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Yet another dumb movie
newleaf13 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
My wife was watching this on "Lifetime Television for Women." Right there, that should have given me a clue. Anyway, it was very much like a dozen other movies I've seen: a "sort of mildly interesting" plot that fizzles into a predictable, entirely anticlimactic ending.

Spoilers follow (although it's hard to spoil something this bad):

They kidnap her, but never lay a hand on her? They must be the only two teenage hoods in the world with no hormones.

They make no effort to conceal their identities, then express great surprise when she names them?

The prosecuting attorney just rolls over and plays dead when the tape is played in court? Not even a question of, "where did this new evidence come from?" Never even asks, "how do we know this tape is authentic?" Not even a little whimper of, "objection, your honor?"

But of course, we're supposed to accept all that, so that we can see the touching scene where the girl and her father come to a greater understanding. Sheesh. No wonder our population is becoming mentally dead.
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Beautifully Acted Film for TV
smurky25 June 2002
I don't know if this made-for-TV film is based on a true story, but it was very interesting...a typical kidnapping tale with an unusual twist. Clare Steves is the daughter of the richest man in town, in fact, everything in the town is named after him. She is a typical high school girl who wants to go to parties and act in the school play. But her father wants her to only study so she can get into the most prestigious school. When she lands the lead in the school play, he is against it and upset that this project will take time away from her studies. He is not a bad father, but his strickness causes a rift between them, and the mother is uncomfortably between them. She gets kidnapped and tortured by brutal classmates who want her father's money....when they are caught and she is released, they admit to their deed, but claim that she was in on it to get a share of Daddy's money..in fact, they claim that it was indeed HER idea to get revenge on him ! So SHE IS ON TRIAL FOR HER OWN KIDNAPPING !! Both parents are supportive, although Dad has some doubts.

I watched this primarily because I am a big Fan of Dirk Benedict, who plays the father....this is a new type of role for him, and he looks fabulous! I didn't like Lucie Arnaz as his wife, though, she doesn't seem like his type. And Katie Wright's performance, as the daughter, was very poignant.
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Pleased with the ending
petersgrgm20 September 2007
I found Abduction of Innocence enjoyable in that it had rough spots but a happy ending. Clare Steves wanted to do more than study, but her parents, Robert and Helen Steves, tried to push her into all-work-and-no-play to get her into a prestigious college. Clare rebelled, and went out with Eddie Spencer and Leonard Buckle, who seized her at gunpoint and confined her, leaving her in fear of being raped. Her father paid the ransom money but found that Spencer and Buckle had BROKEN their promise to release her unharmed, finding her unconscious. Her parents assured her, in the hospital, that everything would be all right. However, Clare found herself arrested for aiding and abetting her own kidnapping! Did her abductors file trumped-up charges? At her trial before Judge Curt Block, she testified that she was made to fear being raped by Spencer and Buckle, hence her going along. Spencer was called to the stand; when asked about Clare's testimony, he bellowed GO TO HELL! Judge Block dismissed him. Then Clare's lawyer pleaded that charges be withdrawn as there was no evidence that she did aid and abet her kidnapping; the prosecutor concurred, and Judge Block approved, so Clare was free. Her father apologized (after recovering ransom money), and promised to let her lead more balanced life. Concluding comments mentioned her abductors' receiving lengthy prison sentences, no doubt aggravated by their misconduct during Clare's trial. So, this moment of truth movie had w
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Classic TV Movie
mbg41122 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Another near perfect movie for me. Here's the lowdown: Clare Steves(Katie Wright) is a rich girl with strict parents. Her father especially won't let her go out when she wants to. So her boyfriend Eddie Spencer(Lochlyn Munro) and his friend have a "meeting" with her. Then Clare's parents get a call from Eddie. He tells them to give him $250,000 or he will kill Clare. In a strange twist of events, the guys get the money but they are arrested. But Eddie claims that Clare was the mastermind behind the kidnapping! Is Clare as innocent as she seems?

The only letdown of the movie was Katie Wright's acting. Her character should have shown more emotion, especially at the trial when she was on the stand. But other than that, I thought she did a nice job. But Lochlyn Munro steals the spotlight as the kidnapper. The rest of the acting is what I expected it to be.

9 out of 10 stars. Perfect story, but not so perfect acting from some of the actors. Lochlyn Munro more than makes up for it though.
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