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[Sy Lerner interrupts Johnny Depp and Jim Jarmusch while they are meditating in order to pitch them a film]

Sy Lerner: This is a very spiritual film. This is a film written by a poet, whose father was a poet, one of the great American cowboy poets.

Sy Lerner: [to Jim Jarmusch] And in fact, this is the kind of film that you would be perfect to direct. Now I don't know if you could handle a budget that big, 25 million, 'cause you're not used to working with that...

Jim Jarmusch: Hey, I could handle any budget - 100 million - but I'm on a level above the earth right now. I'm interested in spiritual...

Johnny Depp: We're floating. Right now, we're floating. Jim and I are above you.

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Sy Lerner: Since 'HandGun' and this picture...

Treat Williams: Yeah...

Sy Lerner: I've seen you come alive as an actor again. You were dying on TV. I'm glad you got out of that, shit.

Treat Williams: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sy Lerner: It's true, you?

Treat Williams: I know.

Sy Lerner: So you got some money. You can be comfortable now. But I've got the part for you. 'Cannes Man' written by Frank Rhino.

Treat Williams: Oh, Sy, Sy, Are you gonna pitch something to me now? I'm not gonna...

Sy Lerner: I'm gonna tell you. Malkovich, he wants to do it. Malkovich has signed to do it. Hopper's signed to do it. Not to act, though, thank God, I think I'm gonna let him direct it... Treat.

Treat Williams: Can I just read it, please?

Sy Lerner: I love you more than any actor I know. I wouldn't offer this part to anybody else. I don't give a shit who wants it.

Treat Williams: I'll read the script, Sy, okay?

Sy Lerner: If Brando got skinny, I wouldn't give it to him.

Treat Williams: Okay, let me read the script, okay?

Sy Lerner: This is your part. Alright.

Treat Williams: Could I just read it? I'll read the script. I mean, could I...? Is it ready?

Sy Lerner: You want to meet the guy?

Treat Williams: With all due respect, could I...? Could I read it?

Sy Lerner: You can read it. Rhino is the hottest male writer since Hemingway. Speaking of Faulkner.

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