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First Class Drama

Author: cjdavies from Liverpool, England
5 April 2005

I was lucky enough to see the whole first and second series i don't know if they are out on VHS or DVD as i watched them when they were on TV. After the first episode i was hooked, at first i though it would be a bit like the Bill or any other police drama but it was so much better. The shear scale of the production was amazing for a TV drama of the 90s, the locations, camera work, stunts, plots and acting where are on par with a Hollywood movie. It had everything helicopters, guns, fast car chases, bombs, ruthless villains and some of the most streetwise police i have ever seen on TV it might seem a little dated now as i think it was from 1995 but its still worth a look.

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Superb Series

Author: RazzberryBeret from USA
11 December 2006

I saw this series in 1998 on Indian satellite TV. Got completely hooked on it, taped a few episodes as well. It's strange that "Thieftakers" is rarely mentioned as one of the many great series produced for British television. Tight plots, richly etched characters, "Thieftakers" is set in a very believable milieu. Each episode has a very cinematic quality, nothing TV about it. The inter-actions between the characters are handled with great subtlety. The chemistry between Grant Masters and Amanda Pays is electric! Grant Masters had the potential to be a very cool Steve McQueenesque leading man in the movies. It's a pity his career has been limited to television. His enigmatic, intense portrayal of team boss Glenn Matteo is truly memorable.

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A brilliant police series

Author: Dianne Martin from London, England
2 April 2002

This brilliant police series is still often repeated on UK Drama. Although it was made in 1996 it doesn't yet look dated. Each episode concentrates on one or two of the main characters and their private lives, which usually involve the crimes they are working on at the time.

The flying squad deals with armed robbery and murder, so there are plenty of exciting car chases and shoot outs.However, the series also finds time for relationships and romance.

So many well-known actors made guest appearances in this series, including Nick Moran, Ray Winstone and Dougie Henshall.

If you get the chance to see it, I think you'll agree that it was a pity there were only 3 series made.

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U.S. viewer who loves brit TV

Author: bacchae2 from United States
27 January 2007

If you're ever lucky enough to see the season of this series that features the divine Simone Lahbib as tough little tomboy cop Lucy McCarthy you will be amazed at the versatility of the actress. It's astonishing that anyone who would've seen her in this action adventure would have thought to cast her as the somewhat prim 'straight'-laced (grin) very feminine Helen Stewart in the series she did after this. The not-to-be-missed "Bad Girls." Though both characters possess her tremendous sense of Authority. And she's even believable, slip of a thing that she is, handling a firearm. Sidenote trivia: the chap who plays her boss here (Grant Masters) most recently played the prime suspect in the first episode of her new gig as Robson Green's partner on "Wire in the Blood"...and an even bigger and delicious inside joke is seeing the wonderfully devious Jack Ellis as Lucy's old boyfriend, for those of you in the know--he is the same wicked actor who played Ms. Lahbib's nemesis, the libidinously evil Jim Fenner on those first 3 glorious seasons of "Bad Girls." It's in retrospect, but seeing what her character does to him here makes up for an awful lot. (Big Grin) Also of note to American fans is the other female lead, Amanda Pays, who did 2 notable u.s. series in the 80s & 90s, "Max Headroom" and "The Flash." But Lahbib has all the best lines...or, at least, delivers them with such panache that she steals every scene she's in.

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Thief Takers - True Great British Television At Its Best

Author: Nick Miskin ( from Norfolk, United Kingdom
2 September 2006

I watched it when it was on TV the first time and thought it was OK,but nothing to write home about.....But after picking up the pilot episode on video in a second hand shop it left me dying to watch all 3 series of this wonderful programme.I scoured second hand video shops and boot fairs with no joy,then i started searching Ebay,and i was lucky to get series 1,2 & 3,ok,it cost me £100 to buy all of them,but money well spent to be able to see the whole lot.The characters in it all have decent roles and it not only is about bank raids,robberies and general policing,but gave an insight into the characters lives and this made it just that little bit more interesting.I would rate this as good as the Sweeney and other programmes of that type.I just hope that one day it is released on DVD,and then i am sure it would become more well known.If you get the chance to watch it,then do,you will not be disappointed.Cheers Nick.

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Thief Takers? They can arrest me anytime..!

Author: smiley-32 from Luton, England
26 June 1999

The Thief Takers has to be one of ITV's most best police series since from the likes of THE BILL, THE PROFESSIONALS and God knows what have ya!

With the series that started since 1996, it has brought a new light on introducing new characters to the TV world.

There were so many characters in that series I remember.. You remember the faces but then you tend to forget their names..

Most of the series being shot in and around London has certainly put producers well into the twilight zone by bringing something what could be well realistic action scenes which makes me raise an eyebrow or two..

By all means, 1996 was a great year, a good start to the series. By less forget that all the characters in the series performed well and it's a shame that these programme won't be made again..

As they say, life will go on and so will the series..

Long live the "Thief Takers!"

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Amateurish looking and unconvincing.

Author: geordiesdad from Canada North
26 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unfortunately the cookie-cutter plot layouts spoil the otherwise great potential of this show. It could move up from the just-another-cop-show label but for some dreadfully amateurish ideas. Series 2 has the major bad guy with a GIGANTIC cross shaped scar prominently on his face. Try though we might we can't accept it as real as it is OBVIOUSLY laid on top of the skin..... (need some professional makeup help there ) and despite the fact his picture is front page in the newspapers he fails to take the basic precaution of wearing a little cover-up make-up....DUH!! The 'team' is comprised of the then politically correct assortment of black, gay, woman butch....etc and predictably when they are in a 'team' meeting they take their by one around the circle to read their line....not convincing if you've ever been in a meeting with 5 other alpha people....usually you have to scream...walk out or 'insert' your words where they fit. In a world of good police dramas this one unfortunately comes across as very amateurish despite the fine acting of 1 or 2 of the actors....sadly...not enough to rescue it.

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Am I watching a different series to everyone else?

Author: Eamon Behan from Mexico
12 March 2010

Am I watching a different series to everyone else?

I just watched the 1st episode, and didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Who writes this drivel, who casts? I decided to watch the 2nd episode, just to see if it doesn't!

I just cant take some of Reece Dinsdales lines seriously. He is cast as some kind of "hard" copper ala Regan of the classic Sweeney, but he comes across as a kitty Kat. Can anyone. Tell me If It Gets Better? Then there's the dress code of some of these "coppers". One guy looks like he would be more at home in the centre of the ring at Billy Smarts, with a big red nose.....he already has the striped trousers! Seriously folks, if anyone can tell me this gets better, I will give the 3rd episode a go.

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