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This is a movie about friendship, about foolhardy endeavors that get your adrenaline going and make you feel life buzzing in your toes. Written with wit and concision and remarkable confidence, Bottle Rocket is a joyride worth taking.
Entertainment Weekly
The title refers to cheap fireworks that fizz before they flame out quietly, and that's what three Southwestern slackers do in this amiable heist movie-cum-road flick.
In an era not exactly short of quirky bungled heist movies, Anderson and Wilson take an interesting tack - coming in late on lifelong relationships, and showing us the pay-offs to friendships and resentments that have been simmering for years.
Its tone has elements of Jim Jarmusch and the Coen brothers but without Jarmusch's self-conscious artiness or the Coens' hip snottiness.
Full of surprising warmth and charm, unexpected plot turns and droll characters that bounce off each other in refreshing ways.
USA Today
Rocket flies with comic-kaze crooks. [21 February 1996, p. D6]
It's a cool breeze of a comedy, with a slant on things that's dark but compassionate. Watching Bottle Rocket doesn't just make you laugh. It makes you smile between the laughs, think beneath the smiles.
Bottle Rocket's off-handed, anti-professional humor is extremely amusing and its ability to evoke the bittersweet pangs of love and friendship very poignant.
sStarts and finishes strong, but, somewhere in the middle, it loses its focus and its way.
Anderson has a great deal of empathy for his charming band of fuck-ups, but the characters are thinly drawn, and Anderson's attempts to lend the story emotional weight, like giving Anthony a ludicrously one-dimensional love interest in South American housekeeper Inez (Lumi Cavazos), largely fall flat.
This lightweight road picture about a group of inept thieves has an uneven beginning but ends up charming and satisfying.
Entertaining if you understand exactly what it is: if you see it as a film made by friends out of the materials presented by their lives and with the freedom to not push too hard.
Bottle Rocket's minimalist pop has a refreshing flavor but insufficient bubbles for a long, cool drink. Maybe someone ought to think about culling this thing down into a sustainable short film.
The film itself is wretched. A grueling, numbing black hole.
Several times during this film, you wish you were a bottle rocket so you could explode out of your seat and leave this tedious mess behind.

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