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a good watch

Author: Movie_Lover502948 from orlando florida
19 July 2002

at first I had no intention of watching this movie well at first i didnt then i watched the last half hour of it and it really held my attention the next day it was on again. this is a wonderful flim with great acting im not saying its for everybody but pretty much everyone will enjoy it.If its on it is worth watching.

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Nice Scenery

Author: Chris Winston from Fairbanks, U.S. Territory of Alaska
28 May 2002

As a paramedic, pilot-in-training, and lover of films and movies of all kinds, I have to say this was a true yawner. Yes, it did have a story, it just wasn't well told. The scenery was fabulous for anyone who loves the mountains in winter but aside from that there's nothing else to rave about. The acting and writing in this was subpar to average at best and that really brought it down. David Charvet should stick to being on the beach ‘cause here he made a HORRIBLE paramedic in the mountains. His performance made me want to slap his character and say, `Fine, idiot, stay on the mountain, you useless loser. You're nothing but a wimp. Did you sleep through Paramedic school and pay someone to take the final exam for you?' He had no survival skills and he was in the military in Alaska?? Give me a break. I'm shaking my head at what it was: I guess the combination of bad lines he was given with the fact that he's no Paul Newman, heck, he's not even Newman from Seinfeld. And Christopher Atkins played a youth minister? The writer just guessed on how a real youth minister would act and what he would say, right? Director's fault, too, ‘cause obviously he cut out most of what dealt with faith in God in helping to get out of this mess they were all in. The real minister from the real story shoulda been on set to advise. Given some better writing and a better lead actor, Patricia Kalember could have made this life or death survival drama come alive. But nope. The story of this

miracle in the mountains was a story wasted and overall not a good piece of work: C- (even though it kept my attention all the way through I kinda feel that might be a bit generous.)

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Great Movie Review

Author: (turdling) from Canada
18 August 2002

I just watched the movie again and would like to restate how good it is! It's suspenseful! It's adventurous! Survival! The little "Justin" boy is the comic relief of the movie. But there also are some weaker parts of the movie, but it is still strong and great for the whole family! "Two Scoops!"-Daniel Busheikin, Part of Justin. David Charvet puts on an amazing preformance! The plot is about a plane crash! That's all I can say without ruining it!

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Like The Plane,This Film Was Only Ever Going To Go Down

Author: russellcooley from Ireland
19 December 2004

Picture the scene,me and a buddy are on holidays in Gran Canaria.Its a cloudy day so we decide to stay in our hotel room and sample a random day time film.We flick to channel 6,THE MOVIE CHANNEL.

We settle down to watch a film entitled ANGEL FLIGHT DOWN........sounded promising,I always like watching disaster films especially ones involving planes.We start to watch the film,immediately I recognise David Charvet from Baywatch fame although I'm too embarrassed to tell my mate I actually remember his face so....I keep quiet.The films plot involves a GRIEF-STRICKEN child in need of urgent medical assistance,so urgent,they needed an angel flight,unknown to them,it was going DOWN,hence the title,Angel Flight Down.

Its a snowy night,but they just gotta get that kid(terribly played by Deanna Milligan,for the whole film she makes silly noises that is supposed to portray a sick child)to the hospital.The plane takes off and everything seems fine but ten minutes into the journey,something.......goes wrong.The engine fails.At this point in the review I must point out that the plane going down scene is pretty good with outdoor and indoor cockpit shots of the disaster about to happen.

The plane crashes in the snowy mountains but all inside survive the crash.OK,this review is a bit long winded so I'll cut to the chase,the acting is god awful,terrible,shocking,diabolical. After I watched the film I felt violated.After the plane crash we are left with an hours worth of bilge of a film.The people in the plane try to stay warm and for some reason one of the people gets out of the plane and rants and raves for a bit only to walk back inside the plane for absolutely NO REASON.

Obviously,in the end,all the people in the plane are rescued by live helicopters and David Charvet learns to be a better man blah blah blah.Terrible film.....seriously,how do people who make these films sleep at night?If you want to see a half decent disaster air-plane movie go rent out Alive.

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The best TV movie about aviation I've ever seen.

Author: ( from Los Angeles
13 March 2000

TV flying movies usually have cardboard sets and phony shaking cameras and lame shots of wrong aircraft types. Not this one.

As someone who remembers the true story this movie was based on, and as a private pilot I take off my hat. The story is a bit weak - what TV movie isn't? But the sense of fear one gets, trapped in the mountains, hurt, out of touch, beyond all help, freezing to death, is really exciting and I think accurate.

The aviation sequences were amazingly detailed, true and well shot, way more than many big features, like Turbulence and Alive, both of which fell down in the accuracy departments. Good work.

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Somebody slap that guy!

Author: Flippitygibbit from Yorkshire, England
26 August 2003

I didn't exactly 'watch' this movie - it was more like rubbernecking. It got so bad in places that it took me precisely three attempts to watch it through to the end, but luckily British satellite movie channels obliged by constantly looping the film. I both like and dislike 'Angel Flight Down'. I'm a sucker for 'true stories', especially those about aviation rescue events. I just wish that the writers had applied dramatic licence in this case, and killed off David Charvet's character. And the young girl's annoying father. Both were highly irritating leading up to, during, and immediately following the mountainside emergency landing. Charvet's character was petulant, selfish, and dense. Charvet himself must have been banking too much on his 'Baywatch' pretty boy status to get him through, but his chubby cheeks and pouting lips merely aggravated his bad acting. The father was incredibly melodramatic and flouncy, especially during the slo-mo shots of the plane's interior during the crash.

The only character I warmed to was the female paramedic, Theresa, played by Patricia Kalember. She was believable, and reserved enough to keep the two 'boys' on the flight in check.

Up until the survivors started to work together to aid their rescue, there were some painful moments. Charvet's aero-paramedic being snotty with the girl's father about his religious beliefs, almost telling him to 'keep it to himself' at one point, when prayer couldn't exactly have hurt anyone at that point. I expected some drawn out 'Ted Striker of Airplane!' backstory about Charvet's character being let down by his once fervent faith in a higher being, with the way the paramedic kept sniping about religion.

The constant harassment of the delirious pilot was another. Kalember's character tells the others that Rick has potentially fatal head injuries. So what does Charvet's character do? Shake the poor guy around, yelling, 'Wake up! Wake up! Where's the EMT? Wake up!' Why they couldn't locate the EMT themselves, by process of elimination, is beyond me. How long had the two paramedics been working around aircraft? And when Rick managed to gather enough faculties together to tell them, 'It's in the back', Charvet's character had to be told twice more, with the qualifier 'The EMT is in the back', before anybody acted on the information!

The actual rescue effort, however, was heartwarming. As Kalember's character narrated, people hardly ever walk away from a mountain crash, and stories of miraculous survivals like the bare facts of 'Angel Flight Down' provided, always amaze and affect me. I've seen better air crash dramatisations, and I've run away screaming from worse. Charvet aside, this was actually a pretty fair representation of a real-life incident.

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Great airplane crash and a sensitive subject well portrayed.

Author: buzer
8 March 2000

The show took me on a wild ride, not just as far as the action is concerned but also emotionally. We need more T.V. drama like it. "Entertainment" is the key word and Angel Flight Down most definitely did it for me.

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Senseless airplane crash with no story.

Author: Jihad Daoud ( from Luleå, Sweden
12 August 1999

A kid is getting sick, some people have to save him. Using an airplane for transportation, a crash wasn't avoidable. You can imagine what happens then. Actually nothing. No story, no actor performance, nothing to watch.

If are not forced to watch this movie then you can save yourself the meaningless entertainment in watching it.

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Sickening portrayal of in flight emergency with poor technical reality.

Author: Phil Murphy ( from Williamsburg Virginia
5 September 1999

As a pilot rated in both airplanes and helicopters I was appalled at the gross lack of technical accuracy in portraying the in flight emergency. I can't believe that with all the aircraft used in this film that the producers did not get any technical advice. The engine problem was never accurately portrayed and even a trainee on twin engine aircraft would have known to feather the prop so it would not be windmilling and creating more drag. An emergency locater beacon is required on every King Air aircraft of the type used in the film would have pinpointed the aircraft's location quickly. I hate it when aircraft movies feed more inaccurate information to an audience which may be fearful and unknowledgeable of aviation. The story was also unrealistic when I discussed it with friends of mine who are in the medical transportation field. The producers should be penalized for such an ignorant attempt of a film.

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