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One of the best shows no longer on
Raleon29 April 2003
This was a great drama which I wish stayed on the air longer than it had. Full of great actors and suspenseful plots which carry on from episode to episode. Rick Roberts and David Hewlett are hilarious together- David Hewlett himself is such an underrated actor. He's so different as Grant that it's almost hard to recognize him from his other work.

The only thing that irritates me is the camera work- too shaky and too many close ups. But the show itself usually makes up for that. I would recommend this for anyone.
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Absolutely ... the best !!
phbalanced18 January 2006
Thankfully this program is still in reruns and it takes a long time to get through five seasons, but what a series! A weekly TV series based on the goings on in the financial industry may sound like a yawner, but not at all. The cast is large and varied, but the most memorable cast member is head floor trader Marty Stephens, played by comedian Patrick McKenna, whose eccentric character is never underplayed. Great supporting cast also includes the wonderful David Hewlett as the quirky yet brilliant computer genius who specializes in the derivatives market. Drama, suspense, and even action-thriller in some plots keeps viewers on edge and wanting more.

Season three storyline about corporate financier Jack Larkin (played by David Cubitt) and bad guy Jean-Paul Brunet (played by Carlo Rota) is one of the best, though new cast additions in the fourth and fifth season and new story lines do not draw away the attention from the main characters.

Viewers not familiar with investment jargon will not be lost in trying to follow story lines. If Marty screams "SELL !!!" he's probably running with the bulls. Throughout the five seasons, we get to see a myriad of stories including some real business scandals made fictional, the popular activity of day trading, insider trading, bankruptcy and restructuring, and others.

Series was nominated and won numerous Gemini Awards in the mid to late 1990s, and most recently listed as one of Canada's Top 10 best shows of all time. Too bad only season one is available on DVD. Series deserves a finale two-hour movie.
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Regarding Traders Seasons Two and beyond on DVD...
mrtoby-12 August 2005
Hi everyone,

I am a fan of this show and I recently purchased Season 1 on DVD with the full intent of buying the rest of the series when it came out on DVD. However, it seems as though Alliance Atlantis is taking their time in releasing Seasons Two and beyond. So I emailed Alliance Atlantis and this is the response I received:

From: Date: Tue Aug 02, 2005 02:28:09 PM CDT Subject: RE: "Traders" Seasons Two and beyond?

Thank-you for taking the time to write to us here at Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution, Home Entertainment.

Unfortunately we do not have any immediate plans to release further seasons of "Traders".

I hope this answers all of your questions, any further inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us, and thank-you once again for writing to Alliance Atlantis Home Entertainment.

So if you, like I, love this series and would like the rest to be released on DVD. Email and request that they release it!!!

I just thought I'd share this with all the other fans of this great Canadian TV series.

-Mr Toby
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A Pleasant Surprise
ldarkphoenix18 July 2011
OK I gotta say, this show is really hard to find online, which is really the only way us US-ers are gonna be able to see anything past season 1 (at least until everything else comes out on DVD.)

Now that I've started to watch the show, I'm glad I didn't give up in my efforts to find it, because I'm lovin' it. I originally only wanted to watch the show for Hewlett (Grant Janksy), as I'm familiar with his more recent work, but I find myself enjoying watching McKenna (Marty Stephens) and Roberts (Donald D'Arby).

I would recommend this show to any of my friends, and I'm so hoping to someday own the whole series on DVD (we all know it'll happen at some point.)
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Makes me forget that it's Canadian
gandalf-2525 February 1999
This may sound unpatriotic, but I've always shyed away from Canadian attempts at this type of prime time drama. They've always had a kind of style about them that shouted "Canadian" in a non complimentary way. So when Traders premiered I was reluctant to give it a try. Thank heavens I gave in and viewed it. I was hooked from the very first.

Traders is decidedly Canadian. It takes place in a real Canadian city and is full of references to Canadian culture and institutions. Luckily, this is of no importance at all to the quality of the show. Both the writing and acting can stand shoulder to shoulder with any Prime Time drama produced anywhere in the world, including the best of both American and British television. It did not have to try and sell itself to me by appealing to some sense of patriotic duty to Canadian media like so many other past attempts.

When this show premiered, it was up against the brand new "ER". The magic of video allowed me to view both shows and make my choice. "ER" lost.

It goes to prove that when we stop trying to be so "Canadian" and just try to concentrate on quality, we can kick some major derriere.
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My Favourite Show
johncarpenter22 March 2000
This award winning drama has everything that a person could want. Love, betrayal, money, sex, humour, great acting, everything! Bruce Grey as awesome as Adam Cunningham, the member of the Old Guard on Bay Street, and Sonia Smits is superb as Sally Ross, the scholar turned broker. Great writing makes the show fresh and interesting. It's only down point is that some of the terms used on the show are a bit too technical. All in all I give it 9 out of ten.
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Everyone seems to agree - a fantastic show!
glwardberg18 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just want to add my two cents. I don't comment on many movies or programs, but this was very, very good - and I will email to ask for more seasons on DVD.

Great acting, solid plots and wicked writing! I think I got a little dizzy just watching the camera bouncing around - which now seems to be an industry standard.

I love Patrick McKenna, Sonia Smitts, and all the other Canucks. By the sounds of the other reviews, everyone agrees. This was(is) a fantastic series.

I'm hoping enough pressure will release more seasons! cheers glwardberg
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Better than "ER" anyday!
spinbunny16 November 1998
In Ontario, "Traders" is on at the same time as "ER". If you are as SICK of "ER" as I am...this is the show for you! (no stupid romances, repeated plots, characters you hate or patients you wish would die to be found!!!) Plus on Canadian TV they tend to swear which makes it even more realistic.

"Traders" is quirky, humourous, down-right off the wall at times and an enjoyable hour to spend in front of the tube! (take as a point the plot-line where a hooker was hired to pretend to be Grant's "adoptive mother". What does Grant do? Take her as a girl friend. And pays her for it!)

Patrick McKenna is a genius in his portrayal of Marty (just compare this character to Harold on the "Red Green Show"!) as is David Hewlett in playing Grant (a true computer geek to the end!) and Sonja Smits as the kitten-at-heart Sally Ross.

"Traders" tends to be current in regards to financial and political issues, and its ever-present black humour and is worth a look: you'll be hooked, for sure!
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I thought it would be boring; happily instead, it's realistic.
Carlin1 October 1999
When I first heard of the show, my initial reaction was: "a show about traders? How boring! How can anything about finance be interesting?" Because of this, I missed the first season and half of the second before I finally started watching it, and I was instantly hooked. What caught my attention, more than anything else, was the wonderful acting jobs of the cast and how they truly brought their characters to life.

Not one of the characters in the show are predictable or stereotypical; there are no "good guys" or "bad guys". Instead, each of the characters are highly complex individuals with personal issues that they are forced to deal with on a regular basis, who struggle daily with the ethical and moral dilemmas of working in their professions. The credit for this realism must go to the excellent writers of the show. But even though the show deals with serious issues on a regular basis, it can also be quite humourous. Watching the interaction between the characters provides an incessant source of both laughter and tears, demonstrating both the writers' innumerous talents and the fantastic acting abilities of all of the actors on the show.

My personal favourite characters are Marty Stevens (portrayed by Patrick McKenna) and Paul Deeds (portrayed by Peter Stebbings). Marty is the head trader whose biting sarcastic remarks always make me laugh. Yet, underneath it all, his character is incredibly vulnerable and inherently lovable. On the other hand, Paul's character is far more seedy and is kind of a "bad boy". He is ruthless in his job and will go to whatever lengths he has to in order to get the deal signed, including breaking moral or ethical boundaries. But every now and then he shows that he is not entirely heartless and has his vulnerabilities, too. All of the characters in the show have characteristics that are both admirable and disagreeable ... making them incredibly human ... and which makes me come back for more. :)
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I love this show
Daniel Clark4 September 1999
There are two levels on which you can enjoy Traders. The first is very simple and it is the reason Traders can be seen in more than 60 countries - this is a great show. The characters are real and flushed out, the action is intense, and if you like finance (as I do) that aspect is gripping. Anyone can appreciate this show based on that alone.

However there is one extra treat that Canadians have in watching this show. Traders takes great pleasure in being Canadian, and deals with it in a truly wry manner. Only Canadians will understand many of these breif references but they make the show sing like a fine wine.

For example, in one episode Adam is going to meet his girlfriend/political hack. She is talking to a blond haired man. She asks him, "Can we talk you into coming back into the game." He responds, "Absolutely not." he smiles and walks away. She meets and talks with Adam. What made that all wonderful was that the blond haired man was recently defeated Ontario Premier Bob Rae.

There is so much texture to this show that you can't help but be transfixed. Check it out.
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