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John Travolta was given the choice of playing either Deakins or Hale in the film. He chose the villain Deakins.
Director John Woo originally wanted Hale to die during the film.
Oliver Wood was considered to be the film's director of photography, but he was unable to take the job, due to the broken ankle he sustained while shooting Cutthroat Island (1995). He was replaced by Peter Levy (who had also replaced him on Cutthroat Island). Director John Woo later picked Wood to shoot his next film, Face/Off (1997).
The phrase "broken arrow" is not actually used to refer to the theft, loss or seizure of nuclear weapons or components from the U.S.;that's known as an "empty quiver". A "broken arrow" is defined by CJCSI 3150.03B, Joint Reporting Structure Event and Incident Reports, as a US nuclear weapon accident that does not create the risk of a nuclear war.
Samantha Mathis plays Terry Carmichael, the love interest of Christian Slater's character Riley Hale. She also played the love interest of Slater's character in the movie Pump Up the Volume (1990). They also voiced characters that were "romantically involved" in the movie FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992).
The pistol used by Vic Deakins is a Beretta 93R 3rd Generation model
In an interview on Parkinson (1971), Halle Berry recalled that the producers turned her down for the role of Terry Carmichael and told her "there are no black park rangers".
Jennifer Aniston was considered for the role of park ranger Terry Carmichael.
During the final few blows of the last fist fight, as Hale is punching and kicking, growls and roars of large cats (i.e. lions, tigers, etc.) can be heard.
In the mine, the weapon that Deakins uses is a Ruger AC556K.
Christian Slater turned down a role in Assassins (1995) to work with director John Woo.
As preparation for his role in this movie, Christian Slater gave up smoking.
To promote the film, the publicity unit sent sunglasses resembling the ones worn by John Travolta to media outlets. The sunglasses had the Broken Arrow logo printed on the lower left lens.
The main characters in the film are wearing Breitling Aeorospace watches with quartz movement and titanium casing.
According to "Trains" Magazine, the train chase scene was actually filmed on the Shortline Montana Western, which of course is not in Utah or Colorado. There is no real rail company called "National Regional."
The deep reverberant guitar solo in the recurring musical cue was performed by Grammy Award winner Duane Eddy.
Lauren Holly was considered for the role of Terry Carmichael.
Helen Hunt was offered the role of Terry Carmichael but turned it down in favor of Twister (1996).

Director Trademark 

John Woo:  [unusual hand-to-hand weapons]  On the train, Terry kicks the helicopter's tail-rotor against Shepherd's arm to knock him off-balance.
John Woo:  [guns]  Riley uses two guns in the mine.
John Woo:  [reflection]  Riley sees the reflection of Deakins pulling a gun on him in the cockpit.
John Woo:  [mexican stand-off]  Twice - Once between Carmichael (Samantha Mathis) and Hale (Christian Slater) when they first meet in the Utah desert and once with Deakins (John Travolta) and Kelly (Howie Long) on the train.
John Woo:  [verbal confrontation between opponents from opposite sites of a wall]  Deakins (John Travolta) and Hale (Christian Slater) talk to each other through a caved-in part of the mine.
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