classic!! The center of the movie is focused on Nun played by Julie Harris, and how one of the greatest trees are searched out , found, then placed on display in New York.. Julie Harris made a special bond , one that started when she was a little girl, with "Tree", a bond so different , yet unique. You almost feel the tree is alive and you feel, the part "Tree" played in the mind of a young child, giving her comfort as she grew to adulthood. I would indeed buy this movie I look every year for it, its really a good movie and should be viewed every Christmas.

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I cried and I cried and I cried.

Author: j89434 from Ohio
24 January 2004

This is a great tear-jerker. I cried and I cried and I cried. I am old-fashioned and sentimental and this filled the spot. Possibly a "woman's movie"? I would highly recommend this to people who are loving, thoughtful, and sensitive.

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