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Where's the DVD?
Michael Dare17 April 2011
I am the real guy this movie is based upon. I wrote a book called "Here Comes the Son," which became a screenplay that almost became a theatrical film before it ended up a movie of the week. After playing me, Scott Bakula became the Captain of the Starship Enterprise. It's like he Quantum Leaped into my life, gave it a happy ending, then leaped out again. In my contract, I am due $50,000 upon release of a DVD, which they have not done. I'm broke. Please help save my ass. "The Bachelor's Baby" hasn't even been shown on cable in years. Write to CBS and demand a home release of this masterpiece that changed your life. If they release it and I get paid, I'll throw a party and you're all invited.

Mr. Leslie Moonves President & CEO CBS Entertainment 51 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019 Phone: (212) 975-2824

Fax: (212) 975-6766

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new dad has the same problems as moms
tovachanah30 October 2000
It was nice to see a movie where the shoe is on the other foot. Single daddy has to cope w/ newborn, job, and a social life (??) all at the same time. Dan Luria fills in has the mother-of-the-new-mom role, dispensing advice and lending a hand.

Scott Bakula does nicely in this pastiche role. He even gets to make a comment on society - "its nice to know that when women run this world, it will still suck".

For a TV movie, its a nice touch
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AKA: Here Comes The Son (in Australia)
Cassie-711 January 1999
Well, it was nice to see a movie about a mother who couldn't cope with having her child alone, but wasn't a bad mother, and a new father who didn't get everything right straight away.

Scott Bakula was perfect in the lead role as Jake Henry, unexpectedly the father of little Zack, who does his utmost to keep his son and also helps to sort out his ex-girlfriend's problems in the process.

This movie has a great story, is not overly sentimental, is often funny and touching, and is generally an all-round good movie to watch.
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Classic example of why no one should EVER have kids
helpless_dancer18 October 2001
Here we have a well adjusted gentleman with a nice life who is informed by a former lover - read: tramp - that he is a poppa. So what does he do? Goes off the non-shallow end and gets all sappy and parental over the little carpet crawler. Naturally, many problems arise and not all of them from the crumb grabber either, although he was bad enough. 2 a.m. wakeup calls from a high decibel voicebox; splattered, smeared, at one time completely edible, not to mention costly, food slathered unevenly over, formerly, perfectly usable household furnishings; dull, uninspired trips to the grocer for jar after jar of future $24.95 per yard carpet greasing material and other assorted 'after the house is wrecked' clean-up articles. All this plus the money this guy blew for toys, clothes, and court costs: never mind all the bills he will assume as the brat ages. What was he thinking? Why would any sane person take on such a monumental effort? Think of all the playoff games missed due to mopping baby droppings off a $3000 home theater system. The poor slob reaches his all time low when he films home movies of the tiny cutie then sits around ohh-ing and ahh-ing when he could have been watching "Hot Stewardesses at 50,000 Feet". This was a good film, but I was a nervous wreck before it was half over. If you are strange and actually love these noisy, expensive little pests then this is your picture: if not, you have been warned.
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Sweet and sensitive portrayl of parenthood...
AllisonLVenezio26 September 2001
I first saw this movie on Lifetime during a Father's Day marathon this year. I have only seen Scott Bakula in clips from movies, never in anything else, so I didn't know what to expect.

What it turns out is to be a very enjoyable film. Jake Henry (Bakula) is a swinging single male, living the way he ants, with no worries...that is, until Jamie, an old flame, shows up with a baby name Zachary, who Jamie claims is Jake's. He somehow charms Zach's stuffy, uptight social worker, and he gains custody of his son. But, there's another problem: A man shows up with Jaime to claim Zachary, but Jake just isn't willing to give Zach up. What will he do?

Scott Bakula is very charming in this role, as Jake, he must take care of an infant son by himself. By looking at his face, you can see he is so happy to have this child. Although there's responsibilities, Jake isn't willing to let anything affect his parenting, not even his job.

Favorite scene: The pre-custody interview: I won't give it away, but trust me, it's very funny. Of course, this is a wonderful film that any dad could appreciate. This is also one of those films that health teachers could show their students about parenthood. See this wonderful film, you certainly won't regret it.
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