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Season 1

16 Oct. 1996
Fleeing after murdering an Egyptian overseer, the Hebrew Moses settles in the land of Midian. But one day, he is visited by God, who instructs him to return to Egypt and, with the help of his brother Aaron and ten devastating plagues, free the Israelites from the iron grip of the Pharoah.
30 Oct. 1996
The prophet Jonah rejects God's call to go to Nineveh, but divine intervention, and a great fish, brings him to the evil city, which he warns will be destroyed in forty days.
6 Nov. 1996
Elijah, the one prophet of The Lord God, sets out to save Israel from the corrupt King Ahab and his evil Queen, Jezabel.
13 Nov. 1996
Creation and the Flood
As his ark crosses the drowned Earth, Noah tells his family the story of Adam and Eve, the fall of Lucifer, and the banishment from Eden.
20 Nov. 1996
In this moving tale, Ruth follows her mother-in-law, Naomi, to her native Bethlehem after the sad deaths of both women's husbands. Working hard in the fields to feed herself and Naomi, Ruth finds her feelings for her kinsman Boaz run deeper than gratitude for his help with the work. Ruth's loyalty to Naomi touches Boaz and he decides to challenge the claim of a closer relative for Ruth's hand.
27 Nov. 1996
Sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, Joseph uses his skills to interpret dreams and becomes seated at the right hand of the Pharaoh himself.
11 Dec. 1996
David and Saul
Tormented by demons, King Saul sends for a musician, David to calm his mind, little knowing the young man will one day be his greatest general - and his greatest enemy.

 Season 1 

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