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Chicago Sun-Times
By the end of the movie, we have been through an emotional and a sensual wringer, in a film of great wisdom and delight.
Entertainment Weekly
The real feast is in the mix of characters, each so finely and unschmaltzily delineated in a script so confident and controlled that even the most passing of participants comes alive.
San Francisco Examiner
Big Night's beauty is the fact that it is about passion.
Mr. Showbiz
It is one of the most beautifully staged American movies in a very long time.
Austin Chronicle
Big Night is, in a word, delicious.
USA Today
A robustly imaginative sleeper
Chicago Tribune
May not have the size and grandeur of some of the biographical and political epics being released this fall, but I defy you to find a better written, more honest -- or yes, more satisfying and delicious -- movie this year. [27 September 1996, Friday, p.C]
In addition to their deft skill with light drama, the directors understand well-placed humor, and throw just the right amount of comedy into the mix to make Big Night fun without turning it into an outright farce.
San Francisco Chronicle
Both a delightful story and a great food movie that ranks with "Like Water for Chocolate'' or "Babette's Feast.''
Rolling Stone
A feast of a film done on a low budget with a menu featuring top-grade acting, writing and direction.
The script is shapeless and it all goes on far too long.

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