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A film that surprises and grows on you.
Bing-1818 February 1999
This is one of those films, like Only You (Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jnr.), that you catch by accident and are then surprised that it wasn't a bigger hit.

This film certainly had all the right ingredients, good Hollywood stars and good actors into the bargain, an everyday setting, and a completely believable storyline.

Its lack of success is probably down to the fact that both Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson were both better known for playing much more serious or action roles and this was quite a departure for them.

Where the film really falls down is the script, which any English student could probably have written without difficulty, but it is a credit to the two stars that such an endearing and enjoyable movie is rescued from it.

The script simply attempts too much, with both characters having troubled pasts when it comes to relationships and so it then comes as slightly unbelievable that Slater's character suddenly finds the courage to take the lead as he does.

Both the actors, though, give wonderful performances which really make you feel for their situation and involve you with their lives. This, mixed with some great comic moments from Pamela Segall make for a very enjoyable romantic comedy which doesn't lose its appeal with time.

A must see for all commitment phobics!
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Warm and Wonderful
gospelpicker23 October 2006
Bed of Roses is easily one of the best romance movies ever. Even if the movie wasn't as good as it is, the soundtrack alone would make it worth watching. But, the movie itself is wonderful and full of warmth. Bed of Roses has the kind of story you would like to live out for yourself. True, people don't usually meet and fall in love the way Lewis and Lisa do in this movie, but isn't that the purpose of movies and music? The story and characters are as unique as they are addictive. When the movie ended, I found myself wanting more. This is one movie that will stick with you. I dare you to watch it only once.

If you enjoyed Bed of Roses, you might also like At First Sight with Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino.
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A big bouquet of happiness will be delivered to any viewer who chooses to watch this fine film
Amy Adler13 February 2007
Lisa (Mary Stuart Masterson) is a rising businesswoman who rarely devotes herself to anything but work and more work. This is, in part, because of events that occurred during her childhood. She has a drop-in boyfriend who doesn't really spend any quality time with her but, Lisa is certain she likes it that way. That is, until the day a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is delivered to her at the office, without a card. Lisa calls friends and work colleagues to try to determine who sent her this gift. No luck. As a last resort, she goes to the florist and begs for information about the giver. She is stunned to learn that the delivery man, Lewis (Christian Slater) is her unknown fan. Lewis tells her about his interest in her and Lisa is cautious, of course. But, over the next few weeks, Lisa and Lewis become closer. Yet, something is wrong. What could it be? This is a quietly beautiful love story. Masterson is pretty and touching as the woman who doesn't know much about love and Slater is wonderful as the florist who learns to open up his heart again, too. The rest of the cast is nice and the script, costumes, sets and production values are very good. If you are drawn to stories of romance, this one should land on your must-see list. It is a bouquet of humor, heartache, and happy endings that will have you floating on air, smiling like crazy.
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Romantically Sweet
Spiffy-Tiffy9 October 1999
At the time that this movie was in theaters, I didn't really want to see it, so I didn't. I later rented it on one of those nights where I needed a feel good romance.

Bed of Roses was that and a lot more. Christian Slater was amazing as a very rare male romantic, and Mary Stuart Masterson was also endearing as his love interest.

The only downfall was the trite script, but that was more than made up for by the wonderful acting, and the beautiful idea of the story.

It makes you really think about what love is really all about.

For a wonderful romantic movie that gives you a reason to go out and look for that special someone, see Bed of Roses.
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don't miss it
scorpioscorpion21 May 2004
Here we go, a rating from a guy....who really hates chick flicks...but sorry guys ... this movie is tops. Mary Stuart Masterson is fabulous and the perfect cast for the role. Admittedly i've had a crush on her for years but this film is meant to give that glimmer of hope to those who think they'll never find someone. Its a romance story and being an action fan find myself in somewhat uncharted waters. The plot is basic as a love story and not meant to be taken literally... Bottom line here for you guys is...if you want to impress the wife or girlfriend or make up after a this movie together...all with be forgiven scorpio
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Great acting, mediocre movie
George Carr7 May 1999
I enjoyed this film, but only for two specific things: the acting of Masterson and Slater. Masterson is startlingly good, and Slater shows a deeper range than I previously thought. The rest of the film, though, is shallow and never fully realized. Plot elements are thin and almost unbelievable, several of the supporting actors are terrible, the music is trite and unoriginal, the cinematography is downright boring, and the dialogue falls into inanity and predictability too often. If not for the heroic performances of the lead couple, this film would be entirely forgettable. Masterson, though, is truly gifted, and digs deep to find the center of her character, and Slater reaches a bit himself for a romantic side I've never seen. I give it a 6, for the acting alone.
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Good film if you don't dig too deep
leliorisen4 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I bought this movie primarily because I am a sucker for a good love story and I also happen to love Jann Arden's "Insensitive." I was quite surprised to learn who the song was directed to in the film, but that's another story.

On the level of light entertainment, this film makes a nice viewing. But when you go below the surface, there are an awful lot of problems.

It's one thing to have a relatively short film (88 min). It's another to have a 3-month time lapse condensed to a couple of minutes and give us no clue as to how one of the 2 characters is faring until we see the resolution. There were several times in this film when there were substantial time shifts and it was interspersed in such a manner that you tend to get thrown a bit off-balance.

*SPOILER: Additionally, this film is a bit offensive in that it uses prior child abuse merely as a plot device. It never really delves into it and keeps everything vague. Because of this Mary Stuart Masterson's character certainly comes off as alienated, but only in a surface manner. One would assume that a long-term relationship might only work for her if she initiated serious therapy. This film never addresses that. If one believes that 'love conquers all' it would probably not be an issue. But that concept isn't reality-based.

And there are unneccesary ambiguities in this film as well. Is the issue of Masterson falling in love being met with dissatisfaction from her boss? Has she become a better worker for not being a workaholic? These office scenes are handled very poorly and become relatively superfluous.

Performance-wise, Christian Slater does indeed come across well as an offbeat prince charming and Pamela Segall is excellent as the best friend, though she seems to be channeling Brenda Morgenstern. The biggest problem is Mary Stuart Masterson. She plays awkward and stiff well, but this role could probably have been cast better. Personally, I would have liked to have seen someone a bit plainer, such as Janeane Garafolo, in the part. It would have given Slater's motivation more depth. Could he fall in love and attempt to be a savior for a troubled woman if she wasn't especially pretty?

At any rate, "Bed of Roses" is well worth a watch. Just so long as one enjoys it for the light entertainment it is.
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Loved it!
newyrsbb6919 March 2002
I really loved this movie. Mary Stuart Masterson and Christian Slater are great as a couple and I found myself rooting for them all the way through. Christian Slater's character, Lewis, is sweet and sexy and leaves me wondering...does he have a brother?
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Excellent Movie for the Hopeful Romantic!
Peter Stawicki6 August 2001
How can I even start. This movie is a true love story about bringing together two people so different from one another that under anything but the most unusual circumstances they would never even cross paths. And isn't that what we all want? A magic moment with someone that comes out of left field? Christian Slater is excellent as a shy but well meaning character who has nothing but the best intentions. His pain is easy to feel and his thoughts about the world are childlike, innocent, and so on target (We should all go to story hour sometime!) Mary Stuart Masterson is the picture of todays executive - hustling and bustling while never even giving thought to what she really wants deep inside. The two together are just the picture of how love should be. (The morning after scene is something I will always wish for in life and will never achieve)I honestly thought while watching this - if you could just run the credits after the morning after this would have been the perfect movie but into life a little rain must fall and so we have the second half. But even this I love because don't we all have those insecurities, that cowardice hiding deep inside?? Trust me - its worth a watch - everyone I know loves it and I have to fight to get the tape back when I loan it out!!
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Definitely for the Romantics!
Lee-1072 August 1999
This movie definitely stands as one of the most romantic films I've ever seen! I loved the very basis on which the movie was based - presenting a bouquet of flowers is such a day to day affair but how beautifully this little ritual was transformed into a touching love story between two people who need soul mates. There's Lisa, the busy VP of a company, an orphan who has had an unhappy childhood with her foster father but whose death at the start of the movie leaves her with a deep sense of shock and loss and there's Lewis, a florist, living in his own floral world, with a huge family but someone who is no stranger to loss himself, having lost his wife. These two people from considerably different backgrounds are destined to meet and fall in love...

Christian Slater's character is every girl's living dream! Lewis as a man is perfect, make Chritian Slater play him and it seldom gets better than that! ;) This was the first movie with Mary Stuart Masterson that I saw and I was sold! The woman is excellent! I saw films like 'Fried Green Tomatoes' and 'Digging to China' later just for her! I don't agree with what one more viewer over here has written - that MSM is just not the kind of girl a guy like Christian Slater would fall for. Making Lisa too beautiful would have lessened the human-ness of her character I think... Lisa, that way, is moderate in all ways, beautiful in a class of her own, not the most romantic person and with a past which makes her a trifle cautious about love, since she herself has received it in grudging doses...

Analysis apart, see this movie for an hour and a half of "unadulterated" romance... With a beautiful music score(Scarlet's 'Independent love song', Sarah McLachlan's 'Ice Cream' and Michael Convertino's ethereal music!) I have the OST of this film and it's one of the best I've heard! The dialogues - "..nothing like a finicky agapanthus..", " must have been some mistake in the floral world.." - are quite witty! If not ANYthing, just watch to have a peek at Lewis's dream-like terrace "garden"! Sigh! If all guys had such gardens on their terraces, all the girls would be bowled over like Lisa is and the ozone layer for once wouldn't be depleting! ;) Those are highly unromantic thoughts to occur while writing about love and romance in full bloom (pun intended..!)

But all said and done, this film is definitely for the romantic at heart! Those who're not, are perhaps likely to dismiss it as rosy mush! I liked it because the film had substance. 'Bed of Roses' wouldn't fall into the Romantic Comedy genre, 'cos a comedy it certainly isn't. And thank god for that! There are unfortunately very few rom-coms that are mercifully devoid of the same formulaic dialogue, contrived plot-settings and fact most are disappointingly mediocre('Notting Hill' is one classic example...) 'Bed of Roses' is just a romantic movie - it doesn't have comedy elements that are inserted in films more often as ploys to rope in a wider audience than for the need of them in the story per se...anyone who dismisses 'Bed of Roses' because of its lack of comedy or because they think it's a "chick-flick" - too bad! You're missing out on a good film!
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The Dropout and the Foundling
bkoganbing30 March 2012
When you cast Christian Slater in a part where he sends flowers to a complete stranger you never know what you're going get. It's not like he hasn't played off balance people before. And some might consider what he does to Mary Stuart Masterson as stalking.

But Slater and Masterson make a fetching romantic couple in Bed Of Roses as a pair of lonely people looking for something or someone to complete them as a line in another film done in late 90s said. Slater has never been this romantic before or since on the big screen. Parts like he had in Kuffs, Pump Up The Volume, and Heathers are more like what he's identified with.

Slater in fact was once in Masterson's world, he was a runner with Goldman&Sachs who lost a wife and child in childbirth. After that he just dropped out of it all and became a florist delivery man because flowers are beautiful and everyone is happy to see him when he delivers.

Masterson is in that world now, but all she has is work. She was a foundling who was left at the Pittsburgh airport and raised in a foster home with a man who drank considerably and its hinted he may have done other terrible things to her. She has no romantic illusions, she does have work though and the world of high finance demands her attention completely.

Bed Of Roses is a good, but not great film. It's lack of development of supporting characters is a big weakness. Still it's the definition of a star vehicle and the stars do shine in this one.
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Best movie I've ever seen
millchr23 September 2004
The movie was great! From the beginning on it was a very modern film of it's time and was a smooth flowing from start to finish. The music is nice and contemporary as if it were from a new age track, and the story line was superb. A very romantic date movie, with some comedic sparks and some dramatic scenes. A well planned, and carefully plotted storyline. Mary Stuart was great as the character Lisa, and she matched perfectly with Lewis. (Christian Slater) THis is not your typical love story that stems from the previous love stories. This is a new day and age love story that will either have you in tears or ready to grab the nearest box of tissue. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or not, this movie will definitely spark that twitterpation feeling you have when new love comes your way.
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Predictable, cliches, scenes you've seen a thousand times;
LanceFAugust28 April 2002
Nothing new in this hackneyed romance with characters put into unbelievable situations, speaking dialogue that borders on the ridiculous. This is an example of another movie put into production before serious script problems were solved. Don't waste your time.
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Magical Masterpiece of sound and sight
issalambert17 March 2003
This is a movie for those of you who have given up on the magic of love at first sight. Along with a beautiful picture score, this movie wakes up the giddy teenager that is inside us all. I mean how many of us can say that we were romanced on a garden rooftop in New York City? The character Louis is so mysteriously deep, it is often impossible not to fall in love with him along with Mary Stuart Masterson. This is one of my all time favorite love stories that I like to watch to wake up my inner feelings. The original motion picture score is also among my collection of music. Very inspiring!
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Restraining order please...
socalcarli30 July 2006
I've tried to like this film, really. In watching it, all I can think is, "This guy gives me the creeps, I would have gotten a restraining order". It also calls out CODEPENDENCE in capital letters. Was this really the conversation before making the movie? "Let's make a film that puts two chronically depressed, socially inept people into a relationship which deepens their isolation and encourages them to complain about how bad their lives are!" From what I've seen in life is that the last thing on earth we find attractive in a potential mate is constant self-pity.

The mood of the movie is distinctly 80-ish; brooding and slow. Don't get me wrong, the film has its moments, just very few of them.
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SnoopyStyle8 January 2017
Investment broker Lisa Walker (Mary Stuart Masterson) is sad. After her foster father Stanley's death, she breaks down at home. She was abandoned as a baby. Her foster mother died early on and Stanley was an uncaring drunk. Danny (Josh Brolin) is her inattentive boyfriend. Kim (Pamela Adlon) is her best and only friend. Lewis Farrell (Christian Slater) delivers flowers to her. He's a shy florist who also suffered losses. At first, he's unwilling to tell her the anonymous sender. He finally reveals that he sent the flowers after seeing her crying through her window.

This is a sappy romance but not much of a tear jerker. It's romanticism without any pretense of being more. Masterson and Slater are an appealing photogenic couple. Most importantly, one really likes both characters because of the actors. The story is not overly dramatic. It's certainly not great cinema. However, it is romantic for those open to it.
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Bed of Rosy Film Memories
cmcastl18 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is a chick's film. And I am most emphatically not a chick but I love it. Men can be romantic, too. Provided there is something about the romantic story which is as intelligent and beguiling as this story is.

The performances of Mary Stuart Masterson and Christian Slater are master studies in delicacy and hesitancy, arising out of their characters' tragic backstories and the exigencies of the romantic plot generated by their lonely background. This is the dance of love at its most delicate, hesitant, subtle and intricate. The whole film is shot through with a Ravelian delicacy of music and mood, and indeed the music of Michael Convertino (along with some well chosen ballads) is a major reason for the film's delicate beauty and atmosphere, superbly combined with the excellent photography. New York has never looked so much like a city for lovers! Pamela Adlon's character is so interesting and attractive in herself that it is a crying shame she was not given her own film with her own fine romance.

The story and characterisation has been more than adequately conveyed in the reviews to date. I would simply like to emphasise that the romance is sweet without being sickly, particularly because of the edginess to the story at times which counterpoints the lyrical moments. With performance, script, music and photography in perfect sync this is a film whose afterglow lingers long in the memory of your true romantic. A minor masterpiece. Would there were more like it.
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To my surprise, better than average love story
vincentlynch-moonoi29 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film is from that time period when someone thought Christian Slater could be a quirky (if not slightly creepy) romantic lead. I never believed it, although he did have several good roles in such pics. But quirky and creepy don't play well for long.

So, I was a little surprised to find myself watching this film...and liking it. Although it took a while. The first third of the film sort of meanders along with a slightly creepy Slater romancing a workaholic loner of a girl (Mary Stuart Masterson). I began to wonder if this film was going anywhere can look at just so many flowers being delivered. Then they begin living together and she is invited to his family's home for Christmas. Can she do it? No. Christmas is a disaster. The romance is off. They go their separate ways. Will they get back together? I could see an ending where she wants to but he is already with someone new, and she realizes that once again she has lost happiness. Or, I could see the happy ending we expect.

I thought Masterson was downright superb in her role. And, Mr. Slater surprised me, as well. In fact, the final scene -- where she expresses her need and he appears to think no, not again -- as fine a piece of acting as you're likely to see in a romantic film.

Pamela Adlon is excellent here as the best friend. On the other hand, Josh Brolin has a pretty-much-nothing role as a sort of boyfriend of Masterson.

So, this was a much better film than I expected (at least after the first third). If you like love stories, this is better than most.
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Surprisingly interesting
Johanna6 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I kind of love romantic comedy's because they're easy to watch and they'll always turn out to be what you expected them to be.

This movie had the same 'contents' as all romantic movies do. Two people meet each other in a way people will never meet. She's hard to get, but he is so romantic, she falls for him. They turn out to be perfect for each other, but she's not telling something important. They fight. They get back together. They live happily ever after. But it turned out to be quite different than all the other movies at the same time. Actually, I think the storyline is really boring. It's just not complete. They both have difficult backgrounds, but those story's are just 'put in to the movie', without expanding them. It's like pieces of a puzzle which are put in the right order, but they're not actually put together.

So, its kind of a boring story, but it really intrigued me at the same time. I think it's because of the actors, like people in other reviews have said. They make the boring characters alive. And maybe it's because they talk really little, in my opinion. And their faces tell the story. So I actually loved watching this movie, just in a whole different way than I expected at first.

Maybe you don't understand what I mean, but then you have to watch the movie. Just don't expect a regular romantic comedy.
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It had its ups and downs
romanseight200425 April 2009
I thought some of it was good, and there were some original lines that I will likely take with me and use in appropriate situations. Both Slater and Masterson are wonderful actors, but there just wasn't any chemistry between them.I was also bothered by the fact that the little girl in the play was adorable. Wasn't the whole purpose of the play supposed to be for the ugly duckling? She was not believable as a hard case. I realize that was just a detail in the story, but it's an example of the lack of follow through that the movie had in many areas. It was very sweet and romantic however, with some lines I will remember.
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OK as Romance Flick.. but, uh - where is last chapter of Script?
canuckteach25 October 2008
The sentiments of my wife and myself are echoed well by many discerning viewers here at IMDb: Slater is great as a wonderful guy who loves people and falls in love with a girl he sees, for the first time, under 'unusual' circumstances (trying not to give anything away here). Masterson is a needy, but accomplished workaholic, who appears to have found the ideal guy. And the movie does have some nice set designs, warm family moments, and music.

But, the Script is skimpy in places, particularly at the end!! I mean, my goodness - supposing the plane in 'Casablanca' carrying Rick's long-lost love away forever had to force-land at the Airport. Wouldn't you expect another 15 minutes of story to wrap up the loose ends? lol - supposing Bogart just walks off and says 'This is the beginning of a great friendship' to his policeman friend, and leaves Ilsa staring into the fog? yikes!

Well, we couldn't believe in this case that the film was over!! huh? did we get a defective copy of the DVD? 'Sorry - great price on this DVD, but the last chapter of the Script is on Disc 2 (not included).' Actually, it is 'sort' of a happy ending, but I think FilmMaking-101 includes the rule "Don't open up plot points you can't develop and wrap up satisfactorily".

6/10 Guys: watch with secure marriage mate, or watch NFL instead! (--:
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Brighten your day...
plasticpuzzlegurl30 March 2006
I watched this movie quite some time ago, and saw it again a couple of nights ago. It hasn't lost it's charm. This movie about a modern day prince charming and his frazzled, confused princess was just the thing I needed to brighten my day. Christian Slater is one of my favourite actors, and he shines in this film as the man every woman wishes she could have. This movie just plain makes me happy, and with all the dramas and tragedies surrounding us, I think it was just what I needed, and maybe what you need too, to brighten your day. I'm not saying there aren't flaws in the movie, but the feeling I get from watching it seems to erase everything that might be wrong, leaving only a wonderfully sappy movie.
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One of my Favorites
jvaneske2 January 2006
This is one of the best kept secrets of chick flick movies. It has long been one of my favorites, and every time I turn someone new on to the movie,it becomes one of theirs too. I highly recommend this film if you are a romantic or just a "Slater" fan. It is one of a dying breed coming from Hollywood....not the typical "skin" at every turn. A true decent film. I was very impressed with the story line and the true romantic nature of it. Slater shows his softer side and it really exhibits his versatility as an actor (of course I am a die hard Slater fan too). He is normally the bad boy in an action flick, or the bad boy of drama. Great movie for the dinner and a movie night for a couple. Check it out, you won't be sorry.
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This is a nice film
caroline-fawcett15 November 2004
A love story with a difference, Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterton play 2 lonely people that find each other. Christian is a bit of a stalker but he gets away with it where most people would not!!!. Is it not just a little bit creepy for a guy that you have never met before to know where you work and where you live and send you flowers!!! Also walking past your house at nice is a bit out of order. In this day and age he would have probably been arrested or served with a restraining order. Christian is so sweet as Lewis the Florist that you could forgive him anything. This is a totally lovely and feel good film and the ending is just how you wish your life could be.
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Hey, Watts is in this film!
fractal_plasma2 September 2004
I saw this film quite by accident, lingering on it because the female lead reminded me of someone... then it struck me: it was Watts the drummer girl! I hadn't got to see Mary Stuart Masterson after Some Kind of Wonderful, and tho I had a major crush on her at the time, somehow she had slipped out of my mind. It's wonderful to behold how beautifully she matured... The main problem of this nice little chick flick is that both characters and story are severely underdeveloped. But who cares, you get to see a lot of Mary, who is so beautiful it hurts! It would be fine for me if we just got to see her breathe for the entire length of the film.
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