Lying Eyes (TV Movie 1996) Poster

(1996 TV Movie)


Derek Bradshaw: [Hands on Amy's face] You are so beautiful. So sexy!

[kisses her]

Amy Miller: [thrilled] I am not.

Derek Bradshaw: Oh, you don't even know it; that makes you all the more!

[kisses her again and hugs her]

Derek Bradshaw: Agh, come here, come here, come here,


Derek Bradshaw: come here.

[brings her down to sit near fireplace and kisses her again]

Amy Miller: [realization] Oh, no.

Derek Bradshaw: [looks out window slightly disinterested] What?

Amy Miller: I have to be home by 10. My mom, you know. But this Saturday, I can stay over and I can say I'm at Dana's.

Derek Bradshaw: [caresses her head] I'm not free most weekends. Pro bono case. I don't think I can get away 'til next Tuesday.

Amy Miller: [laughs in happy disbelief] So I have to wait five whole days to see you again?

Derek Bradshaw: I'll be thinking of you the whole time.

[kisses her]

Derek Bradshaw: Which reminds me.

[dangles keys in front of her face]

Derek Bradshaw: So you know that I'm not bringing anybody else here. And feel free to bring your friends anytime you want, okay?

[caresses face]

Amy Miller: [smiles] You are so sweet, you know that?

Derek Bradshaw: [smiles; slightly nods] Yes, I do.

[chuckles a bit and proceeds to start making out with Amy while a shaky camera shot from the window indicates someone is watching ]

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