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Season 1

6 Sep. 1996
The Last Son of Krypton: Part I
Jor-El, unable to convince the Kryptonian government of the pending destruction of the planet, plans to save his son while Brainiac makes him a fugitive.
6 Sep. 1996
The Last Son of Krypton: Part II
Young Clark Kent learns of his alien past, as well as his full power, and decides to move to Metropolis to be both reporter and superhero.
6 Sep. 1996
The Last Son of Krypton: Part III
After saving Lois, Superman stops Lex Luthor's plans for an illegal arms deal, which is the beginning of their ongoing conflict.
7 Sep. 1996
Fun and Games
Intergang boss Bruno Manheim finds himself targeted by the son of one of his pawns who has become Toyman.
14 Sep. 1996
A Little Piece of Home
Lex Luthor learns that Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite and attempts to use it to kill Superman.
21 Sep. 1996
Feeding Time
A lowly janitor is transformed into the Parasite, a superhuman capable of draining and harnessing the energy, powers, and memories of any living being...including Superman.
28 Sep. 1996
The Way of All Flesh
John Corben returns as a kryptonite-powered cyborg eager to kill Superman.
2 Nov. 1996
Stolen Memories
Brainiac, once Krypton's all-knowing planetary computer, comes to Earth as part of his information-gathering trek across the galaxy. But, as Superman discovers, Brainiac's intent after gathering the world's knowledge is to destroy the Earth.
9 Nov. 1996
The Main Man: Part I
Superman squares off against the moronic superpowerful space-biker mercenary, Lobo, who has a contract on the superhero.
16 Nov. 1996
The Main Man: Part II
Superman and Lobo must join forces to escape being exhibits of an alien zoo.
23 Nov. 1996
My Girl
Clark reunites with his old girlfriend, Lana Lang, who volunteers to spy for him on her new lover, Lex Luthor.
1 Feb. 1997
Tools of the Trade
Intergang boss Bruno Mannheim receives powerful alien weapons from a mysterious benefactor.
15 Feb. 1997
Two's a Crowd
A desperate plan to use Parasite to probe the mind of a comatose criminal mastermind goes terribly wrong.

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