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Chicago Sun-Times
Not many movies like this get made, because not many filmmakers are so bold, angry and defiant.
Entertainment Weekly
True art is a journey to somewhere you've never been, and there has never been a movie quite like Breaking the Waves.
One of the most haunting and vital movies of the year.
New York Daily News
One of the most emotionally devastating movies of the decade.
Chicago Tribune
A movie about the passions of simple people, and it's done with such extraordinary empathy and commitment that it all but pulls you under. [29 November 1996, Friday, p.A]
Philosophically complex, spiritual but anti-religious, harrowing yet hopeful.
Mr. Showbiz
Not only one of the best films of the year, it's one of the best films of the decade.
Rolling Stone
"Waves" is a spellbinder.
The simplified, handheld camerawork and the idea of “cutting for emotion” rather than continuity gets the most out of his actors, who are free to clash and improvise within a scene without worrying about hitting their marks.
Austin Chronicle
With this artlessly profound and affecting story of love, von Trier emerges as one of those blessed filmmakers who've managed to blend their early stylistic flamboyance with enough human empathy to make their work both visually and emotionally compelling.
If not for a somewhat forced catharsis during the epilogue (the weakest segment of the movie), Breaking the Waves would have been more wrenching than it is.
A trying, contrary mix of religion and carnality that teeters on the verge of preposterous self-indulgence.
Shallow where it would be meaningful, demanding leaps of faith it has not earned, this film's marriage of arresting technique to empty thinking is not unique, only frustrating.
USA Today
The longer the movie drones on, the queasier it gets. [6 June 1997, Life, p.3D]

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